A capsule recipe and meal

No need for scientists to intervene here and produce a pill. Nature and humankind have already done the legwork for us.

Apple slices and a piece of cheese

Ingredients –

1 apple

I chunk of cheese

Equipment –

A knife

Optional extras – a plate,  a seat and a table.

Nice to haves –

A quietness to the day, sitting outside with some warmth, no rain or at least shelter from the rain and lastly I would have time to “take my time”.
Optional extras – good company

Preparation –

Slice and core the apple, slice off a piece of cheese

Technique –

Your choice or preference –

A bite of the apple, followed by a bite of cheese

A bite of cheese followed by a bite of apple

All together with the cheese and apple slices in one bite

The Challenge –

To combine the sharp and dry tanginess of cheese with a crisp juicy apple.

Taste the apple, really taste it. Be leisurely. Take your time, eat it slowly. Piece by crunchy piece. Savour the cheese – a sharp tangy cheese like a really good Cheddar or some aged Comté, Gouda or Gruyere, your choice. Take your flavoursome time.

For the writers and wits amongst you, you may enjoy this article I found titled what does an apple taste like?



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