Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree……. TIMBER !!!!

Use_Plot (4)

Oh Christmas Tree where  did you grow?

On the allotment

of course……

Use_Plot (5)

It brings a new meaning to the expression “locally sourced or grown” doesn’t it !

Growing on the plot, blocking the light, growing too tall it had to come down, time to be put to another use.

Use_Plot (11)

Bundled up in a tarpaulin, looking like some unearthly gigantic bodybag for Xmas Trees, and wheelbarrowed down the road to home (too big for the car) !

Use_Plot (13)

Dropped down the steps, pushed and shoved through the door, carried through the kitchen and sitting room and out onto the terrace

Use_Plot (2)

One big pot and a few bricks later and a sprinkling of fairy lights

Wishing my friends, you are all my friends, a peaceful and joyous time wherever you are and whatever you are doing

Love all round, Claire x



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