Bring me sunshine to plant garlic and the weekly view

Blogging is remarkable. I recount a tale,  ponder over an idea or ask a question and my blogging friends respond; you share ideas, experiences, opinions, ideas often with true candour and often with humour.

Every time I write or post photos I come away richer for the sharing. I learn something new, am reminded of the many things I’ve forgotten, or have my eyes opened from the tales you tell from your worlds and that’s all because of you and your preparedness to share and recount. My last few posts on the Adopted Shed ,what is Thanksgiving all about and the toads of promenade hall, (for a great photo of Toad in the Hole and not Toads pop over and visit Misky, she made a cracker!) demonstrate this sharing perfectly. What can I say but thank you? Oh and catch up with my comments and reading!

It’s a remarkable world we live in.

Today’s photos are from last week’s weekly view – yes I’m behind already 🙂 and this week promises to be just as awkward with trips to London for work, appointments all over the place and non-cooperative weather. You see we have had steady rain for the last few days, leaden grey clouds, all too brief glimpses of blue and sun, with wind that wants to carry your hat away and is heavy with sea salt.

Weather and life conspire to curtail my gardening, but luckily the day I took these photos was the day I planted the Garlic. YES FINALLY! Admittedly there are still more to plant but they are being held back for planting in early Spring, when hopefully the sodden ground won’t be as saturated as it is now. My time on the allotment really is about clearing the brambles that form a hedge, shifting manure around the plot, jobs that have been waiting for me and waiting for the time when I can no longer walk on the beds for fear of walking away several inches taller – mud clinging to my boots.

As you can see I’ve scribbled all over the weekly view photos, some of you have asked can I see the sea? Well yes I can.  As well as clearing the brambles and sweeping the leaves I need to work on my landscape photography, I can’t seem to capture what I see with my eyes.

If you want to join in the View Club – remember there are no rules and we love to share! So far we are a small but happy bunch –

The View Club so far:

Celi, from The Kitchen’s Garden

Marie, from My Little Corner of Rhode Island

Linda, from Life on a Colorado Farm

Cathy from Words and Herbs

Plus Sarah the Gardener from Gardening Kiwi (the location is a giveaway no?) takes a panoramic shot of her vegetable garden, she’s been taking a monthly view but in the growing season is taking a weekly view.


I’ll leave you with a silly song from the great Morecambe and Wise, it’s for you – you bring me sunshine and you bring me laughter. Thank you my friends !


  • LATE!! Ah well, and thank you for the reminder, we must get our garlic in.. now how do you make those arrow thingies? I think I want to learn how to do that.. can i do that?.. love love, have fun in london.. I love london.. c

  • Your blog has built its own lovely community of readers who enjoy your writing Claire. Oh, and thanks for the Morcambe and Wise link – always makes me smile!

  • I too was hoping to plant a lot more garlic, but it’s way to cold, wet and mucky. I love the way the papery skins of the garlic can be left to scatter about the place… It’s like legal littering 🙂

  • I am hoping that my garlic does not get too far ahead of itself. Most of it is up about 6+ inches – about 15+ cm…… it is definitely off to a good start…keep on keeping informed! I do love your posts!

  • I agree, blogging connects us to people and places we would miss in our daily routines. Do you recall “pen pals”? (I’m surely dating myself!) Letters written and exchanged by snail mail, to strangers to learn more about a new place, person and culture? Blogging is Pen Pals on steroids! And it brings such joy!

  • I really wish I had the enthusiasm and dedication that you and your fellow gardening bloggers show in your gardening. I’ll have to be a ‘lookie-lou’ and cheer you on from the edges of the plot and look at all the pretty pictures.I really need a stool or a comfy seat in front of my monitor instead of balancing on a wonky cane on uneven ground. 🙂

  • Oh Claire, you won’t believe this but I’ve been humming this all afternoon, and now you’ve really made my day! (Love those two!) Thank you!
    Glad you managed to get the garlic in. And yes, now I see the see on the skyline! 😀

  • Yes! Love the blogging community. This morning, in the space of about ten minutes while quaffing my coffee; I’ve zipped over to Jordan, Belgium, Canada and the UK. The garlic looks beautiful, as does your sea view. Thanks for the M & W link – perfect way to start the day!

  • My garlic also went in late (I’m just happy it went in at all) and I second, third or twentieth all of the nodding heads around the deep joys of blogging and sharing ideas. You’ve got a lovely space here Claire.

    • Thank you for your compliments – the space is made by the people who pop in, it would be a very empty space without the visitors and friends 🙂

  • Only the “outsiders” wonder why we bloggers feel so strongly about the people we’ve met through blogging:) It’s a surprise once you’re in it, I never expected to meet so many and to get to know them.. people like you, Claire! I love that you have an ocean view!! Lucky you!!

  • Hi! I’m happy I stumbled upon your blog this summer. I’ve enjoyed your writings and you have inspired me in different ways. We live in such different areas and probably have very different life experiences but have some of the same thoughts! Love that! Speaking of similarity, I just got my garlic in a couple of weeks ago and was feeling behind too. Glad to hear you got yours in!

    • What a great way of expressing it – different worlds and life experiences but still coming out with similar thoughts – love it !
      Here’s wishing for bumping garlic crops all round 🙂

  • wonderful to be able to look out at the sea… and how nice to plant your own garlic. It’s a pleasure to share in your joy.

    • I was there this morning Shimon, and although it was bitterly cold, it was still beautiful to be able to stare out to sea. I just need to work on my landscape photography !

  • Gardening is so much nicer when the weather cooperates! I have never planted garlic which is silly because I could eat unlimited quantities of it. Wonder if it’s too late here …

  • I’ve come to love blogging for exactly those reasons – meeting so many lovely people from all over the globe! I’ve been unofficially taking a “monthly” view photo. Just might push that up to a weekly 🙂

  • I am constantly amazed and grateful for meeting the people I meet through blogging, it really is a lovely venue.
    I planted my garlic in late October, but mine are in pots on the garage. I can hardly wait for spring to see how they fared. I could see the sea.

  • One day I was thinking about the daily view club. Maybe someday I will join. I’m kind of intrigued by the idea. Would you like to see a photo that rarely, if ever changes? I’m not sure if that’s fascinating or off-putting! LOL! But thank you for the reminder about the garlic. I do plan to get to that…I’m behind in almost everything, but we do the best we can, don’t we? I really enjoy what I learn from you and others. If I miss a day or two I feel a little lost! I can’t believe I’m even saying that! A couple of years ago if someone had said that to me I would have wondered what was wrong their social life! LOL! oxo

    • Yes I woul dlove to see a photo – maybe over a month if you are wondering what will change? It’s a quiet time of year here, and unless I start to do some building work my view won’t be changing much either 🙂
      I know how you feel when saying you are behind on things Debra, I shudder to think about what I haven’t done yet ! Oh well c’est la vie !! Hope you are having a super weekend !

  • What a small world it has become, through the internet! Here on Beaver Island, I’ve just breathed a big sigh of relief, for I look out onto six inches of fresh snow. That instantly turned all my possible late Fall chores into “waiting for Spring” chores! Thanks, Claire!

  • My garlic never made it last year, or so I thought! I have been finding little sprouts here and there where I thought it was all dead. I am carefully digging them up and moving them to the raised beds as I find them. I am also planting elephant garlic. It is a bit late, but it hasn’t snowed yet, so I think I’m good. And, my broad beans are looking great! They sprouted up about 6 inches and now they appear to be sending out side shoots. Such fun to be observing something new in the garden, thank you, Claire! ~Lynda

  • I’m getting a lot of vicarious pleasure from your hard work thank you! Your allotment looks amazing. My efforts ran to growing Dahlias in the polytunnel this year – so easy 🙂 – they were lovely to give as presents, though at one point it was hard to keep up with the proliferation. The blogging world is great – free speech for all!

    • I think a big part of blogging is the vicarious pleasure we get from popping in an dseeing what is happening the other side of the world from us !
      totally jealous that you have a polytunnel – green kind of thing !!

  • I can see the sea! Agree so much with what you say about blogging and I adore M&W – in fact, I was looking for “The Stripper/Breakfast” sketch the other day to show Big Man 🙂

  • I too would like to know how to make those arrows and captions. Don’t know how to manage to get so much accomplished. Hope your London trip is a blast.

  • You’ve expressed so beautifully everything I pondered when reaching my first blogiversary. I’ve been sharing this milestone with non-blogging, real life friends who although thrilled for me (i assume! 😉 ) don’t seem to “get” it…Perhaps it’s my inability to explain it, but the camaraderie among we who share blogs and comments is truly special!
    My mother said something like, “yeah but you don’t know those people!” Actually, I think I do….and I’m so glad you’re among them, Claire.

  • I managed to sneak my garlic in but the soil was a little wet already. I think it will be ok. I’m giving myself a free year to get back in the swing of things.
    I’d like to here about the arrow jobbies too… maybe it’s a post?
    I like the idea of the view club. I’m going to think about what I’d like to share regularly… but being regular would be the harder part for me 🙂

    • Hi Wendy _i’m on th ecase with adding stuff to photos! I’ll add it to my next post and email it to those who asked
      Lovely to hear about you getting back into your garden, it’s always a bit touch and go with the weather – too cold / too wet/ too dry / …..

  • Oh my God! You just remembered me I have a bag full of baby onions to plant… My dad will kill me if he finds out, since he bought the onions for me… I hope I’m still on time…

      • That is a very good idea! I did it with garden chives last winter, I could do it with onions as well! I’m not a very good vegetable gardener… Yet! 🙂
        Thank you.

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