Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

I’ve been wondering how to mark the end of one year and the start of another, my first idea was to do a 12 days of Christmas post, but life intervened and that got shelved for another year, then I started a New Years Resolution List and well it got a bit unwieldly, and then I read John’s and Debra’s posts and a comment left from Ruth and here we are. And if a picture paints a thousand words here’s 12,000.


Tree In Snow (9)


Marcel 12_24_11 (3)




Aguille (3)


Fern_May (2)


Water Lily Flower


Blue Beach Hut


Fresh Fish Sign_Hastings




9_Cadhay Cows (11)


13_11_12_Shed (11)


Spice Grinder (3)

The photos, how did I chose them? Well closing my eyes and pointing!! Not quite but what a toughie, I felt like a guest on Desert Island Discs being made to choose 10 favourite pieces of music! All of which is prompting me to add some more Pages to my blog in the Photo Stories section, because if you look at this selection of photos, where is the allotment and the food?

What will the New Year bring us all? Joy and Peace is what I wish for. For blogging and my blogging friends it’s an exciting time, thinking of the new ideas, the great food, the beautiful gardens, the wonderous places to visit, the special people in your lives, all this and much more to share.

Thank you for being part of it, without you it wouldn’t be so much fun, nor nearly as enlightening, you really are a very special bunch of friends!  Thank you again, Claire x




  • Lovely post, as always Claire. Love the cow!! I want to let his nose! May you have a New Year filled with peace and joy! ~Melissa

  • Wishing you and your family a super 2013. All of your photos are fabulous but I really do like the June one with the curly green veggie? plant? What is that again as I remember reading the post but I forgot what it was called. Take care, BAM

  • Great selection!
    I put a calendar together this year with my photos, and it looks like you could easily do the same. I used Snapfish and Vistaprint.

    I hope this year to be organised enough to put a few photos together into a ‘possible pictures for the 2013 calendar’ folder, as I go… and focus on producing one ‘village’ collection and one ‘nature collection’ and possibly one ‘family collection’. I found this year I had to do this in October, so next years calendar will have to have photos from this November and December just gone, in order to have them ready in time to act as Christmas gifts!

    • Thank you, I see what you mean about having to do the calendars in October so as to get them printed. Love your ideas for a village and nature one, I plan to add some 2012 photos here on my blog to show what I call beach life, and a few other elements of my life through a lens.
      I hope to see some of your photos on your blog!
      And thanks for the tip about Snapfish I’d forgotten about them, I’ve used Photobox before, I’ll hav eto dig out the original files as if I remember right you need high quality/resolution photos.
      Wishing you a very happy new year !

  • A lovely selection of pictures Claire… I’m looking forward to another year of blogging and sharing with all my blogging friends out there too! Have a fantastic year!

    • to be honest Marie I made the choice in such a rush!! But I hope to recitfy it by adding some more photo only pages on my blog…..
      Happy new year x

  • An inspired way to mark the New Year! I remember many of these pictures–I guess that could be seen as proof of a memorable year! Best wishes for a fine and memorable 2013!

  • Just lovely Claire! A great way to recap a beautiful year. I like the calendar idea, too. Well done! Thanks for the link back and I wish you a Happy 2013. Looking forward to your new posts too. Xoxoxo Ruth

    • You know this year has been a lot of fun, partly down to you and flat Ruthie! How could I forget taking her skiing 🙂 And it was a pleasure to give you a shout out, your blog is a treat. Happy new year Ruth

  • Raising a non-alcoholic toast to you, may 2013 be just as great as 2012 looks in these photos! I’m particularly fond of your Feb. and Aug. shots.

    Was this your first participation in the Weekly Photo Challenge? I predict you’ll garner many new visitors (who will then click “follow”) simply from seeing this post. (Without the “weekly photo challenges” I’d have only half the followers!)

    ps. what’s cooking lately? anything special in the oven for today?

    • And a cheers to you, right now I have a cup of tea 🙂
      It’s fun to see what favourites my firends have, the cheese kind of summed up a winter in the French Alps – oh la la la la !!
      And yes it was my first time, kind of fun to do, I know I enjoy your weekly challenge posts so maybe I’ll try my hand at a few more……..
      And as to what’s happening in the kitchen, plenty but I just haven’t had the time to blog about t, let alone take photos. I need to somehow create some mor etime, aka time management class for me 🙂
      Happy new year, I bet it’s lovely in Florida at this time of year…

  • Each year leaves behind its own special memories, but rather than look back I’m looking ahead, excited by what may be in front of me. Here’s hoping for all the best, my friend across the sea.

    • I think that’s the way to go, to look forward to the exciting potential of a new year.
      Wishing you a very happy new year from across the sea 🙂

  • What a lovely collection! You are such a fine photographer, Claire, that I don’t know how you narrowed it down to 12. It was easy for me. I just tossed out the bad ones and hoped that 12 were left standing. You, on the other hand, probably could have selected 36 photos and still left plenty of great shots off the list.
    Thank you for the mention and I look forward to spending more time with you on the allotment in 2013. 🙂

    • Kind words John, very kind words! To be honest I did it in such a rush so I didn’t dither and think too long and hard, otherwise I wasn’t going to be able to choose . The photos all mean something to me and reflect my year, which of course I’ve shared with you. So I’m chuffed you liked them.
      Here’s to a creative and fun new year!

  • Oh a fantastic collection of images, I like the cat in the woodpile best, but I would!! Now all we have to do is survive the winter and hope spring comes early! have a lovely day.. c

  • Happy New Year, Claire! Thank you for the photo tour of the last year (perfect selections, I think!); because they are such lovely things to want, I wish you Joy and Peace in the coming year.

    • Considering this is a gardening blog I’m a bit embarassed by the lack of gardening photos! But the fern/fiddlehead is a beauty isn’t it. Thanks again

  • Lovely post Claire, with very evocative photos. I’m a total sucker for the cat in February – such a great expression! Looking forward to your posts in 2013. Happy new year!

    • Ah, you like my mate Marcel! He was our neighbour in France and would come and potter around and check up on us, he was a sweetie, but very hard to photograph being so skittish!
      wishing you a very happy new year, Claire x

  • A perfectly lovely selection of photos, Claire. Your images are always grand and I love the kitty and the cow, and the first photo is breathtaking. Happy 2013 to you and I hope it’s a magnificent year!

    • Hi Betsy, lovely to see you, I’ve been meaning to pop in and say thank you for your wonderful cheesy retro bites, delicious!!!
      I love the first photo too – just heaps, and heaps of snow when we were in France…. happy days 🙂
      Wishing you a very happy new year my friend

  • Thanks for a fantastic year in photo and words – you have made a fantastic choice for your year … my favorite is October. Up you nose. *smile Looking forward to this year with you … *smile

  • Claire, this is perfect, truly! I love every photo, it was like looking through a very well done photo calendar encapsulating the feel and look of each month. And the snowy trees of January are exquisite. Thank you for a lovely post and Happy New Year wishes for you and your family!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! The snow was magic last winter in France, just magic and something I’ll not forget in a hurry. What made me giggle was that as a gardener and garden blogger I didn’t include very many from the garden……
      Wishing you a wonderful musical green-fingered 2013, Claire

  • I always look forward to seeing the treats you provide, whether it it be food treats or candy for the eye. Thank you

  • Great collection of photos – looking at them reminded me of some of your posts that I enjoyed reading through the year. Happy new year Claire!

  • For the record, I think your photos could be used in paint color design. From the color of the sky in the first shot to the green hedge — just lovely. Happy New Year!

  • It’s been such a joy to be a part of your blogging world, Claire! I loved this collection of photos.. and you’ve captured some of the prettiest shots. You’ve quite the photography talent.. February’s is my favorite one! xx Happiest of New Year’s to you Claire!!! xxx

    • Thank you Smidge (you shall be ever Smidge in my mind, I hope you don’t mind!), it’s been a joy and a pleasure to have got to know you through your blog. I’d like to take some photography and writing classes this year, I know my weak points and would love to understand a bit more about the technical side. Here’s wishing us all a super new year!

  • A wonderfully eclectic mix: scrolling down I actually felt the temperatures rise and then cool down again . . . beautiful images! Hopefully heralding a happy and satisfying year 🙂 !

    • I think eclectic sums up this year, having spent the winter months in the French Alps, whilst still gardening here on the south coast…. not your average mix is it! Thanks for being a part of 2012. And here’s to a wonderful 2013 for us all 🙂

  • Beautiful selection Claire. The blue beach hut and February’s cat are my favourites (we’re adopting a kitten in a couple of weeks… very excited). Wishing you a wonderful New Year. xx

    • How fantastic to be adopting a kitten, lucky, lucky you! And lucky puss cat 🙂 Looking forward to being introduced to him or her on your blog 🙂

  • Happy New Year Claire! Your photos take us on a marvelous trip through the past year. I am looking forward to what 2013 brings!

  • Claire, what a wonderful assortment of photos! I love seeing what you and your camera see…It’s constant delight to me! Some truly beautiful work!
    Thinking of you at the start of this New Year, wishing you continued happiness & joy in this journey you’re on! I’m very grateful to be following along and sharing vicariously! Happy New Yew Year my friend!

    • Such wonderful words and sentiment Spree, thank you my friend! always an encouraging word, and like you I’m looking forward to seeing what our respective new years bring us. Claire x

  • I can’t think of anything better than to aim for Joy and Peace in the new year, Claire. I love the photos you chose to represent the year. You’ve provided so many wonderful photos to accompany the commentary and it’s a great way to close out the year and to move on to 2013. Thank you for mentioning my photo retrospective! The whole idea of looking back and recalling some of my favorites was simply irresistible to me. 🙂 You’ve been a wonderful blogging friend, Claire. Always so encouraging and with such a wonderful sense of humor. I am eager to share that peace and joy with you in the months to come! oxo

    • I think even a smidgen of joy and peace would be wonderful, especialy the inner kind Debra, as I start my new year that is what I hope and wish for us all.
      And it was a real pleasure to give you a shout out, as a blogging friend, as a great inspiration and entertainer oh and a wonderful selection of photos in your retrospective. I love where you take us on your blog Debra and your positivity. It’s a special place.
      And like you I’m looking forward to our respective blogging year ahead, who knows what journey’s we will take. Claire x

  • fab photos, glad the old shed made it in … love all the snow … are you back in france yet? wishing you a really wonderful 2013, with lots of fun, good health and your dream garden in the allotment … love christine x

    • Thank you for your goo dwishes and words Christine. How could I not include the old shed 🙂
      Not sure what our exact plans are for this year, we will be heading off to France at some point – it’s a big draw for me, but we’ll have to see how dull things like work go!
      Wishing you a wonderful new year, Claire x

  • I loved looking back…my favorite was the fern. I hope the new year brings much happiness in your life.

    • Thank you Karen, I love the fern too – that unfurling and opening up of something green and new, sort of represents us gardener’s in some way.
      Wishing you a wonderful new year Karen, Claire x

  • Hi Claire! I wish you ‘buon anno’ and I’m looking forward to seeing your allotment pics and reading about your food! 😉

  • what great photos….perfect reflecting on 2012
    I think I will get my camera out this year for blogging…!
    I hope you are having a wonderful new year
    and I wish you the best of what is yet to be in 2013…..
    Take Care….
    You Matter….

    • Thank you Maryrose, what a wonderful thing to say “you matter”, I like that !!
      And definitely get the camera out, it’s been fun to look around me, with a fresh pair of eyes wondering if this image or that subject would make a good photo for the blog. Besides I see it as another way of sharing what’s happening in my world.
      wishing you a wonderful new year 🙂 Claire

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