A little sweet, a little savoury… a guest blog

Morning all ! Pass me another cup of tea and throw a log on the fire will you, I’m sure I’ll be stuck to my chair in this country house by now! Mind you looking at what treat I have in store for you today, seasonal, totally delicious, I might just have to get up and go into the kitchen and get cooking.

Have you met Cathy before, she’s a sweetie?  I know some of you have, but just in case you’ve been living in cloud cuckoo land 😉  she has the most wonderful blog Words and Herbs – what could be better than words and herbs? She recently completed a year of blogging everyday – phew a marathon runner as well! But this is where Cathy’s blog is so different from other blogs, her output is pure quality, gently engaging, fun and beautiful to look at.

Cathy lives, gardens and cooks in Bavaria, a place I long to visit and judging from her photographs I wouldn’t be disappointed, and I’m sure if you pop in to see her nor will you!

A little sweet, a little savoury…

I’m really pleased to be writing a guest post for Claire – particularly since her blog reminds me of all those wonderful things about Britain… allotments and heirloom tomatoes, English songs and Brownies, British weather and curries! I do miss British food… I have been living in Bavaria for 19 years, and am vegetarian… but traditional Bavarian food involves large portions of meat, right?

Well, yes and no! … In a real Bavarian restaurant a vegetarian will – believe it or not – be spoilt for choice. There are pancakes or fritters, cheese platters with bread and pretzels, and then all the side dishes or seasonal foods such as asparagus with new potatoes and hollandaise sauce, cheesy noodles with fried onions, bread dumplings in a creamy wild mushroom sauce…

Probably one of the best known dishes offered is “Reiberdatschi”.

In the UK they are known as Rosti. There are so many regional variations, but the one most people make at home is the Bavarian/Austrian version using raw potato and onion, accompanied by apple sauce. Since I am inundated with apples at the moment, and I just love apple sauce (which I miss, as it is usually served with pork), these potato cakes are a perfect lunch for a hungry veggie (or two)!

Reiberdatschi with Apple Sauce

Peel and slice 250g (1/2 lb) aromatic apples and place in a large pan with 2 tbsps water and 2 tbsps sugar. Simmer for about 10-15 minutes, until the apples are soft and mushy. Puree with a hand blender and leave to cool.

Now peel  500g (1 lb) potatoes. Roughly grate the potatoes with 1 onion. Mix potato and onion with 1 egg, 1 tbsp flour, and some salt and pepper. Now you need a little vegetable oil for frying.

Heat the oil gently in a large frying pan and drop spoonfuls of the potato mixture into the hot oil. (These quantities will make 8 “Datschi”).  The Datschi need about 8 minutes each side, so make sure the oil is not too hot, or they will brown too quickly.

Serve hot with the cool apple sauce.

A little sweet and a little savoury…




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