The wrong trousers?

I rush to the allotment in the mornings to quickly water the tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse,  dash around picking what is ripe, noticing what is going to bolt and what needs doing and then a brisk walk back down the hill home and on with the day.

In amongst my watering and picking frenzy yesterday words were popping in and out of my head, mingling with each other, joining up together. Separating again. Incoherently jumbled.

And it wasn’t until later in the day, the time of day when I sit on the back doorstep, a cup of tea to hand and stare out into the evening; the light has nearly gone, the day has quietened down. The day is coming to a rest. But my mind has yet to join in.

My thoughts this morning went like this –

“Gardening takes up valuable blogging time, and blogging takes up valuable gardening time”

Sitting down and reflecting  I realised my thoughts were all awry. I was looking at things the wrong way round. I was wearing the Wrong Trousers.

“Gardening adds to my blogging and blogging adds to my gardening “

They are beneficial to each other, mutually supporting – symbiotic if you will. Besides, without gardening I would have never started this blog.

As I garden, no matter how quickly I garden, I think of my blog, what’s just been, what is around the corner. I think of you, your lives, what are you cooking, or growing or tending – be it musical compositions or children. And when I blog, I can write and review my photos, see what’s working, what needs improving on. And in connecting and communicating I share and learn.

As one is built and grows so the other does. As I garden so do you, as I blog so do you. I’m still growing

The title for today’s post comes from Wallace and Gromit – The Wrong Trousers and the photos were taken this week as our Magnolia Tree had a proper grown-up hair cut.


  • I love that the two “gardening and blogging” are in harmony with each other – it is very evident to see the love of both in your posts Claire.
    Have a happy weekend.
    🙂 Mandy

  • What a lovely viewpoint! I love idea that two very different things can be of benefit to each other. That’s a great way to look at all things that fill our lives. Thanks, Claire!

    • Thank you Cindy, sometimes we need those few minutes of quiet to put the connections together don’t we. And the best bit is that who knows where it will lead “

  • “The wrong trousers.” A perfect title that we can all take to heart. Sometimes, a change in our perspective can make a world of difference. The next time I allow something to get the best of me, I bet I’ll do better after a change of trousers. Thanks, Claire!

    • 🙂 I love Wallace and Gromit, funny but gentle and I was struggling for a ttle for this post, it was one of those posts where I sat at my computer not knowing what I was going to write and then, bingo!
      Only one word of advice on the trouser front John, just be careful of checks/plaid !!

  • A very fine line between living life and blogging as life. A thoughtful post!

  • Oh, I just had to laugh at the garden/blogging time sentence .. so very true! If I blog in the morning, there goes my early gardening time! And it’s so much fun to share our gardening adventures with fellow gardeners! Thanks for the early morning chuckle!!! 🙂

  • I feel the same about going to work as it eats into my gardening time (especially when it’s sunny all week and raining at the weekend!) but without my job I wouldn’t have this garden. The garden brings me a sense of peace that I now carry into work each day… so you’re right Claire, they’re mutually supporting!

  • Even if I never start a garden, at least I plant a few herbs, collect them, use them in my baking, cooking, drinks and then I share the results with the people who come to read my LJ. I feel part of a great community.

    Thank you for being out there.

  • This is a lovely post Claire… without blogging I know I would not have learnt as much in the past year. And the sharing is the best part – through our photos, thoughts and knowledge we can all learn from each other. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today – they got me thinking too!

  • Hi back! That’s a sweet & simple invite to comment.
    Good analogy, the trousers. I envy your working in amongst nature though. I keep on meaning to buy a pot plant for my desk at work, but just don’t know what kind to get…

    • 🙂 I’ve realised the older I get the more I want to be outside, which is a bit nutty for someone who works in IT !!
      Hmmmm pot plants, not my greatest skill either! How about some herbs on a windowsill 🙂

    • I’m beginning to appreciate that more and more Alice. I was always a reader, dabbled in some sketches, and I should add BAD sketches but now I see gardening as Art too. It just happens that my art can sometimes provide a meal. But the unanticipated joy has been the writing of it.

  • I think you’ve said so well what I’ve been thinking about, too, Claire, but I didn’t quite have it all pulled together! Blogging is very, very time consuming, and sometimes I marvel at how that doesn’t wear me down. I have weeks when it may be more difficult to get to it, but when I’m going about my every day routines I do now think in terms of what will I share? In a sense, what translates to others? And I do think of you and other blogging friends, too, from the point of receiving inspiration and encouragement. Sometimes just wondering! It’s a bit mysterious, really! I’m so glad you posted your thoughts because it is even one more piece of evidence that there is a nice bond formed through such an unexpected medium! Happy weekend! Debra

    • Now you have added to my thoughts Debra, your words ” In a sense, what translates to others? ” resonates with me. The act of blogging started out as a means for me to document my garden, with a vague idea of writing about seed saving and helping others etc, what has happened is that I’ve refound photography, and have discovered I can sometimes put a few words together – tough when you consider I’ve spent a lifetime writing reports and in IT !! It’s also reminded me about the power of words and how much they can achieve in themselves.

      And yes, a magic bond formed through a very unexpected medium ! Hope you have a super weekend too Debra

    • Yes it is BAM, and thank you, I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, there are loads of settings to explore. I need a rainy day and no work !!

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