A promenade promenading ~ the best laid plans ……..

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men …… thank you Robert Burns for your immortal words. They certainly apply to me!

You see I had a lovely post admittedly written quickly, photos sorted and ready, all lined up; I wanted to say a bientot, and to say welcome to my guest bloggers.

But somebody around here can’t read dates in a calendar. Apparently. And out went the first guest blogger’s post without me saying a bientot…..

Plan b, point 3, subsection iiv) and I’m still going to post the original one, the only difference is I’ll be doing really  last minute packing alongside last minute arrangements and purchases. Oh that and it’s not in  sequential order! Toodle oo my friends, hopefully everything else will work as planned…… unless of course those pesky mice Robert Burns mentions get in the mechanics of my brain and WordPress……….


Morning all, as I type this we are starting to pack, make a few last minute purchases, because obviously they don’t have stuff to buy in Devon. Joke Alert! Yes the Promenade is going for a promenade, a jaunt to the countryside, changing my wellies for walking boots, we’ll still be wearing waterproofs though!

A holiday with friends, walking and talking, and no doubt munching our merry cream tea way.

The greenhouse plants have been watered, tools tidied away, the last of the climbing beans picked and either frozen or souped and the winter squash plucked from the vines. Jobs that I’d planned to do before I go away and haven’t got round to will still be there on my return; no matter what I do I always seem to run out of time when it comes to the allotment!

As a blogging treat I’ve arranged for friends to come and house sit, take their own promenade; some truly wonderful bloggers from around the world and I hope you enjoy their company as much as I do, you never know you might make a new blogging friend, now wouldn’t that be brilliant!

I’m hoping to catch up on some blog reading and commenting, maybe even some blog housekeeping, a bit of a Spring clean, I’m not holding my breath on that last one !


As a bon-voayage I thought you might like some seaside photos, nice and bright and breezy. The photos were taken a couple of weeks ago and are from a friend’s beach hut, I thought some beach scenes would be fun for today, that way we are all on holiday together! Apologies for the lack of buckets and spades, you’ll have to bring your own!


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