HELP Apple Art Alert !

Apple Help

Apple picking time – 1 tree and 2 crates of apples, time to: –

  • eat apples
  • make apple sauce, apple pie, apple cake, apple smoothies, apple muffins, apple flapjacks, baked apples, apple rosti, apple juice, apple salad, apple coleslaw, apples in red cabbage, apple and cheese sandwiches, apples in apples,

As an aside and talking of cakes, I can recommend Our Growing Paynes apple cake. In true blogging spirit I made a few alterations; namely adding chopped walnuts and skipping on the raisins, using slightly less sugar and instead of adding ground cinnamon to the cake mix I sprinkled 1/2 a teaspoon, mixed in with a heaped tablespoon of brown sugar on the top just before it went into the oven. Delic!

  • there are the combinations –  apple and blackberry pie, apple and walnut cake, apple and apple thingy
  • then there is apple surprise – namely “knock down ginger” leaving a bag of apples on the doorstep, ringing the bell and doing a runner!

…….or perhaps an alternative career awaits….

….I’m calling it AppleArt I could take commissions……..

Apple art

ok I’ve me coat on, I’m off!!



  • This could become a lucrative business Claire… Just hope those apples keep for a while! We had to use all ours (from neighbours) up pretty quickly.. Apple sauce and strudel were on our menu… several times!

    • I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep many as we don’t have anywhere to store them properly – i.e. cool and dark. So it’s in the freezer or in booze for these babies !

  • Thank you for the link! I love that “in true blogging spirit”. 🙂 My husband doesn’t like nuts in baked goods so I usually have to substitute as well!

  • One of the things I miss about Massachusetts is apple season! I LOVED taking the kids apple picking and then having them “help” when I’d use our bounty in recipes! Thank you, Claire, for bringing back such great memories. 🙂

    • Hi Sharyn, lovely to see you around, I’ve been AWOL for a while, but have missed my blogging and my friends. The dried apple does sound good, I’d need to invest in a dehydrator, something I will think about as it’s a great way to store food for winter when you don’t have the space etc. Hope all is well in your world x

  • Fabulous, Claire! I’d go for your variant of that apple cake recipe gladly. Might even treat myself to it with black walnuts rather than plain ones, since I just found a source here and stocked up on ’em. Might just do apple crumble, for that matter, because I’m so lazy. But no matter how I look at it, ‘excess of apples’ is practically an oxymoron, especially when one has endless creative uses lined up as you do! Happy eating!

  • Wonderful combinations though the apple “knock and dash” is a pretty innovative way of getting through the great apple harvest.

  • What a great post, smile-inducing, Claire! I brought back quite a bit of fresh produce from Michigan and only once I saw it all, on my counter, did I realize what I had done. Like you, I made an apple cake — recipe forthcoming — and apple sauce. I wanted to bake an apple pie but that will have to wait until the cake disappears. That shouldn’t be too long. Every night, elves sneak into my kitchen while I’m in bed and steal a piece or two of cake. Good thing, too, because I shouldn’t be eating an entire cake with plans for baking a pie. 🙂

  • It’s almost apple season here in northern Michigan, too, Claire. I don’t have a tree myself, but we go foraging through the old orchards for treasure. I don’t have a place to store them, either, so have to use them up. It can be a daunting task, that can put a bit of a cloud over a good harvest when time is short. I love the “ring the bell and run” idea!

    • my husband and I found an abandoned orchard on the other side of the mountain and you would’ve thought we had struck gold! Can’t wait to get to it this fall.

      • We love to haunt the old orchards this time of year! Sometimes the wind does the pruning for us, and the apples are the best you could find anywhere!

  • Great productive fun! Remember to put an apple or two in the baking pan with vegetables also when you bake a meat 🙂 ! Even if too soft, it makes a lovely ‘sauce’ at the bottom of the pan!

  • English apples are like no others… what mouth-watering thoughts you’ve provoked Claire… yes I can feel an apple cake coming on…

  • Hi Claire, There is nothing better than crisp and juicy new season apples. If you have too many, you could always preserve them in a light sugar syrup. That way you can have apple pie in winter.

  • I’m getting ready to can some apple pie filling which keeps a long time and is so easy when you need to make an apple pie quickly. and somewhere on the web a blogger was talking about making her own apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ which is a very important if you are using it for health reasons. apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ cost about 10x as much as plain cider vinegar in the store.

  • Made apple sauce but still have a basket of apples to use up. May be an apple cake, thanks for the ideas. Hope your get lots of orders for your apple art.

  • You are a clever girl! I could do some apple art I using all the fallen apples! BTW, somewhere in my posts is a recipe for apple dapple cake that is my all time favorite.

  • Apple Cole Slaw, Claire? Do you have a favorite recipe, because this sounds really good! My favorite apple sandwich is(was) apples sliced thin, layered onto peanut butter, drizzled with honey on whole grain bread. I am going on memory for that one, because I can no longer have the peanut butter, nor the bread. 😛

    Oh yes, and I like your apple art too! A fun post!

  • Imagine your crop of apples multiplied by three hundred trees. Also imagine that many of the trees have about 500 or more apples and you know what my life is like this time of the year. 🙂

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