Homemade Limoncello

Limoncello is one lovely lemony word

We can add other words like homemade, Lemon Drop Cocktail, easy, 6 weeks, sugar syrup, friends, vodka, ready in time for Christmas or New Year …… and putting them together write a blog post.

It was one of those blogging good reads, a moment that caught my imagination and neatly filed away for future reference and use. Teresa writes a blog – Food on Fifth, well she just doesn’t write it, she photographs, she styles, she thinks, she entertains, she shares and with her recipes she tempts. Recent recipes have included outrageously delicious Fig Tarts to Steal Your Heart and one to warm the cockles of your heart Gratin de Pommes for Julia on a Summer’s Evening, a dish I think would be perfect for ANY evening.

But back to the Limoncello, after all that’s what you are here for isn’t it. Teresa blogged about Organcello, and I asked about making Limoncello, she kindly helped me out with quantities and an earlier post Mellow Yellow Limoncello – with the original recipe.

In case you are wondering what Limoncello is, it is a Lemon flavoured liqueur from Italy. Classically served chilled or even chillier from the freezer, perfect as a apperitivo, but also perfect for a cocktail. You see I learnt something new this week thanks to an American friend – a Lemon Drop; I’d never heard of them before, there was I thinking they were kids sweets, remember them, that oh so sweet/bitter hit of sherbet and lemon? Well anyway it turns out there is an adult version in the form of a cocktail. And my go to cocktail source are my friends at Putney Farm, they do cocktails! Actually that’s an understatement I mean they REALLY DO COCKTAILS !!

The Promenade Cocktail cabinet is filling out, the joy of blogging and making your own. Chin, chin. Or should I say Salute ?!

So we have the Everyday Vodka at the ready, a dozen lemons, Teresa’s recipe and away we go.

Homemade Limoncello

  • A dozen, unwaxed lemons
  • 1 litre of vodka or eau de vie (pure alcohol)
  • 2 cups of white sugar
  • 1 cup of water

Method –

  • Wash and peel the lemons. The peeling needs to be done carefully as you want the rind and not the white pith. I found it easiest using a small and very sharp knife to peel the lemons reasonably carefully and then take the excess white pith off afterwards.
  • Squeeze the lemons and reserve the juice
  • In a medium to large pan empty two cups of sugar and one cup of water, gently warm the mixture through until the sugar dissolves. Take the pan off the heat.
  • Add the lemon  rinds, the lemon juice and the litre of vodka, stir .
  • Decant the mixture into large bottles or Bell Jars/Mason Jars. Seal with a lid. Place in a dark cool cupboard for 4o days )or 6 weeks) minimum. Alternatively you can leave it to sit for 6 weeks to 3 months before decanting.
  • Empty the contents of the bottle/jar into a bowl, and remove the lemon rinds. Re-bottle, label and share.

If you get your proverbial skates on now it will be ready just in time for that C word oh and New Year !


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