The weekly view……

Taken on Tuesday morning , on a flying visit to pick some Swiss Chard and Spinach for that night’s dinner

The view from the top of the path on plot 1 – in fact you can see my number post!

And from Plot 2, the oh so new plot you can see what a truly grey day it was

This post is part of the View Club, there’s me (obviously!), Marie, Celia and Cathy so far. Feel free to join in, the more the merrier, and remember there are no rules 🙂

And as I write this I realise I have lots of posts buzzing around my head – there are Swiss Chard recipes a plenty, the curry recipe to write up, a little gem of a squash post that has been sitting on my desktop for a while, plus the A to Zs of veggies on my plot, holidays had and to share, life around town – from artists studios and the beach, oh and a recent discovery – when I opened the shed the other day on my new plot. Phew, so much potential so little time! Are you a blogger who never seems to run out of ideas? Or are you far more considered and thoughtful, pondering and planning what will be written about. Or like me, in a bit of a rush, with lots to say and all a bit  last minute (like this post) ?!


  • Good to hear that you have lots of ideas for new posts – I like reading them! I think that I have plenty of ideas until I sit down in front of the computer, they seem to get shy in the presence of a keyboard!

    • Awww why are they shy, they shouldn’t be ?! With blogging I’ve come to realise that I actually don’t chat much about my life, I chat about what is happening around me, not to me. It’s something I’d like to try – but I need the confidence to go with it …..

  • Hey! Your view looks an awful lot like what’s outside my window this morning….
    I have six half-finished posts in Drafts…some of them are so old, they don’t make sense anymore. Lots of ideas, but a bit slow on the execution!

    • I daren’t look in my drafts folder – sometimes there is just a title, others a few words and like some of yours there are those that are definitely out of date. I really should do some housekeeping…… one day ……

  • I run feast or famine — sometimes I have to keep a list of subjects I want to write about, and other times I’m scrambling for enough photos to fill my post. Admittedly I am a visual person, so I build my post around photos, but even with DH who is a photographer nut, I have to pry photos that he thinks worth from his hands to post.
    I would like to join the View Club, but will be following two views, one here in Maryland and another in Florida for Jan – Mar.

    • Hi Shenandoah, my posts vary, but the photos do really finalise a post for me, if I can’t illustrate it then the post doesn’t happen!
      That would be great if you joined in, and we’d have different views at different times of year to enjoy – more food for the eyes !!

  • Love that your head is swimming with ideas Claire…you’re a most fruitful sort of gal! I always look forward to what comes from your rich gardens!

    • No need to appologise, we are all so busy aren’t we. Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down a little…… Hope you have a bright sunny weekend !

  • You always seem to have lots to share; sometimes I have several posts half written in my head, but they seem a bit trivial when I sit down to write them. Other times, good posts seem to almost write themselves. Thanks, Claire!

    • You know Cindy I think you are right, goo dposts do seem to write themselves, the words somehow tumble out of your head and it all comes together. So pleased we all “discovered” blogging !!

  • The View Club is a great idea. Would love to see larger pics though, so we all can see your progress in finer detail.

    • Hi Val, I’ve been trying to work out how to post a larger photo, I’ve uploaded them to my Facebook Page in the hope that they would be bigger, but I don’t think they are. I think the main problem is the WordPress Theme I have chosen as it doesn’t allow me to display large photos! I need to go and ponde rthis a bit more.

  • Hi Claire. When I’m in the garden I think in ‘blog’, and so by the time I get to my computer my head is positively swimming! I take a panoramic photo once a month from the same spot, but I’m beginning to think as the growth is so amazing in the spring and summer maybe I should do it once a fortnight or even weekly during the growing season.
    Gosh it looks like you have your work cut out for you with your new plot! Good Luck.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

  • Hi there Claire! Good to see both plots in your weekly view. Can’t wait to hear about the contents of the garden shed… and look forward to those recipes too. 😀 Is it possible to see the sea from your plot on a clear day?
    I am mostly the type of blogger with loads of ideas for posts but not enough time to get them done!

    • Yes I can see the sea 🙂 Every day is different, but on grey low cloud days it all seems to merge somehow. But on bright blue sky days there is plenty of bright blue sea to see 🙂

  • Definitely a lot of potential there as well as those potential posts of recipes etc.

    I try to be thoughtful and plan but I find that I end up rushing through recipes and posts and all my good intentions fall by wayside. Instead of making gulab jamun (Indian sweets) and samosas yesterday in the early afternoon, and in a leisurely fashion, I made 2 batches of the gulab jamun at 7pm and 11pm.

    I comforted myself with the thought that I had gotten a late start (didn’t wake up til after noon) and my paneer cheese still hadn’t thawed enough to be included in the samosas. Of course TODAY I didn’t get up til well after 1pm. 😦 [sigh]

      • YOU’RE amazing for planning your plot so that you can grow all those veggies in their proper locales, weeding, feeding etc. So much physical work is involved as well I know from seeing my parents taking care of their gardens back in the day. :}

        I’m having enough difficulties just keeping the flowers on the moth orchids I am fostering. Of course they’ve been in full bloom since the middle of September and I think I should start giving them orchid food.

        The gulab jamun were ok if you like sweets.

        The samosas were even more yummy.

        • I’ve never really tried growing or looking after orchids, maybe one day!
          And you know how much I love Samosa 🙂 Hop eyou have a lovely weekend !

  • I keep a document with an ongoing list of possible topics. I’m always worried about running out of ideas, but that hasn’t happened yet. I also keep the list so I don’t forget good ideas, which these days is a definite danger.

  • Omigosh, girl, the second plot does have lots of work to be done. I await your chard recipes as I like it but don’t have many ways yet to prepare it.

    • Hi there, the chard and spinach are a great winter veg for me, I just need to get my act together and write them up ! Hope you have a super weekend

  • thanks for the view, good to see the big picture claire, and yes, love the violas … i have pansies flowering secretly beneath a huge globe artichoke plant where they are safe from big boots and digging!

    • Hi there Christine, lovely to see you! I think they are pansies, well that’s what I though I had bought……. loving the idea of them being under an artichokes grey-green leaves 🙂

      • maybe i will try to take a photo …. i think pansies are violas… we call the larger flowers pansies and the smaller ones are violas .. i love their cheery faces 🙂

  • That header photo is amazing – and now you are talking about 2 plots. Not a big fan of Swiss Chard, but I love spinach. I would say a lot of work and little time. Don’t have any outdoor fingers at all … happy with my green plants and orchids, but I’m a big fan of “organized”/planned meadows, with some pretty benches along the path.

    • You know Vivi I think something odd has happened, there used to be an advert above the header but its disappeared, so you now get to see the header photo more clearly. I think I prefer it this way 🙂

      • I have never notice that advert – but on the other hand I have never notice that beautiful header photo neither. It’s so pretty.
        Your blog is great – I’m very pleased with “Forever” too.

        • The one thing O would change about the theme is the size of the photos you display – they come up quite small and sometimes I don’t think it works that well. I’ve been thinking of changing again because of it……..

          • You can change your photo size when you add the photos – so big or small as you want them. I like them small – the display photo is very seldom a photo I use in the post itself – it’s an indication what the post is about. So I add the photo to the post as feature photo and delete it straight away.
            A too big photo will interfere with the other posts I think. Your blog looks great.

  • You’re number 1! I knew it, I knew it! The view club, eh? I’m pondering it just not sure what spot to pick. Maybe go out with camera this weekend, snap a bunch of different spots and see!

    • Ha yes number 1 !! Always made me giggle and we have a few laughs about it on the allotment too (as I’m sure you can imagine)
      That sounds like a great idea, to have a wander around and think about what works – that’s how I chose my views. Looking forward to seeing them 🙂

  • I’ve just read another blogger’s post that shared tiny workshops/studios set up in their little sheds that had been painted and ‘made over”. Maybe you could paint your shed and do some blogging in there:) xx

    • That sounds fabulous Sidge!
      When I first got my allotment I wanted to “pimp” my shed 🙂 but soon found out they have to be of a standard design, size and colour. I’ve wanted to “pimp” the indisde for ages but it’s at the back of a very long list, maybe one day…..

  • Oh yes, Claire, I have so many things I’d like to post about, but in truth, I can’t post more often and still continue to read the blogs I so enjoy! So I’ve taken to writing down the things that I think I’d like to share, and if they continue to be important to me when I finally have the time, they will be written. Some things don’t sound as “good” to me later on and I scrap the idea. I think it’s just wonderful that we have enthusiasm!

    I also love the weekly view. I don’t think I have any spot that changes all that much in even a month! Ha! I’m going to think about that, though, since I do love the idea. 🙂 I visited a community garden the other day and thought of you. It’s much like your allotment! 🙂

    • I think that’s a big part of it Debra, the reading and commenting – all sharing. And it does take time and effort, but it’s also a real pleasure to sit down and catch up with your friends from around the world!
      And how fab you visited a community garden – they are great spaces, often with heaps of energy and passion 🙂

    • I think minute would be good Mandy, up close and personal, with all the detail involved. I wonder if my views will work or not, but one thing I do need to work on is my landscape photography – its c**p !!!

  • Enjoying the weekly view! Although I live many, many miles away we also have our share of gray days. Sunshine is such a joy and not at ll over rated!

  • Think I might have chosen the wrong place to start? Is the View Club related solely to gardens and green-fingeredness, Claire? My husband designs gardens for a living so I mostly “leave it to the expert”, but having said that, he’s not a veg man. I’m more of an out and about person, and my blogs are usually thought out, barring the odd bit of silliness, like today.

  • I love your views! I have been following the View Club and am seriously tempted to join. You’ve encouraged me, because I can’t possibly do a daily, but a weekly, well, that might work…

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