“Your crackers m’Lord”

There has been a flurry of recipes for making crackers and I’ve joined the Cracker Blogging Bandwaggon – or maybe it’s more of a Juggernaut. It all started a while ago, tempting images of freshly baked crackers would wink at me, the words accompanying them full of praise and comments on ease of baking. The Chef In Disguise’s post was the final temptation to try.

I opted for the seedy crackers, poppy and sesame, but of course I wasn’t satisfied with just that, I had to fiddle and add my own twist with one batch made with Carraway. I don’t use Carraway enough – a distinct flavour that I thought would lend itself to a cracker or three.

A word of warning – you need good upper body strength to make these. I read about cooks using a pasta making machine to roll the dough out thinly, I can now see why. The cracker dough is strong and stiff. Make a batch of these and you don’t need to go and do any upper body workouts at the gym.

The joy of making your own crackers isn’t restricted to a workout – you get to choose your ingredients, your flavourings, they are far less fatty and oily, you don’t have to worry about the salt or sugar content either. You take the decisions about what goes into them and what doesn’t. But of course you can make up for the lack of fats and olis in them by piling what ever you want on top of them 🙂

The verdict? The recipe came good – even the ones where I added Carraway. The mix of seeds in the dough gave them added texture and flavour. A definite winner. and perfect for dipping into a Baba Ghanouj, or a Beetroot dip (yes, I’m still in a Beety mood), a Humus, smoked fish pate, cheese, or maybe for scooping up a summer salsa.

And the title for this post? Do you remember the Two Ronnies, Classic Saturday night viewing as a kid with Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker, here’s  a clip from YouTube as a chuckle memory aid.


    • Thank you Sharyn! Yes I did it, and I wil l make more again now I’ve discovered how easy they are – so thanks to you and other bloggers for tempting me . I seem to remember you made some cheesy ones 🙂

  • The sesame seed crackers in the picture look very professionally and thinly rolled. Makes me regret not getting my hands on my mum’s pasta machine even more now though they may be a bit more ‘country housewife’ (making everything from scratch) than I plan on being. 🙂

    • Thank you there were lovely and thin and crispy, and I’m still on the lookout for a pasta machine, I’m blowed if I buy a new one !!

  • I just read your comments the two Ronnies and it made me smile. That is what my hubby calls it when he and our grandson do things. He say THE TWO RONNIES as that is their names. I love it. Thank you for the smile today

  • They look awesome! I’m inspired, but the “upper body strength” deters me …. (but then again, I have a strong husband. I’m just not sure he even knows where the kitchen is 🙂 )

    • To be honest I might have over egged the upper body strength, maybe the dough was a bit tougher than it should have been! Either way they are good 🙂

  • Your crackers look like they turned out wonderful. It is really wonderful how we all inspire each other. I have made cheese crackers before but think I might have to try seedy ones when we are back in New Hampshire where I have more counter space, etc.

    • I think that’s one of the real bonuses of blogging, that we encourage and inspire. So I do hope you get to try the seedy version Karen, perfect party food too !

  • I’m inspired by you all too! I shall be trying to make some crackers, especially because, as you say, Claire, the salt content can be controlled. I may have to get Mr S to do the rolling thing though! 🙂

    • I’m not sure if it was me or whether the dough IS tough ! But they are definitely worth doing, so tasty and you get to choose not just the toppings but the conetnts 🙂

  • Where are a the recipes, please?! I seemed to have missed that bit …. (Is it me?)

  • When cooler weather gets here, I’m up for some baking. These crackers look wonderful! I’ve got a great new sprouted sunflower nut and onion spread that would be great on a seedy cracker. Thanks!

  • Hello Claire 🙂
    Glad you decided to give crackers a go, I love how thin and crisp they look. I need to give caraway a go, I love it and like yourself,don’t use it enough.
    Thank you kindly for the mention 🙂 I really appreciate it

    • You are very welcome for the mention, I just love your blog and seeing what you are cooking and what you are up to ! And thanks for inspiring me to finally get round to to making crackers – I’m hooked now !

  • Oh these look so crisp and tasty! I share your feelings about the cracker blogging- I saw Sawsan’s post and have been wanting to make some myself…though I have serious doubts about my upper body strength 😦

  • Your crackers look perfect, Claire! And you’re inspiring me to try making crackers, especially if I can get in a workout while making something to eat! 🙂 Gotta love that.

  • You can never have too many crackers my friend (or dips for that case :P)
    Good choice using Sawson’s recipe, they were delicious looking – cant help staring at yours either 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  • I made my first crackers a couple months ago and really enjoyed the end-results, so much better than anything available in a box at a store. I used rosemary with mine and served them with some of my home made feta. You and Sawsan, though, have convinced me to try seeds next time. Both of you made such great looking crackers!

    • Thank you John and now I want to try your idea of Rosemary and Feta – maybe I could make some Rosemary flavoured ones and have a feta dip on top 🙂 Off the top of your head how much Rosemary do you add and is it fresh or dried?

      • Hey, Claire! I used fresh that I had roughly chopped. I believe I used about 2 tsp for a recipe that called for about a cup of flour. I do remember that a) I wish I had made more crackers and b) that I had used more rosemary. Bear in mind, though, that I really do like rosemary. 🙂

        • John you are a star, a rosemary scented star this morning! And it ties in with a recipe that Mandy kindly linked to! Guess what we’re having this weekend 🙂

  • I recently discovered cracker making and then wondered why I waited so long. Homemade crackers are so much better than the store bought! I found letting the dough rest prior to rolling was helpful. My favorite are the crackers with Kamut flour, as they have a nutty sweetness.

    • Hi Deb, you have just reminded me that I popped the dough mix in the fridge, and promptly forgot about it for a couple of hours, maybe that was the problem or that I tried to roll out the dough without letting it get to room temperature !! Either way they are tasty treats 🙂

  • OK…between you and Sharyn I can feel the urge coming on! You do worry me a little bit with the comment about needing good upper body strength! That could be my undoing, Claire! But you are absolutely right about the benefits of choosing your own ingredients. That alone is reason to try. What a great job of photographing them, too. Well done!

    • It was the combination of Sharyn’s and Sawsan that got me motivated, and I’m so pleased I did. And don’t worry about the uppe rbody thing, I think I may have over-played that one, besides I’m such a weekling 🙂 And thanks for the compliments, hope you are having a super week !

    • Hi Mandy, I don’t think it’s cheating if you have a pasta machine! (I’m still on the lookout for a second hand one) And thank you so much for the link; as I’ve been replying to comments I’ve been saying how I think I should try Rosemary as the next flavouring and there you are – a mind reader 🙂

    • You sound like me Marie, I WILL get round to this and that, there are so many new things to try out there aren’t there, and only so much time !

    • Hope you do Alice, the beetroot dip is great – really bright pink , but more than that I like th eflavours it it of cumin and corriander 🙂

  • We eat crackers all summer long with ceviche, dips, guacamole, salsa… seems to be our summer time weekend snack. These crackers look fantastic and I need an upper body workout so I’m excited about trying this recipe. 🙂

    • Fabulous, love the suggestion of Ceviche! I think they would be perfect to eat on a summer evening, watching the sun go down, sippping on a long cool, in my case probably alcoholic, drink and nibbling on crackers and dips. aaahhhhh…. roll on the weekends !

  • One of these days! Thanks for the reminder and a good recipe (well, 2, including the reminder of Sawsan’s!) oo and with baba ganouj! mmm…

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