The Flat Olympics

Morning all! We had a bit of a day out on Wednesday and someone special joined us. Remember I took a friend skiing over winter and then on another bright beautiful day we took her to see the highest point in the Alps to get up close and personal with Mt Blanc?

Yup Flat Ruthie is back in style my friends !

Considering we got up out and early, Ruthie is looking pretty perky for the journey, it may be the espresso or it might be the tickets into the Olympics that’s putting the smile on her face this morning.

Ok, strictly speaking we only had 2 tickets and Ruthie sneaked in, but what the heck she was in! Now all the way there we’d been talking about who are you going to support, who are you going to cheer over the finishing line? You see Ruthie hails from the US,  but has been busy recently, supporting something called a Cub (I think it’s to do with baby foxes getting together for a little run around, she was a bit vague about the details). So back to the cheering and clapping, Ruthie was all for supporting her home country being the patriotic girl she is, but once past security, and on into the  stadium she was a changed woman. She became a Brit for the day. Yup she switched allegiances, shameless I know! GO TEAM GEE BEE! And you know what, once she’d started she couldn’t stop TEAM GEE BEE!

She couldn’t help herself, swept along with the cheers from the crowd, she was soon talking with a British accent, well the odd vowel got mixed up, but who could blame her! There was Mo Farah, the 10,000m Gold medalist running in the heats of the 5000m, and Ruthie was all for cheering him on, besides if she’d picked another guy at that moment she would have been drowned out! GEE BEE !!

Flat Ruthie thought the roar of the crowd in the stadium was immense and that nothing comes close to describing it. You guys cheer everyone don’t you! We certainly do Ruthie, even the athletes who come last. Why Claire? Because everyone is special Ruthie, especially Sarah Attar the first woman to represent her country, Saudi Arabia, at the Olympics. Yeah Ok THAT is special. GO GIRL GO !!

Ruthie declared the morning at the athletics in the main stadium as being totally AWESOME, I pointed out that awesome isn’t very British, and she said oops sorry sweetie dahling, it was FABULOUS, Absolutely Fabulous!

There had been so much to see, so much to cheer, I think she made a new friend, the Olympic Mascot seems pretty enamoured. GO TEAM GEE BEE !

And then out and about in the park we went, now we’ve been to the Olympic Park a couple of times to see the progress of the building and re-development of the site, and we filled Ruthie in on the details as we went around, but what I had to remind her was that when we saw it, most people were wearing hard hats and Hi Vis.

We toured the park, watched the world go by, I think Ruthie secretly enjoyed being British for the day, she marvelled at the buildings, the crowds, the size and scale, the beauty, the fun and happiness of it all, the Olympics.

I think Ruthie was so impressed by the park and the gardens, with the planting being timed to perfection and so beautifully done she’s tempted to take up gardening!

And Ruthie thought us Brits were pretty snappy dresser’s too !

There was just one thing Ruthie would have liked to taken away from the day, just a little momento –

Yup Flat Ruthie wants a BIG HAND !!


  • Eeeeek you went to the Olympics??? 😀 😀 😀
    So exciting!
    Next time sneak me in? Not as flat as Ruthie there 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Would have loved to sneak you in Chocy, lots of Ausies, oh and inflatable kanagroos – I decided not to photograph them, I understand it only encourages them 😉

  • What fun to wake up to your post this morning – so sorry!! A delightful surprise. Flat Ruthie doesn’t always tell me where she is or what she is doing, you know, and then pops up in the most unexpected and exotic places. What a thrill!
    There she is having the time of her life at the Olympics! What a gal.
    Your photographs so colorful and fun. Love the outfits. Lucky, lucky Flat Ruthie.

    • Hi Ruth, I emailed you, but rather late in the day !! It was, as ever, a pleasure to take Ruthie with us, besides if I’d gone without her, I think she would have been rightly cheesed off 🙂

  • Oh what fun! Was it as much of a thrill to be there as I imagine it to be? I would think just being in the crowd would provide plenty of excitement. I have watched hours on TV but seeing the events on a screen just can’t be the same as real life viewing.

    • It certainly was a thrill – the atmosphere was fabulous, a reall party was being had by 200,000 people ! It didn’t feel that crowded though, only a couple of times did it get busy. We were so fortunate to get the tickets, we got them in the lottery draw they held, feels special to have been there !

  • Bears, Honey. Cubs are baby BEARS…but you got the running-around part. Baseball is as hard to explain as Cricket…
    Looks like you had yourselves quite a day!

    • You see I managed to get that wrong, which of course makes it even funnier! Baseball is just Rounders to me, but Rounders for Americans (we use dto play rounders and school – a real British bat and ball game) Sadly Rounders doens’t feature at the Olympics!
      And all you need to know about cricket is the following –
      when they are out they are in, and when they are in they are out
      Plus cricket is a game that stops for drinks and food

  • I don’t know who to be happier for — the “foxes” comment notwithstanding — you or Flat Ruthie for being at the Games and watching Farah’s run for the gold. That must have been exciting! Good to see that Flat Ruthie has found her way into such good hands.

    • 🙂 Well as Sharyn has since pointe dout it could have been lion cubs !!
      And as you know John it was a pleasure to host Flat Ruthie, particularly at such a special event !

  • Oh, how exciting! We were in London last when they received the news that they would be hosting the Olympics in 2012. We stood in Trafalgar Square and promised ourselves that we would be there. That didn’t happen (boo) but NEXT summer, (yay!) but it was great fun to feel the excitement of the Olympics through you!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Such a shame you didn’t make it back, but as you say, next year. But to be honest I always link the awarding of the games with the following day – the bombings in London, such a raw mix of emotions !

  • Well, if I had to keep track of British sports teams I’d be crap at it, Claire — it was funny to read about foxes in conjunction with the Cubs, but, you know, they could have been lion cubs, too.

  • If Ruthie is a Cubs fan, then she has a soul, even if she is flat. Also, if she is a Cubs fan, she is already used to cheering for those coming in last place, and doing so in a truly beautiful location (yay Wrigley Field)!

  • Oh my, calling the epic sport of baseball ” just rounders” makes for fighting words in these parts! 😉

    But either way, a great set of photos- we will give Ruthie a flyer (at least for a day).

    Thanks for the post- we all enjoyed it!

    • Well I could always refer to Baseball as that game of Netball played by really tall blokes…. but maybe I should stop when I’m ahead….. 😉
      It was a fab day out at the Olympics, so very special !

        • Sorry, that was a bit naughty, especially as we aren’t any great shakes in either sport !!! I think it’s been a long week, and lovely to know you all enjoyed the photos, hope you guys have a great weekend 🙂

  • Oh that clever Ruthie…she really does get around! Clever girl! It was so timely that she’d come for a visit just now so you’d have the wonderful opportunity to show her around the Olympic Park while it is in full play. I think if I could be there with her I’d be temped to yell “Go GB, too!” The enthusiasm would just take over. I’d have fun with a camera taking pictures of all those snappy dressers, too. I always have fun seeing the world through Ruthie’s eyes–hope you both have a great weekend, Claire. 🙂

    • Isn’t she clever Debra – she get’s to go to all the best places in the world , such a well travelled flatie !
      and awww, I’m sure you would have been cheering on the US team, the thing is you would have been drowned out by us lot !! and you know I didn’t really start taking photos until later in the day, so I missed loads of crazy outfits, such fun !!
      And thank you, hope you have a lovely calm weekend 🙂

  • It sounds like such an exciting day…I sure Ruthie was very appreciative that you snuck her in. You were so lucky winning the drawing for tickets.

    • Karen, I can’t tell you how pleased we were to get the tickets in the initial draw, pot luck ! And the day was truly fab, absolutely exhausting, being on your feet, in the corwds, taking it all in, but so special. Thank you !

  • How amazing! My husband won tickets to the basket ball and gave them away! I wasn’t too happy until I found out that he’d given them to a chap and his 14yr old son who are HUGE fans of the game. I would have loved to be there but it’s good to know that I’m married to one of the nicest men in the world 🙂 I’m now going to Yorkshire instead!

  • I think some “fashionistas” push the envelope of what’s “fashionable” when using flags as their entire ensemble. =D That’s any country’s flag, too!

    • It’s kind of ridiculous, there were some crazy outfits! I liked the young girls who had red/white/blue tutus, and the kids with home made hats best

  • What an amazing experience! It has been phenomenal to watch on tv so I can imagine how awesome it must have been to be there 🙂

  • You KILL me when you trot out Flat Ruthie! Hahahahahaha!!! One of my fave memes, without question!!!!
    Ps. I covet the UK jumpsuits that duo is wearing! I would love to get one for my Halloween Bash! (Everyone ALWAYS ribs me about being a HUGE Anglophile, and wearing head to toe Brit attire would rock!!!!)Any ideas if they’re available for sale?

    • They make me giggle too – especially as I think of photos or words as I’m going around with her. I nearly forgot to take her!! But now she’s out and about I might just have to think of somewhere else to take her!
      I love your thinking – the halloween costume in full on Union Jacks, that would be a hoot!!
      I just did a quick google search and came up with this (I haven’t used them though so have no idea what they are like) – and then I saw some on ebay too. I searched Union Jack material/fabric. I do hope you get some to make a costume, and of course blog about it! Even a hat or scarf would work 🙂

    • Flat Stanley sound slike a real character Inger! you do feel a bit of an idiot at times taking her out and about, but that disappears as people spot her and start chatting about their flat friends 😉 The world is a funny place !!

  • So was there good spirit among the local Londoners during the Olympics. In general there was in Vancouver…since I was living there (and it’s still a 2nd home for me) during the Olympics right in the downtown core near the major venue sights.

    • I loved watching the Vancouver Olympics, what a beautiful city ! I think Londoners did end up really enjoying it, I think there were a lot of fears to start with – security, how busy t was going to be, but all that was managed. Outside of London I think people really got behind it to! All in all, a happy Games !

  • Ruthie is quite the globe trotter! A bit envious that she had a day at the Olympics! My son is quite the baseball fan. So much so we will be going to a Giants home game in San Francisco next month when he visits. Although I could take it or leave it, once I get to the game it is always great fun.

    • Deb, I’ve never been to see athletics before so it was a totally new experience for me, seeing it as it happens in front of you. I thnk prettyy much any sport is better seen not through the TV, in my case that would exclude the likes of golf and formula 1….. !!
      I’m sure you will have a great time in San Fransisco, 🙂

  • Looks like a great day out! So pleased you got to visit the park and stadium during the games as well! Not jealous at all:-) AND you got to see Mo the man.
    Glad Flat Ruthie enjoyed herself. She does get around that girl:-) If she is still around and getting bored end of October, send her over and she can come on hols with me!

  • Hi! Great stuff! We got to go the men’s 100m final on Sunday night, including the women’s 400m where we had high hopes for the Botswana runner, Amantle Montsho. We missed out bronze by a few milli seconds, but hey, we feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the Olympics.

  • In my absence from blog-reading, I had been wondering if you were able to attend and am so happy to hear that you were! Was there a favorite moment for you?

    • Lovely to see you around 🙂 Well my favourite was actually going into the stadium and experiencing the athletics, and then hearing the crowd cheer – people have described it as a roar or a Mexican Wave of sound, as the athletes run around the track the roar would go round the stadium. definite happy memories !

  • LOL. I’m watching the closing ceremonies as I read this — and I am smiling and dancing! Great games!

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