Today I sowed two pages worth

04_15_13_Squash Sowing (1)

Today I sowed two pages worth of my notebook, or rather two pages of one of my notebooks.

I’m a multi-notebook kind of girl – different coloured covers, different sizes, mostly squared, each with an individual purpose. A small notebook in my bag for quick scribbles of the personal kind – pretty random it must be said;  a large book for work bits – meetings that sort of thing; then there is the notebook on my desk which has recipes or ideas for the blog, or titles of books I want to read, a reminder about an article I’ve read and want to go back to, you name it. And finally I have a small notebook for the allotment. I try and keep a record of what I sowed and when, and more importantly where (!) the blog fills in the photo record and the chat about what worked and didn’t.

Can you have too many notebooks, or rather have I got too many notebooks?

How can I keep track of all these notes, and where will they end up I wonder?

It’s mid April, I better get a move on, it’s warming up and stuff needs to be stuffed. Time to start sowing the squash – from the big Winter Squash for storing, to Summer Squash for sautéing, courgettes for salads, cucumbers for freshness and cornichon for pickling. A Squash for every occasion!

And of course I couldn’t help but pick up a few packets of seeds when in France recently – it would have been rude not to; a few favourites and a new one to try – Pattison Croblan a white Pattypan for the Promenade.

04_15_13_Squash Sowing (3)

Happy note scribbling and sowing my friends!



  • One can NEVER have too many notebooks! I buy them everywhere I go, especially in France as I love the squared paper. I’ve been noting stuff for so long that my SIS calls them Sally-books and now has her own collection! 🙂

  • Agreed, one can never have too many notebooks. I pick them up everywhere I go, that way right from go they hold memories.

  • I live by lists: the “to-do”s and “have-done”s and would like to do”s, but random thoughts and bit of verse need to have a place, too! Never too many notebooks!

  • I have two notebooks, one for the blog and one next to my bed for in case. I’ll be waiting to hear what the white patty pans taste like 🙂

  • I, too, have a penchant for “notebooking”…scribbles here and there…things to remember and do…how do other folks remember without notebooks of notes?
    Lovely post about gardening & vegetables to grow.

  • The problem having many notebooks is that I never have the “right” one with me when I need it. Therefore at the end all my notes are mixed together and I spend more time searching through all of them…but I like it!

  • I guess it makes sense that we all love notebooks…we’re bloggers after all and have waaaay too many words in our heads all the time that we need to get down somewhere 🙂

  • So happy to hear others still use notebooks! Although I have many of my “lists” in the cloud: computer, IPad and phone I adore my notebooks! Looking forward to this year’s garden journal!

  • Two pages worth of seed sowing sounds like time well spent. And it’s good to hear that I’m not the only one with a collection of notebooks!

  • Earlier this afternoon, I paged through a couple of Mom’s notebooks before I found a new home for them. Now you write of notebooks. Hmm …
    Quick! What am I doing now?

  • No, no, no, you can never have to many notebooks – you are a woman after my own heart Claire – I too have notebooks dotted all around me (and separate pieces of paper for other such items that are once off’s like a shopping list or tasks for the gardener or a reminder for me for something or another). I am super excited to hear more about the white patty pan too.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • I don’t think there are ‘too many’ notebooks. I used to have one with me all the time… when at home or work, and when travelling. Now a computer has taken it’s place. By the way, I tried your broiled Brussels sprouts with olive oil. It’s wonderful. Thank you so much.

  • Strange as it may seem, my computer, iPhone, iPad have become my notebooks, the places where I scribble. One or the other always seem to be with me whereas the real notebook is not. I do sometimes miss the actual writing rather than using a keyboard.

  • Wow, busy woman .. can wait to see the result of the pages. I only use notebook while being on holiday .. writing down everything I buy and spend … because I always have a budget when travel – my everyday hasn’t … strange really. *smile

  • I too love the little notebooks. And what do we do with them? I become sentimental always wanting to remember those tidbits on the train or sitting at a cafe. But those little books add up in the box. Then do our loved ones want them? Or feel obligated to keep them to hold onto those memories… I’ve often thought about what to do with them myself!
    But funny enough this year- I’ve been terrible with my garden notes. There is still time I keep thinking…
    White patty pans – love them.
    I have some red kuri just up in the green house. Do I remember you writing of this once? I loved them in Germany and wanted to grow some here. cheers… and happy sowing xx wendy

  • Better too many notebooks than not enough. I planted a bunch of trees last spring and didn’t keep any records. For a long time I remembered which was where, but after winter…oops! It will be okay (though not fun) for those with leaves, but I will have to figure out what died by process of elimination and my sales receipt. Ugh!

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