She’ll be coming round the mountain wearing pink pyjamas

I think wearing pink pyjamas for a journey home makes sense, nice and comfy and you are ready for bed when you get home!

Not that I actually own any pink pyjamas, but it’s a thought.

Roc D Enfer (2)

A long travel day – 10 hours on motorways. Leaving the Jura and the Alps behind us, 360° snow-capped peaks, deep dark ravines, twisty-turny roads and high mountain passes for the long flat, acre upon acre of agro-industry farmland of Champagne and Picardy, watching them roll by from the oh so  long and straight A26. Don’t let the name Champagne fool you – Champagne the region, as viewed from the A26 is seriously bleurghh.

Arriving home late in the evening, staying overnight at a friend’s waking up to a bright frosty morning, the promise of warmth in the sun.

Roc D Enfer (11)On to eat perfectly cooked scrambled eggs from happy hens and deliciously crispy bacon from contented pigs (neither of whom had the displeasure to be a part of the agro-industry business) scooped up with a round of toast and polished off seriously good coffee. All eaten in a garden centre. Who knew you could go for breakfast in a garden centre? I naively thought you went to garden centres for plants or compost. Shows what little I know!

Replenished and fortified for the final leg. Fast, slow, fast, slow A roads through the Sussex countryside and onto our coastline.

To our sea. Not anyone elses. Ours.


Unpack the car, chuck things in, open a few windows, flick the heating onto timed and pop the kettle on. Priorities. Then a dash to the shops for basics of bread, fruit and veg. You didn’t expect me to go and dig for my dinner the first day home now did you?

After a day in the car, eating sandwiches, fruit, nuts, you name it I want home cooked and fresh. What’s looking good at the greengrocers? Ooo young and fresh Fennel from Italy. Ding, ding, ding! Fennel, Lemon and Vodka risotto here we come. A batch of homemade Granola is urgently needed for the morning so in the oven that goes. Did you know Stacey that your Granola is gaining world recognition? Well if you call the Alps and Sussex world recognition it is!

Time to light the fire and settle down on the sofa and dream of the start of the new season. An early night, our own bed – nothing like it is there?

And yes I did buy more than a breakfast at the garden centre. I bought seed potatoes, so let’s get them chitting on the window cill and have a think about what to do next….

Skiing to the Poubelle

A post script on the coffee and walnut loaf ….. it went down and down very well and very quickly with the ski shop guys. Time to make another for the gardener



  • Claire, I have been in the Swiss Alps covered with lots of snow once long, long ago and these beautiful snowy photos of yours remind me that there is still snow falling in some places in the world and this gives me much hope. By the way, I do own some pink flowered vintage pjs that I would be happy to loan to you. What a great image! Lovely post.

    • Morning Teresa pleased to have reminded you of happy days. The lack of snow in some places seems to be a great concern – the water is needed and needed urgently.

  • It is so good to come home to your own bed, pink PJs or not! That stay in the Alps sounds divine, crisp snow and sunshine. Breakfast sounded a tasty and happy one too – nothing quite like happy eggs and bacon! 🙂

  • We had lunch at a Wyevale yesterday, and we were astonished at how delicious the food was! Leek and Brie quiche. Totally wonderful. Welcome home to sunshine, Claire!

    • Ooo haven’t had quicke for ages, think I need to redress that! And thanks for the welcome home, hope th ebuilding work is going and going well!

      • I reckon we have another month at least before it’s finished. The new kitchen’s due for fitting 2 April. Could’ve been earlier but we wanted someone experienced with this manufacturer.

  • Seems like you are having another fun and lovely winter! It did make me think of packing the kids up in their footie pajamas to go home 😉

  • What a lovely trip home and I even have fluffy pink flannel pj, and blue ones, and red ones to wear on the trip. 🙂 We have a huge gardening center out in the county and they serve a great brunch. They even have a petting zoo. 🙂

    Some toasted walnut loaf with creamy butter and a nice cup of coffee. A great start to the day.

    • The garden centres are a bit of a discovery to me, I know it might sound a bit od but I rarely go to them (proably cos I’d spend way too much money!)

      • I have the cliched black thumb. Part of the problem is that I get bored with taking care of the plants after a while. Which is why herbs (basil especially) are a good choice. I harvest the leaves and then pitch the woody stem and root. 🙂

  • divine photos of the Alps … i enjoyed the trip home with you claire, but have to admit breakfast was the best bit … now your dreams of spring and the new season in the garden, while we are wallowing in late summer excesses here … zucchini, eggplant, tomato, pumpkin, plus the most delicious beetroot with pink and white stripes … chioggia 🙂

    • Hi Christine, breakfast was cetrainlya good one!
      And thank you for taking me on a walkthrough of your late summer garden, I can imagine the sights and smells, the warm light and those wonderful late summe rpickings. And isnt Choggia fun!

  • Welcome home! I know so well how you feel….when we reach England from Spain my mum always makes us “wet” food…after two days of picnic I crave broth with veggies! I do have to take issue with you on the sea though, as a little bit just a mile or so down the coast is “ours” 😉 Maybe the town hall can issue guidelines or put up some markers! Hopefully see you soon.

  • Reading of those marvelous scrambled eggs and bacon during dinnertime here has me salivating for breakfast!!! There’s nothing like a nice sturdy hot brekkie on an icy cold, blue-sky day, is there?

    Fyi, I’m a certified “pink” fact I own TWO sets of pink nightwear and when I wear them I put my hair up overnight with a matching pink clip!! 🙂
    (No joke!)
    Glad you made it back home all of one piece!!

  • So you’ve just arrived home as well! Yours from snow into.. green, perhaps? Mine, from sun back to snow:) But, yes, that bed of mine felt awfully fine! I like the sounds of that Garden Center, every center should serve more than the hot dogs at our center! xx

  • Welcome home, Claire! So glad your holiday was uneventful, unlike last year’s. You really know how to spend a Winter. Good for you!

  • Just the title made me burst out laughing, Claire; loved seeing the photos of your “second” home in the Alps. If it is going to be cold and snowy, spectacular scenery makes it worthwhile.

    • I was singing it in my head as we were coming down the mountain 🙂
      Lovely to see you around, I have LOTS of catching up to do, and that includes spending some quality time reading your wonderful blog!

  • You must get some pink pajamas! Over here, the girls buy flannels with elastic waists and ankles and wrists, and wear them out to dine at the food shops if they are flamboyant enough! Something with a Hello Kitty theme or camoflage (spelling?) pattern, only in pink and white and grey instead of army green or sand. Go for it, Girl! And welcome home!

  • You’ve been missed, so I’m glad you’re home! I think your travels sound like an adventure, a beautiful one, but your description of settling in at home sounds so lovely, too! I could smell the granola, and wish I could taste that risotto! I hope you slept so well in your own bed and I’ll look forward to what’s coming. I am sure the allotment is calling, too! 🙂

  • Welcome home Claire! Hope the skies in Sussex are just as blue as you’ve become used to in the Alps.

  • So glad to have you home safe, Claire! I’ve enjoyed your – somewhat different – posts from the ski country, too, and the photographs are always stunning. Welcome home!

  • Glad you’re home safe and sound this year, Claire, and what gorgeous pictures! I will miss looking at all this beautiful snow in the Alps, but look forward to your next adventures in gardening.

  • Welcome home from your lovely winter holiday. I know you must have had a wonderful time…the photos you shared show how beautiful the top of the world looks.

  • What a lovely post Claire!! Bright as sunshine, crisp as a crust of crystals on the paths you skied! Love the pace and the substance of your re-entry! I feel refreshed, honestly!! 🙂 What a lovely post Claire!! xo

    • Get you Kathryn! Lovely to hear from you, to be honest I think the sight of me in PJ’s would scare anyone witless regardless of their colour 🙂

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