Colour in close up and a guest request

As dusk is falling I sit and watch bats flit and fly around the garden, come the morning I watch the blue tits scampering from the Magnolia tree to a currant bush and down to take a sip from the pond. Playful and watchful, flashes of yellow and blue.

I sit back and watch, I leave the camera indoors, besides I have tea to drink

On the allotment activity is slowing down, gradually less and less to pick and bring home, less to pickle and freeze.

Brown seed heads bob in the breeze as spiders weave their webs

Life close up shows me the detail, the leaf formations, the patterns, the grooves, the inner workings of plant life.

Hard to imagine in a few months time that all this big-bang of colour will be gone, a memory.

It feels like there are some final swansongs going on – big bursts of colour and activity before the cooler days come

Wherever I go there is colour, be it the sky, the grass, the trees, the flowers and insects, or the sea

The colours will change with the seasons

There is plenty of colour in life to share if you look for it.

A question and a request

In a few weeks time I’m going on a wee holiday, a little breakie. I’m unsure about internet connections where I’m going and to be honest I think I fancy a wee break from blogging,  A piece of time to put my feet up and have a snooze. I may be able to keep up with your blogs while I’m away and respond to comments, but probably not to write and photograph. So I thought I’d ask you if you if fancy dropping in, literally dropping a few words and photos in while I’m away.

Do you fancy being a guest blogger here on the Promenade? You could tell us a story, a bit about your garden, your pot plant or your world, maybe cook something up for us while I’m away. It doesn’t have to be an epic tale or a long and winding tale, it could be a few words, a poem a beautiful image that you have captured or created.

Just a suggestion, an idea – a bit of fun to share. I follow lots of amazing blogs and there are plenty of fantastic friends who drop by to read and like and comment. It would be wonderful to see more of you here and you might meet a few new faces and make some new friends!

If you have an idea and want to play drop me a line, we can have a chat. I’ve no idea how Guest Blogging really works but we could find out together couldn’t we 🙂

Or of course I could just go on holiday and shut up, and you could all have a break too 😉


  • What beautiful end of season flowers! I love the line, “There is plenty of colour in life to share if you look for it.” That’s the key: we have to keep watching. Thanks, Claire!

    • We just have to look don’t we Cindy, I’ve been going to my plot and watching it the summer veggies gradually die back, but life and colour is still there, just in different places and different colours. Hope you have a super week

  • It might be getting darker sooner and cooler at night, but gosh, Claire, wasn’t the weekend glorious?! I’m hoping for a long warm autumn.

  • Would you look at those beautiful colours in your garden – just gorgeous Claire. I would love to be able to help you out but I too am going away for a bit of R & R and a wedding 😀 – I am going to try and keep up to speed myself. I don’t doubt that you will have many offers of guest bloggers for while you are away.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  • I want to take a bite out of those Orange Nasturtiums. Have fun with your break–take pictures! I will peep in to see the guests and their posts.

    • Oh you could come and help yourself, I’m not a great fan of them, but appreciate them on my veggie plot as they attract pollinators, well that’s the plan…..

  • Taking time out from blogging and everything else is food for the soul. I’m thinking I need to do the same. The photos in this post are colorful inspiration.

    • I think it will be lovely to have a break Linda, lots of R&R and I’m tempted not to turn my phone/computer on while I’m away. As you say a break is food for the soul

  • The cold weather is here again. Time to prep our gardens for the new year, remember the beautiful flowers (your beautiful pictures remind me that I have a couple of pictures to share myself) and make plans for the next. I have a couple of pots of herbs to find a good location for in the house. 🙂

  • Hello Claire
    As always, thank you kindly for the sharing these beautiful pictures.I always love coming here because your pictures and words always put a smile on my face.
    I would love to help you out during your vacation..
    If you would like me to write a guest post for your blog, just let me know when you need it to be ready and I would be more than happy to write it

  • Your photos make me want to reach inside the screen and pick the flowers… and that would be so wrong! LOL!!
    What a great idea to have guest bloggers – I’ll look forward to reading their posts! You’ll be missed Claire but it’s good to have a holiday x

  • I’ve just dropped you a mail with a suggestion for a foodie guest post.

    The flowers all look amazing. My own garden is currently a mess, but held together by sweet peas, rudbeckias and dahlias; if I just look at those I’m sure I won’t see those tree branches on the lawn or that algae in The Puddles!

    • You’re a star and thank you !
      These really are the last burst of colour, I’m going to try and take some photos of the plot in general, and then you’ll see what it looks like when you are not focused in on the detail !! Every time you write about the puddles I have to giggle about the name you gave them 🙂 But looking at our pond, (which has been going now for 3 years( it seems to be finally settlinng down, I really have no clue about water gardening, wish I did !

      • Well, they really ARE too small to deserve even the name “pondlets”… Puddles is what they are, and they do their trick admirably when it comes to attracting wildlife. (If anything, the insects seem to love the puddle with all the algae the most, since they can stand on the algae and have a drink…)

        Water gardening is a mystery to me as well; there are three puddles, and one is chock-a-block with algae and the other two are fine; it makes no sense! Maybe next year this won’t happen? (Though it seems unlikely since I have absolutely no idea what to do different.)

    • Hi there, and thanks I hadn’t realised Nasturtiums were fussy, so now I’ve learnt something new. I’m terrible as I just let them go to seed and rely on nature for them to come back the next year. But I know you have a stunning garden to make up for a missing nasturtium !

  • That was beautiful my friend 😀
    Lovely photos! Here is wishing I could guest post but exams 😛
    Looking forward to them all though!

    Choc Chip Uru

  • Love all the color still in your garden…mine is almost gone. It sounds like you have offers from some wonderful bloggers already. I will be on you side of the ocean probably around the same time you are on holiday…sorry I can’t help.

    • Hi Karen, there are pockets of colour left, not the big spread that it was a month ago, time to start planting bulbs !! And how lovely you have a trip planned, I’m sure you will ‘take’ us all somewhere wonderful, so I have that to look forward to, but thank you anyway !

  • There really is so much colour in your garden still – lovely photos! I would love to do a guest post for you Claire! I have no idea how it works, but like you say, we can work it out together! If you wish to take me upon this, drop me a line! 😀

  • I loved the stroll around to see the last flowers blooming!
    Have a wonderful, restful vacation… Let me know if you need a photo and a few words from a guest blogger! and then you can give us a tutorial on how it’s done.
    Stacey 🙂

    • Thank you yummy they are so bright. They are nasturtiums, which as you’ll know some people pick to put in salads, but I’m not too keen on the flavour…. oh and yet others pickle the seeds…….

  • Beautiful, as always. And you words capture the “winding down” of the season… We are happy to drop in a few photos and words, if helpful…

    • I really feel like I’m winding down at the moment, but I need to gear up as there is a huge amount of work I want to do in the garden over winter!
      And yes please and thank you for your offer, I’ll drop you guys a line !!

  • Just a lovely stroll through your flowers, teacup in-hand!
    Looks like you got plenty of volunteers – I’m sure if I offered, it would turn out to be one of those weeks where I spend half of it curled up on the cold tile floor in the fetal position, too overwhelmed by the load to do a single thing…

    • Oh Marie, I had a teacup (actually a mug) in my hand when I read your comment, and I was lucky to not a) choke or b) spurt my tea out! It was like you were describinng me as well 🙂

  • Your garden never ceases to impress, Claire. Ours are all getting that tired look and the trees are looking weary, too. I myself, am leaving in a few hours to head back home. It’s sausage & ravioli making time again! It’s the annual event when I help Zia fill her freezer for the holidays. I bet you’ll have quite a wonderful group of guest bloggers and I cannot wait to read them all. Enjoy your holiday!

    • Ha John these are close ups! I’m going to try and take some photos of the whole, but trust me it’s not looking much of a pretty sight, but I keep telling myself it’s a practical working place not a show garden !
      And oh how I’d love to join you and Zia in filling her freezer, I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip John. and thank you !

  • What a beautiful set of flowers. Really a treat. It is good to go with the seasons… learning something from nature. We don’t have to produce our own personal flowers every day of the year. Wishing you a very fine autumn.

  • Oh, Claire.. nothing feels more like fall than your splendid photos of your allotment as it’s in full glory and winding slowly down! I hope you have a wonderful rest.. and can’t wait to see you when you come back:) xx

  • first, a question: the brownish/burgundy nasturtium….do you recall the variety? I’ve never seen that color and LOVE it!

    so I just read all the comments and replies and can’t believe no one asked, “where are you going? how long will you be away?” If you are in Witness Protection, please forgive my reckless disregard for your privacy and safety! 😉

    Enjoy your time off! We’ll happily be here ready to read when you return!!!

    • LOL Witness Protection – you crack me up !!
      I’m off to Devon, the west country, think cream teas and pretty English villages, country walks and no doubt a few country pubs 🙂

      And luckily I still had the packet, (they self seed now on the allotment) as I’m saving them for a friend – Black Velvet, they really are a deep red, quite hard to capture how deep on camera, they are quite small and don’t try and take over like some of the orange ones !

      • Black Velvet! That’s really how it looks in your pic…all soft and smooth. Thank you, I’m definitely doing another round of nasturtiums and trying those instead of the orange next time. I pulled all of the orange ones up after their first season for exactly the reason you mentioned—–hostile takeover, BIGTIME!!! Those sneaky things were coming up in places I wouldn’t imagine possible, yet there they were. Luckily only one tiny area came back, which is doable! Interspersing some black velvet would be pretty!

        • I can imagine in your climate that the words take-over would apply, they can be thuggish with my milder climate. There are some lovely vibrant yellow ones too…

    • Thanks 🙂 I don’t know whether to be happy or sad right now its been such an odd summer in the garden, but then there is always next year to look forward to …..

  • Everyone of these pictures look like they could be in a post card! Have a super holiday and take some much needed R and R. I too will be out of town for a bit without internet connection but I am sure that everyone will be chomping at the bit to guest blog on your wonderful place on this part of the Web. Take Care, BAM

  • Posts of yours just like this one inspired me to order some new flower seeds to sow on my side of the globe. Such bright lives the flowers lead!

    The colors over here waned a bit ago in the heat, but the next round should be gearing up in a few weeks/months. I’m not sure how guest posts work, but would be happy to share some color from our milder winters if it would help cheer up the greyness.

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