On the shortest gardening day of the year I’d like to share some light with you, some Christmas lights.

Xmas Lights (1)

When all I will do on this cold, wet windy and thoroughly filthy day here on the south coast is to make a multi-layered-waterproofed dash to the allotment, desperately trying to avoid the mud and sludge to dig some leeks, chop a Brussels Sprouts plant, check on the salads in the greenhouse and pick a few leaves of Kale and Chard.

Next on my allotment shopping list is some greenery for decorations – ivy, holly, seed heads, twigs and bits – it seems my allotment provides for me through out the year. Then I’ll scurry for home to batten the hatches down. Where I can turn the lights on, relax a little and cook some winter fuel food. And while I do that I will be thinking back over the year – my gardening-cooking-blogging-friendship year and say another WOW, this is my life and this is what I share.

Xmas Lights (3)

I’d like to share with you my wishes for a very happy Christmas and a joyful New Year.

That’s all I could wish for you and I.

All my love



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