If promenade plantings was a stick person what would she / it / I look like?

I’ve seen those clever blogs where people, with screamingly obvious talent draw great sketches, lots of stick people and witty comments…… so how hard could it be for me a gardener, writer un-drawy person to scribble and scratch out my own image?


Sticky Promenade_2

Sticky Promenade_3a

Sticky Promenade_4a

Sticky Promenade_5a

Sticky Promenade_6a

Sticky Promenade_7a

Sticky Promenade_8a

Sticky Promenade_9a

Sticky Promenade_10a

Sticky Promenade_11a

Sticky Promenade_12a

Sticky Promenade_13a


Sticky Promenade_15a


Sticky Promenade_16a

Sticky Promenade_17a




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