Excitement Mounts as does a Weedy Weekend Window

Can you see what I see?

Yes 3 days of sunshine are predicted. Now I know you may look at the temperature and say brrr – but will you just focus on that sun symbol! Do you know how positively giddy that makes me feel? We’ve had weeks of rain and grey clouds, a few glimpses of blue sky here and there, the odd peak of the sun but the predominant weather pattern has been cool and wet and windy and grey. Bluerrgh.

I realise now that those grey clouds made me feel flat. Deflated. In fact they made me feel grey too. I need sunshine in my life.

I’ve just come back from the plot after a quick session of weeding, I took a couple of snaps with my phone to share, so I’m sorry about the lack of quality – but you’ll get the picture (literally!)

I think the nasturtiums are on a takeover bid. I leave them to self seed every year, let them ramble around, they smother the weeds, they attract the good buzzies and detract the baddies away from my precious delicate veggies. Nasturtiums come in every colour – from deep maroon-red, bright orange-reds, vibrant yellows and pale-yellows.

A real burst of vibrancy, so even when the sun isn’t shining I do get a burst of sunshine and warmth looking at them. I plan to pick a few seeds this year to try and make some capers – poor mans capers are made with nasturtiums. We’ll see if I get round to it, if it works and if I like them. We have to try new things don’t we.

And then there is this. A real piece of sunshine. A bright yellow courgette flower – hopefully one of many.

And as I’m working tomorrow I’ll be out and about this weekend enjoying the sunshine, and yes my sunhat will get an outing! Hoorraayyy! ! I’ll be weeding – all that rain has made the weeds grow like crazy monsters but it also means they are easy to pull up by the roots. Let’s call it a Weedy Weekend or maybe a Weed Window might be more accurate before the sun dries the heavy clay soil. The combination of rain and sunshine makes weeding a simple task. And as I weed and try and tame the plot I’ll take the big camera up and we’ll do a show and tell, a progress report for all you growers and foodies alike.

And tonight’s meal? A real allotment meal. I picked the first courgette today. Ding Ding Ding! Alongside a bowlful of spinach, chard and beetroot leaves, a forkful (garden sized) of New Potatoes – so maybe a Sag Aloo. A handful of sweet tasting peas. How do I know they are sweet tasting? I munch on them while I’m weeding,. so I can see a peas pilau to go with the Sag Aloo and maybe a dal. The courgette – who knows, perhaps raw in a salad with a light vinaigrette for starters?

This meal tonight is beginning to sound rather grand isn’t it! But it’s inception is as I wander around the plot and look at what needs picking, what is ready and as I picked a few leaves I mulled a few ideas around and there you have it – a mini Indian feast of fresh garden vegetables.

And then there are the beetroot, I could always make a beetroot pichadi but to be honest I’m more likely to roast them and have them as a salad over the coming days. Time and energy will tell.

And as I pulled the last of the radishes, they are getting too big now the skins toughen up and the inners go woody. The good ones to eat, the remaining composted; and while I’m talking about radishes I’ll write a reminder to myself to sow a handful more this weekend. In the meantime there are always radish pickles. Crunch and munch my friends.

Ahhhh that’s better isn’t it. Happy days are here again !


  • Yay – sunshine! Not so yay to the weeding, but it has to be done. I love nasturtiums, I really should plant some seeds as they just look after themselves don´t they? Enjoy your garden feast, it sounds wonderful 🙂

  • Funny how the weather plays out in different parts of the world. You got too much and we were too dry. Now you are drying out and we are getting much needed rain, and we are both thankful!
    (You have encouraged me in my gardening endeavors, Clare.)

    • Thank you Lynda, I have to rremind myself that every year is different in the garden, and thi sis certainly no exception 🙂 Hope you had some wonderful refreshing rain!

    We had a storm front move through last night, sweeping away the heat and humidity, so the weather is perfect for us, too…Happy weeding weather is cooler anyway, right?
    Your garden dinner sounds delicious… 😀

  • After all the high 80 deg F to high 90s today’s brief cooling of 78 deg F (one day predicted before the heat returns) is a relief. Love all the veggies and your plans to use them up especially the Indian menu. 🙂 I’m not big on pickles but the jars with their jewel like contents are pretty impressive.

  • I love to weed when the soil is just a bit wet … they pop right out! Enjoy your sunny weekend! (I just made a note-to-self to plant nasturtiums next year 🙂 )

    • Some rain followed by sun is a real gardener’s friend! And fantastic to to the nesturtiums – I’ve been taking photos again, so many great colours 🙂

  • Here comes the sun! I love that Beatles tune, and I’ll be thinking of you and smiling this weekend. You deserve a break in the gray! I know that my mood would be far less optimistic if I had weeks without sunshine. I don’t do well with just a few days of gray! And your veggies are a delight, too, offering the perfect garden dinner! My prediction for your weekend? “All is once again right with the world!” D

    • I remember having to some kind of dance to that song when I was a kid at school, before that I didn’t know it. Hmmm wonder why I never became a professional dancer 🙂
      And loving the choice of weekend music!

  • What a pleasant place to sit, smell the garden and produce, munch on raw peas and hope to get an invite to dinner! 😀

    • The best bit of the gardening day is the bit when you sit back and look, and keep on sitting an dlooking. Consider the invitation a given 🙂

  • Hooray! Look at all your produce! We made nasturtium capers, and nasturtium pesto, and just ate it and ate it, because one winter it was almost the only green thing in the garden! I think I used a Pam Corbin recipe for the “capers” from memory.

  • I’m so glad the sun is coming for you my friend 😀
    That stunning flower looks like it is already there!
    And I can’t wait to see the dishes you produce with your fresh ingredients!

    Choc Chip Uru

  • Those nasturtiums are so beautiful, Claire! I’m so happy for you that the sun is coming out. Keep hearing about all the rain and clouds UK is having so far this summer. Happy days coming indeed!

  • So glad to see that forecast of sunshine for you all! Your Summer this year couldn’t be more opposite of ours unless you were in the Southern Hemisphere. Odd, isn’t it? Your garden is doing very well. I love that bank of nasturtiums. How colorful and bright! Now, don’t go getting sunburned this weekend but do be sure to get out and enjoy the sun!

    • Hi John, it was a case of suncream and sunhat this weekend. A good feeling to feel the sun on my back as I worked in the garden. I hope the temperatures have dropped a bit for you!

  • Good to hear of some sunshine your way. I don’t know how I’d fare, living in such difficult conditions. Our summer is full of sun. Some complain that there’s too much. But I love it. And… it’s a terrible thing to lose any of those wonderful radishes. It would be well worth you’re while to pickle them before they turn woody!

    • We have several jars of pickles on the go in the fridge Shimon, and several to give to friends, it’s one of the real pleasures of growing your own food – you get to share! I do think this summer has so far been exceptionally odd – so wet and cold, who know’ swhat next year will bring!

  • I hope it shines for the sake of your plantings. However I don’t think our beloved meteorologists have any idea what is going to happen from one day to the next. Bless them!

    • I don’t think they do either, but so far we’ve had the sun and warmth they predicted for this weekend – and as it turned out perfect for Pirate Day in Hastings, it meant we could bask in the sun on the beach instead of shivering!

  • I’m with you when it comes to sunshine! It’s amazing what it does for the things that grow in our garden as well as our attitude. My radishes are very close to being woody. Even though they are still quite small, I think I’ll go ahead and pull them up.

    • Shame your radishes haven’t com eto much, you could always re-sow some, they are so quick to germinate.
      I don’t think we are alone with the sun lifting our spirits, and oddly enough it’s one of the reasons I like living on the south coast we normally get lots of sunshine!

  • I am glad you are getting sunshine in the following days. Here in Rome is the opposite – it’s been almost 50 days since it hasn’t rained!! Lovely looking veggies…and those nasturtiums have stunning colors!!

  • Isn’t a change in the weather refreshing?! Love your nasturtiums–I tried them in a pot one year with the idea that I’d decorate some pumpkin soup with their blossoms but alas they did do well.

  • “I think the nasturtiums are on a takeover bid.” Oh yes, they do that very well. Funny, we are having the opposite weather here in the States – extreme heat and too much sun, not enough rain, until the past few days. Enjoy your sunshine!

    • Apparently it’s all linked in – you guys getting hot dry weather and us cool and wet, which according to those in the know is that the gulf stream is further north than it normally is and hence our different weather this year.

  • So happy that the sunshine has returned to your allotment…it makes everyone giddy, I’m sure.

    • It certainly did Karen, it’s been a long grey cool and wet summer so far, so the appearance of sun means I’m in a celebratory mood !

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