normal service may resume shortly…….

I now realise I should have posted a note here to say all is well – there are days, even weeks and months when I’m slow on the uptake! I’m still here, alive and well,  just stupidly busy with life and deeply confused with the spring-summer weird out weather we are having – I’m presuming it’s just as weird and wonderful where you are too.

I hope all is well with you my friends, I’ve been missing you, wondering how your lives are, what is growing in your gardens and on your windowsills, what’s cooking in the kitchen, where you have been, what you’ve been seeing, who you’ve been thinking of or chatting to, the music you are making, the art you are creating and yes I’ve been missing the cute animal photos, the tempting recipes and total laughs that only blogland can provide me with!

Normal service may resume shortly,  so while we twiddle our collective fingers here’s a poppy for each of you, after a rain shower and with the sunlight on it’s frilled salmon coloured petals (if you click on the photo it will open up into a bigger photo). It was a toss up whether to share a photo of an old stream train with it’s smoke billowing, mist enveloping the burnt out pier, a row of vines clipped into submission  from an English vineyard, or tubs of juicy ruby red strawberries freshly picked,  a photo from a recent trip to France looking across a misty and mysterious Lac Leman, or window boxes full of geraniums, photos of cakes baked and gobbled, or some photos from the allotment- weeds and all.

You see life has been carrying on, it’s just the words that have escaped me……for the time being……

06_Papaver (2)

with all my love x



  • I assumed you were busy with your garden. It’s hard to believe it’s July 1 in south-western Ontario, Canada and it’s cold and rainy and pretty miserable. I hope the farmers aren’t having another bad growing season. 😦

    • I’ve been lucky enough to get out and about recently walking, and the fields are not what they should be – the hay is behind by at least 3 weeks, I think they must be struggling too. Good to hear from you 🙂

  • We all have our busy times, it’s part of life. Weather is insane crazy here too, I wish Mother Nature would get through menopause already!

  • Good to hear all’s well. Missed you too! Hope to see an update on the allotment soon. 😉

    • Lovely to hear from you Cindy, I hope all is well on the island! and thank you for the compliments – I think nature is magic!

    • Thank you Inger, I realise I should have added a post to my blog a while ago!! I hope all is good for you in life, in your kitchen and garden x

  • a beautiful poppy and hints of things going on – all remind us of how much we enjoy your presence here. We’re not going anywhere, so take your time, the words will come as they are want to do.

    • Hello there Joss, I’m still eating and thoroughly loving your beetroot recipe – nearly time to make some more 🙂
      And thank you for your kind words, I’ve been missing you and the gang, your goings on, your lives have all become entwined with mine. And talking of words I’ve been wondering about a creative writing class – but where I will find the time for that is another matter….. x

  • Good to know you’re still around… Love, Love, Love the picture of your rose… is it a Souvenir de Malmaison, smelling exquisite???

  • Nice to hear from you Claire. Summer days are so long, lots to do outside, no real reason to be inside on the computer when gardens need attention…that is the way of summer.

  • Enjoy your break from blogland to the nth degree! If you take enough refreshment, you’ll always come back to the everyday with new vigor, even if the break reminds you that you can use less of the everyday on a regular basis. Needless to say, I hope you’ll long wish to return to our fellowship here, because I relish it and you have so much to offer. 😀

  • Good to see you in my inbox today and looking forward to hearing more whenever you feel like it.

  • You’ve been missed, Claire, and I’m glad to read all’s well. Enjoy your time away. We’ll be here when you return.

  • Good to hear you’re ok and everything’s well… except the weather of course! Rumour has it though that summer is on the way – we’ll see. Looking forward to normal service when it does resume, I miss reading your posts!

  • Whew! I *was* concerned…Hope things are well, and only busy in your part of the world!
    Yes, our “Spring” and “Summer” are as strange as yours!

  • We miss you but glad all is well! Love the poppy and the rose too in the header – is it a David Austin one? We have some here in Spain which a pal sent over and for the first two years they flowered out of season with the rest (which was good as we had roses most of the year). Now they seem to have settled into Spanish seasons!

  • Hi there! Glad you may be back….I was getting my at the Reader feature thinking it somehow had mussed up and was not showing me your posts! But alas, I’m a subscriber! I missed your lovely photos and words… Enjoy your summer!

  • Missing you (and me too!) and happy to read your words again Claire. Enjoy your every day away from here and we’ll catch up again! May it not be far off! xo

  • Great to hear from you …. have been wondering where you been … have been over looking for you in your world. So glad that everything is okay with your and everybody around you … and that the your world is full of earth’s goodies and beauty. I love that poppy photo, my favorite summer flower. Welcome back when the time is right for you.

  • It is so good to hear from you, Claire! I’m delighted. I’ve thought of you many times and almost “knocked on your door” just to see if all was well, but you did tell us you were going into a busy period! It’s good that you could come up for a brief breath of air, and I love the poppy! I’m sure your garden is flourishing and I hope you are, too. It’s just good to see your smiling face! Hope you find some added time soon…and if you do, maybe you won’t want to fill it back up too soon. 🙂

  • Glad you posted a little something to let us know all was well. I thought you might have been on another extended trip. But then again, there was your gardens that needed tending. Happy summer.

  • Well hello!!!! I assumed you had taken a new job or gotten married or had a baby…any or all of those things that tend to keep people away from their blogs!!
    Hope all is well on the allottment?

    • Ha! I’m looking for a new job but will happily skip the other two 🙂 It’s good to be around I really have missed popping into to see my friends and yabbering away on here !

  • Hi, Claire! Thanks for the lovely surprise this morning — just got home after 10 days away (went to Minnesota to visit family again.) Your poppy photo is a delight! So is your pink rose header photo. Such beautiful “art” in flowers. I’m looking forward to the other scenes you mentioned, too, but no rush — whenever inspiration hits. Glad to hear from you though! Take care.

  • Good Morning Claire, it is so good to know that all is well on the homefront. Life is just busy sometimes and we have to just get things sorted. Thanks for the poppy. I will be her on the window seal with my herbs I am growing. Take Care, BAM

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