The gardener’s perfect imperfect

Stand in the newsagents and look at the rows of sheeny-shiny magazines. Imploring you to do this, do that and don’t miss out on the other. Exclamation marks included!!! Inside the glossy you are welcomed to a world of picture perfect. Primped, primed and photoshopped.

Take a look at this photo of a Pink Cosmos from my garden this summer.

Beautiful. Bright and bold, pink and yellow. A colour of summer. Picture perfect?

Cosmos (9)

Look again

What do you see?

I see a tear in one leaf whilst another is slightly bent over, the colour of the petals seeping and fading at the tips and there are watermarks on the petals.

I see all these things when I look at this photo.

This one flower, amongst so many others caught my attention. The slight tear in the leaf  making it imperfect. To me it is Perfect yet Imperfect. It is balanced.

A mirror on life; it is both perfect and imperfect. Is there any other kind?



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