15 Blog Courgette / Summer Squash Recipes and rising. AKA how to deal with a GLUT)

THE GLUTS are around the corner and I’m getting ready, busy amassing my arsenal of  blog recipes to deal with The Courgette Glut. You notice the capitalisation – well that’s how it’s said – with appropriate emphasis. Every year I plant 2 or 3 or maybe if I’m rash 4 courgette plants, you see I like variety in life and I like it in Courgettes – from pale green buttery tasting Cavili to Bright Yellows of Jemmer or the Knobbly Kneed skin of Crookneck Squash best picked and eaten the same day. Courgettes don’t have to be watery, bitter, dark green or huge. They can come in many shapes and sizes, with gentle flavours and textures to match.

As the first flutter of courgettes are picked I tried a recipe I’ve had in mind for AGES, The Kale Chronicle’s Courgette and Feta Pancakes.  The instant I read the ingredients they reminded me of Greek summer holidays, sitting at a beach taverna, sipping on a cool beer watching the sun go down and starting the evening meal with courgette or chickpea fritters.

Sharyn’s version is much lighter and fluffier than those I’ve had on Greek Islands, with the egg whites separated and beaten until white and fluffy  which are added at the end to the mix of egg yolks, feta, herbs and flour.  The herbs are a must – try them with mint or dill or maybe some Oregano for that hint of a Greek summer.  Simply sauté  the pancakes in oil and butter and serve with a green salad or perhaps the first of this years red tomatoes to ripen. For a beautiful painted picture and the recipe pop over to Sharyn’s blog.

So when I’m short of ideas and big on courgettes I’ll turn to my list of courgette recipes. Many use ordinary courgettes, but you can use summer squash at will, some have been adapted from winter recipes that were originally made with pumpkins, but as long as you give the courgettes and squash some time or salt to drain the liquid from them you’ll be fine.

Happy Summer Cooking and Eating. And if all else fails I recommend knock-down-ginger, a game of leaving a bag of courgettes and then knocking on your neighbours door and running. Fast !


1.    Simple Summer Pasta quickly sauté courgettes and summer garden veggies of peppers and tomatoes and mix into linguine – light and super-fast

2.     Ready Steady Cook salads Simple Summer Salads  –  just add lemon, olive oil and mint

3.     Summer Couscous Saladof red onions, courgettes, peppers and herbs

4.     Moroccan Style Courgette Salada delightful and heady mix of dry roasted cumin and coriander seeds, paired with mint and rocket, and served at room temperature


5.     Courgette Picklewhen in a glutty courgette pickle make a quick and simple fridge pickle


6.      If it’s not too hot to bake try Crown Courgette Bread – I defy anyone to realise they are eating courgettes, a perfect savoury bread for a summer supper

7.       Use an Allotment Winter Quiche for summer inspiration using Chard and Courgettes, topped with tomatoes and a grating of your favourite cheese

8.      Franco Italian Chard and Spinachjust add courgettes into the creamy mêlée and voila – what’s not to love about a gratin !

9.       A Summery Winter Panzanellathink Italian summer and play with a classic warm salad with croutons and replace the winter squash and Brussels with courgettes, tomatoes and basil


10.   Indian Style Pumpkin Frittersswitch the pumpkin for courgette or summer squash and you have an Indian Summer Fritter


11.    Courgette and Potato Masalawhat’s not to love in a light and mild curry

12.    Green Bean Thoran with courgettesSouth Indian cooking at its best, light, fresh and quick – no big sauces and as hot as you like letting the flavours of mustard seeds and curry leaves shine through

13.    Thai Yellow Curry with Squash quintessential Thai Curry flavours but with a courgette twist


14.    In a Saturday Samosamix diced courgettes in with potatoes and peas and you have the perfect Tiffin

And I haven’t even touched on simply frying a sliced courgette and adding it to an omlette (or Frittata if your prefer), chopped raw alongside tomatoes and fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime for a Salsa, or sauté ribbons of courgettes and pasta, then there is baking breakfast muffins (which is next of THE LIST) or added as pizza toppings, hidden in rissoles or mixed into a potato salad, let alone in risotto or Stuffed Courgettes.

You see there is a myriad of choice when dealing with a Courgette and Summer Squash Glut. And I nearly forgot to mention grated raw in Fresh Vietnamese Style Spring Rolls which takes the tally up to 16. I have a feeling this list could run and run!


    • I wrote this page so I could save it, so that when I’m looking for ideas I can open it up, so that’s just fab that you’re saving it too Joss !

  • Great list, Claire! My yellow summer squash succumbed to the bugs early this year, but the zucchini are still coming, and could br subbed into any of these!
    Last night’s dinner was a galette with an olive oil crust, seasoned riccotta cheese, and zucchini. Eveyone had seconds…and I forgot to get a picture. Guesss we’ll be doing it again soon!

    • The galette sounds absolutely delicious Marie, light and summery, I’m going to have to try that and soon! Looks like the list is growing as I type 🙂

  • When I was a student I lived near a VERY cheap vegetable shop, but the trouble was they priced their stuff by 10’s, so when I wanted a courgette I had to buy ten… Well, the mother of all invention etc., I definitely found out how to use courgettes in just about anything!

    My favourite remains frying drained slices of courgette in olive oil with a sprinkling of dried raisins and then adding a good dash of lemon juice two minutes before serving.

    • My recipe list is growing – I love lemon on veggies that have been cooked and serving them at room temperature.
      And what a great story about being a student and shopping! I remember me and my house mates used to get to know the ladies who marked the food down, you know the stuff that is nrearing it’s sell-by date. Well we got to know them by name, and visa versa so we ended up with many a meal at a fraction of what they should have cost 🙂

      • The fried courgettes work both warm and cold…

        But students have to make economies, and sometimes I try to remember that when I stand in the supermarket so I can actually plan a bit ahead…

  • What a lovely, long list to handle the GLUT! Of courgettes, which is such an elegant word all alone, I think, and brings up thoughts of the delicate green and bright yellow squashes (rather than the gigantic zucchini that got missed first picking). Thank you for a good round of recipe ideas!

    • My pleasure Cindy, and thank you ! I know exactly what you mean about missing courgettes on the plants, miss one and suddenly you are dealing with Marrow type monsters !!

  • I definitely wan to try some of these. Thank you so much for putting the recipes together nicely!

    • You’re welcome Amy, to be honest I put the list together for myself, and then thought what the heck share it. And once I started to write it I realised I have a LOT of courgette recipes 🙂

  • You are the “go to” garden blogger when you need a courgette recipe. Thank you for putting your list together.

  • What a timely post! I have taken to threatening my kids who keep eating the chocolate chips for my “go to” chocolate chip zucchini muffins. So I guess I need a few new ideas;-). The bread will be high on my list!

    • Hi Inger, I think the bread is delicious, in fact I need to make some soon as we haven’t eaten it since last summer! I know friends of mine with kids who have become very skilled at “hiding and disguising” certain veggies 🙂 Good luck and hope you like it !

  • I have one more for you
    Courgette and Lemon Soup (nice with yellow skinned courgettes esp)

    2 tbsp olive oil
    25g butter
    2 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped
    900g courgettes, chopped
    800ml chicken or veg stock
    sea salt and black pepper
    1 lemon, zested and juiced.

    In large saucepan, heat olive oil and butter.
    Add Garlic, onion and courgettes and sauté for 10 mins on med head, without browning.
    Add stock and season. Bring to the boil.
    Turn down and simmer for 10 mins.
    Remove from heat and, using a hand-held blender, blitz until smooth. Add the lemon zest and juice, and stir through.

    • Fantastic! I’ve never tried a courgette soup, and reading your recipe I’m wondering why I haven’t done so – simple and tasty and garlicy 🙂 Thank you for adding to the list 🙂

      • friend gave this one to me and it is so simple – and delicious.

        I also ‘hide’ courgette in other things. It works well grated stirred into various dishes… including quiche, or pasta sauces.

        But I love your range and will be adding them to my recipe lists

  • Sharing your recipes with my gardener/kitchen friends. Good timing. Your Flat Ruthie at the Olympics a home run! (wink to John and his Cubs)

    • That’s great Ruth, I hope your gardener/kitchen friends share some of their food with you 🙂
      And I think I understand the reference… just…. 🙂

  • You have so motivated me to try a garden next year. Previous attempts have been foiled by ravenous rabbits. I am eyeing my yard and considering how how how can I do this next spring…… 🙂

    • That would be fabulous, to start a few veggies at home! I vote for tomatoes, nothing like home-grown fresh off the plant, outrageously tasty !! And the bonus is you can grow them in pots so you don’t have to tear up the garden, well not unless you want to 🙂

  • What a great list, Claire! I want to try the Moroccan salad next. You can’t have too many recipes for courgettes in the summer. Thanks for the mention.

    • Hope you like it Sharyn, I love those kind of flavours, and I remember the mint really added to the dish. The pancakes were superb, I used 3 small courgettes and re-jigge dthe recipe. Converted to light and fluffy soufle type pancakes. Thank you !!

    • 🙂 You know it’s something I’ve never tried to do. I should really go and ask an Italian friend, who is a chef and has an allotment. I’m sure he could show me the ropes! And thanks for adding to the list, and reducing the amount of squash at the same time 🙂

    • That does sound good! Lets all the flavour of the courgette shine through and baking would intensify it too. Thank you for adding to my recipe list 🙂

      • I first tasted them like this in a small Palestinian village about 45 minutes from Ramallah and absolutely will never forget that first time I tasted it and how simple it seemed and yet so much tastier than any courgette I had ever had, I think my mother only ever boiled them, so I never really even tried experimenting with them further, now they are a firm favourite and so full of flavour when baked like this.

        • What a fabulous food memory! Mind you some of our parents and grandparents have a lot to answer for when it comes to food memories 🙂
          I think the pale green ones are my favourite too, almost creamy inside, and I’m a late comer to the party as I only discovered them a couple of years ago, but I’m totally converted !

    • Hi Jean and thank you, I hadn’t quite realised how many recipes I’d accumulated on my blog. It just shows that we eat a LOT of them in summer 🙂

  • What an amazing array of recipe choices! If you want to drop a bag off at my house, I will gladly accept them. I have no such glut and would gladly make a batch of “Zucchini Pancakes”. I usually sprinkle feta on top of my pancakes and like the flavor paired with oregano. But Kate’s recipe with fresh corn and light and foamy eggs with feta tucked inside is very appealing.

    • Thank you Deb, Oh how I’d love to drop a bag off at your house, or you could come an dpick your own !! I’m sure you would make a totally delicious meal. And the pancake recipe was a real treat, and now I@ve tried it once I know I will be making them again and playing around with the herbs and flavours, I can see a Spring Onion choppe dup in them, or chives, or…….. And as you say they were light and soufle like, not at all filling, but totally tasty!

  • Hi Claire .. wow .. such an assortment of squash you’ve grown! I’ve only planted 2 types, waiting for them to mature. Your recipes look fantastic .. they’ve given me some ideas to try .. other than my usual baking them in the oven or putting them in soups. Next year I’ll try more!!

    • What are you growing? One year I tried the round ones, but I found them a bit tasteless and watery but that’s probably because I didn’t cook them properly in the first place !!

      • One is a snowy white (called ghost), and then acorn and one other type (I’ll see if I still have the label)… actually, till I started following your blog, I hadn’t realized there was such a variety of squashes available! I usually add lots of butter to the cooked (in the oven) types. I’ll start being more adventurous, following your recipes!!

  • How fantastic, Greg and I will forgive you for having so many courgettes when we only have dried up and completely dead plants.. where is your courgette relish though.. I was hoping you would pop a jar in the mail!! This is a great page.. wish i had some to work with!! c

    • You can come and pick up a jar anyday Celi 🙂 But to be honest today is the big B day – Beetroot are cooking as I type, and recipes being copied. The Courgette one was so simple, and what you’d know as a fridge pickle, so quick and easy to make too – thinking about it, probably cheaper and faster than a flight 🙂

  • Can’t wait for summer, and getting stuck into courgettes again after reading this. My mouth is watering…. It’s probably heresy, but I put them into ratatouille instead of aubergines, since I can’t eat aubergines…Just looking at the lovely photos makes me long for summer,..

  • Wow, Claire! When you decide to highlight a vegetable, you don’t fool around. This is one great collection, one that’s going to be referenced time and time again. Thanks for putting it together for us.

    • 🙂 It was a bit nutty to put it togethe John, but now I have my own list for easy reference, and I can see from comments and suggestions I need to add to it !

  • Some wonderful ideas for squash! I always make casseroles and just ventured into galettes, but I, too, was intrigued by Sharyn’s pancake recipe. Great post!

    • I love the word galette, it add a touch of glamour doesn’t it, it’s a word that seems to smarten us all up ! I recommend the pancake recipe, so light and fluffy and very versatile

  • The courgettes look amazing. I love them cut into ribbons and served raw as a pasta replacement 🙂 ps as I am using an rss reader I’m clicking unfollow on your blog as I’m not using my wordpress.com account any more

  • Thanks for all these lovely recipes, will get cooking later! On the bbc good food website there is a fantastic quick and easy recipe for courgette lasagne ( sorry can’t do a link with the iPad!) xxx

    • I struggle to do links when I use my so-called smart phone 🙂 Th elasagne sounds delicious, and you have reminded me that I haven’t mad eone in ages, I’m off to search for the recipe , thank you !

  • Ooooh! Where I live we call this a courgette bonanza! Thank you so much for this resource. I tend to favor those with curry or thai spices.

  • Your GLUT is enviable, Claire! I don’t have nearly enough courgettes to feel too glutted, but I love the recipe suggestions! I want to take notes in case I do begin to feel overwhelmed by abundance! I simply must try the Crown Courgettes Bread! It is beautiful and would be quite a surprise! I really would love to make my way through each of these recipes, so off to the printer I go! 🙂 What a lovely resource! Debra

    • Thank you debra, I was beginning to wonder if they would ever produce, it was such a cold start to ur growing season that they really seemed to sulk and take ages to get going. I think you would enjoy the bread, perfect fo rmopping up a tomato sauce 🙂 and thanks again for the encouragement !

  • Good ideas all! I just bought some zucchini at the farm stand and am going to try making baked zucchini chips. If they are good, I will share the recipe.

  • Aha…looks like you hit a subject we all love! What do I do with all these zucchinis???!!! I’ve posted a link on Face Book. My friends already know about the bag-it-and-run trick so I’m hoping they’ll try some new recipes. Many thanks, these look great.

  • Wonderful post Claire!
    I bookmarked it and I know I will be back to try recipes from it again and again!
    I love courgettes but usually turn them into a dip or mutawam or stuff them with rice and cook them in tomato sauce
    Now I have so many choices to try! YUM!

    • It’s strange isn’t it, seeing one person’s summer bounty when you might be tucking into winter greens – ahh the joy of blogging 🙂

  • Enough ideas here to keep my taste buds excited for quite a while. I may have to buy at the farmers market as my plants have nothing but blossoms at the moment.

    • Hi, one of my plants hasn’t produced anything yet either, and I’m trying to work out what is wrong with it; a late developer? All male flowers? On the other hand it’s avery healthy looking plant !! I hope you manage to eat some home grown this year

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