The photos are blue and white

The sound of tributaries rushingly contributing
The scent of the Savoy – Fundue, Raclette and Tartiflette
The crunch of snow underfoot
Thunderous mountain machinery
Steamy cafes, funky furnishings
Of flocons dancing before you
Rosy cheeks and dripping noses
The sound of skis running
Glorious glimpses of distant Mt Blanc
Wooden clad buildings, cosy apartments
Branches laden with winter dressings of frost and snow
Heavy reds and dry whites
Mountain peaks, church steeples, wooded valleys
The clump of ski boots on pavements
Clouds in the valleys, winter sun
The sweet smell of hot chocolate, heady scent of vin chaud and pungent coffee
Wrapped up in clour, synthetics and faux fur
Rings of bonjour, greetings and laughter
Cold mountain air rushing up at you
Winter window boxes of fir and pine
The silence of night, snow falling softly
The chatter of holidays, of tall stories
The memories are in colour, the photos are blue and white



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