Happy Havana days and a strawberry daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri

When I got my allotment 5 years ago I jokingly said I wanted to “pimp my shed” and have a min cocktail bar in it – nothing fancy just a shelf with a shaker and a few glasses. Probably not your average thought when taking on an allotment; long gone are the yesteryear images of flat caps and pigeons, roll on 21st century living and supplementing our diets and desires to garden.

A wonderful summer of sun and warmth and just enough energy to whizz a little refresher for an evening cool down. Daiquiris reminds me of Havana, back in 1999 and in the old town paying a visit to Hemmingway’s Bar and sampling my first and most memorable Daiquiri. Happy days of tropical heat, the taste of rum and the scent of cigars, the sound of a city relaxing into the evening and two British girls sitting at the bar trying desperately not to knock the oh so expensive cocktails back too quickly, trying to linger over them but eventually giving into to a second!

The last pickings from the Strawberry patch and a quick internet search I found a BBC food recipe, Putney Farm’s classic Lime Daiquiri and the one I eventually used from TheKitchn –  I halved the ingredients and there was still more than enough for two generous glasses.

Strawberry Daiquiri (2)

Sizzling summer cooldown with a strawberry daiquiri recipe

So crack open that bottle of Havana Club , squeeze a lime, whiz up some strawberries and bash some ice – cheers to simple summer evenings!

Strawberry Daiquiri (4)

And for those that don’t drink alcohol I’ve been making a version with strawberries, ice, a squeeze of lime and sparkling water – refreshing on a hot summer’s afternoon.

And now the strawberries are over the currants are ripening, I wonder if anyone has a drink or cocktail suggestion for black and red currants, I see a pattern / theme evolving here?!



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