Best answer: Why is it difficult to cook food in mountainous or hilly regions?

The key factor is declining air pressure at higher altitudes. Falling air pressure lowers the boiling point of water by just under 1 degree Fahrenheit for each 500 feet of increased elevation. … Any food prepared with moist-heat methods, like boiling or simmering, will take longer to become fully cooked.

Why is it difficult to cook food on high mountain regions when compared to plane areas at ground level write the reasons?

As the atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude, it will be lower at the top of mountain as compared to the ground level. Because of this the water will start boiling at lower temperature at the top of mountain as compared to ground level.

Why is it difficult to cook dal at mountain or hill stations?

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On mountains and hilly regions, the air is less dense and the atmospheric pressure is also less. As the altitude is higher, the air column weight is reduced. So the pressure is reduced as compared to the sea level or below the mountains. Water has a lower boiling point at a lower temperature.

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Why is it difficult to cook food in high altitudes?

As altitude increases and atmospheric pressure decreases, the boiling point of water decreases. To compensate for the lower boiling point of water, the cooking time must be increased. Turning up the heat will not help cook food faster.

Why is it difficult to cook on mountains Class 11?

This is because at high altitudes atmospheric pressure is low; therefore, boiling point of water decreases and so it does not provide the required heat energy for cooking.

Do you find it difficult to cook at the top of mountains substantiate your answer?

At higher altitudes because of the reduced boiling point temperature as compared to the boiling point temperature at atmospheric pressure (100°c) ,After reaching boiling point temperature is uniform .. So the heat capacity it will take longer time to cook at higher altitudes..

Why does it take longer to cook in hilly region?

in the hills the atmospheric pressure is lower than that in the plains and therefore water boils at a temperature lower than 100oC causing an increase in cooking time.

Why does it take more time to cook meat at Hill Station?

At high altitude, pressure is less. At low pressure, the boiling point temperature of water is also less. Since the maximum temperature of liquid water (boiling point) is less in high altitude, it takes more time to cook there.

Why does the vegetable cook with difficulty at hill stations?

The boiling point of water depends upon the pressure on its surface. … At higher altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is low and, therefore water boils below 100°C. Hence, sufficient heat is not supplied for cooking the vegetables at hill stations. This difficulty may be overcome by using a pressure cooker.

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