Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

I hear or see the word horizon and can’t help but think of the expression “expand one’s horizons”, it means learning and experiencing new things.  Blogging is expanding my horizons – to different lives and loves. And I’m a part of that.

My local horizon is just that, local. I walk out of the house, turn right at the end of the road and there is front of me is my sea. My horizon. I walk down the hill, cross the road and I’m on the promenade. I can walk and walk and walk watching the sea meet the sky.

On a still day the lines are clear and distinct. I think I can see where one starts and one ends. On a blustery stormy day the horizon and my line of vision is blurred. sea spray and low clouds obscure the lines. Fuzzy up the horizon.

I switch my computer on, flick the screen of my oh so smart phone and I’m connected;  expanding my horizons. Global horizons.

Kite Surfers and Dog Walkers

Sea Gull and Mussel

Pebbles and Beach Huts

Sea and Groyne 2

Kite Surfers (1)

Kite Surfer

Rocks and Sea

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