A chica promenade

Or rather the mountainside and the seaside meet.

Are you with me on this one yet?

Yes we finally met up, a Chica and a Promenade on a sunny afternoon sitting on a terrace overlooking the English Channel and what better way to celebrate than to have a glass or two of rosé  (or should I say rosado?) – a perfect summer drink.

And in true blogging form, we swapped stories and news and yes of course a present or two. But a bit of scene setting first.

I had a morning off so raced up to my allotment for some much needed weeding and watering. An hour later I was on my way home, rained off and thoroughly soaked as I got caught in a huge downpour. But I had had time to pick a few of these.

My thinking was they still need thinning out, eating while they are at their best, besides there is always another jar that can be filled. And then, maybe just maybe, my blogging buddy would like a few and if not maybe her mum and dad would tuck in. You see gluts are great, you get to share them.

And thank you so much to Chica for my lovely pressies – beautiful Saffron, I know I’ll be referring to your post on how to cook paella, maybe just not on the scale needed for a village fiesta. I’m also hoping that the headwear isn’t absolutely necessary.

And the Torta de Aceite. Bonus! As soon as I opened the packet this morning I smelt the olive oil and almonds. Aaahhh ! I’ve never had these treats before and I think I’m now hooked. A cup of coffee and a torta, a perfect breakfast for a promenader who is ever so slightly hungover. You see after we parted I went to find my erstwhile partner who was watching the Murray match in the pub, we don’t have a TV, so I settled myself in, glass of dry white at my fingertips…….

Lovely to have met you Tanya (and of course your Bestie) and looking forward to catching up again soon !

And tomorrow’s match? We’re inviting ourselves round to a friends for the afternoon – they have a TV and I can put the kettle on. Come on Murray!!


    • I think food presents are special. But sometimes I feel a bit naff giving someone produce, I sometimes look at it and think, will they like it, are they just being kind. I should really have more confidence about it, especially after all these years of growing stuff, but somehow I still question …..

  • When blogs collide …
    Glad that you both got to meet and spend some time together. It’s nice to be able to attach a real, live person to the thoughts expressed in a blog. And judging by your writings, I’m sure you both got along famously. Good for you both!

  • Oh i WISH I had been there.. how much fun your two would have had, and then you switched from rose to white ,, you know the rule claire, don’t mix your grapes!!! headaches!! c

    • Celi, I WISH you had been there too – that would have been a hoot!! Besides if you were with us I wouldn’t have mixed my grapes 🙂

  • You are so lucky! I am sure it was a wonderful meeting because you are two amazing ladies.
    I really need to move to a place where it is even remotely possible to meet some of my blogging friends !

    • you know the oddest things happen, I blogged about my little world and then one day stumbled upon Chica’s blog, who in turn realised her parents had a place up the road from me. It literally is a small world. And I think blogging helps bring the world together somethow. Besides if you lived somewhere else I would never get to see your beautiful world, and places like Petra ! Hope you have a super week 🙂

  • It does sound like you had a fun and liquid meeting. 🙂 I’d never heard of this biscuit so I had to click the link. It DOES sound tasty with a cup of coffee when you’re a bit the worse for wear.

    Lovely radishes by the way. I’ve never actually tasted any. I think you should add a new vegetable to your diet every 10 years. I’m working on my 6th one and although this one probably won’t make it for a while yet, it IS colourful. 🙂

    PS: Have you ever tried soy or almond milk, silken soy tofu or soy yogurt as substitutions in ice cream making? I didn’t know if you had a chance to revisit my post and see my comment. I may try a small batch of one of them with one of the fruit versions I try next cause I’m curious.

    • Hi there, I use a lot of soya substitutes so that I can occaisionally treat myself to things like French cheese! Life would be too grim if I couldn’t eat a bit of cheese !!I’ve bought the soya ice creams, and I have to say they are improving a lot, but I’ve never tried making them for myself. That sounds like a new project for me too!

  • Isn’t it a thrill for the blogging voice that you are so familiar with to come to life? I think meeting fellow bloggers is a bit like having a favorite storybook character come to life. Your radishes look lovely, and I must say I like the look of that tea cup as well!

    • What a lovely way to express it – a storybook character coming to life, so true!
      The little cups are cute aren’t they, we pick them up all the time and have way too many, perfect for a shot of coffee or even a green tea.

    • The torta were superb, we have a couple left and I think they would be great to finish a meal off, alonside some fresh fruit and a coffee.
      And yes, it was fab to meet chica, how could it not be ?!

  • Chica and Claire together…I’m dying with envy! Invite me next time.. I’ll fly across the ocean just to sip a glass with you two! Xoxo

  • Oh, what fun! Drinking wine with friends over good conversation…meeting up at the pub later…the whole day sounds wonderful!

    • Hi Cindy, it was a wonderful day, some gardening, meeting new friends, popping to the pub, tennis. Aahh it’s a shame everyday can’t be like that 🙂

    • I thought the final was great, eventhough our guy didn’t win. Federer is amazing, I don’t know who could have beaten him yesterday, he certainly played some brilliant tennis!

  • How fun is that- a meet up. In a perfect world, it would be wonderful to meet all of our fellow foodie friends in person. Maybe we could have one big potluck. I will keep dreaming! Take care, BAM

    • Imagine a big potluck with us all there – totally crazy and wonderful are words that spring to mind. All that food, the drinks, the chat and the laughter. What a wonderful thought!

  • Well, what fun that was! And the rain obligingly disappeared and the sun came out for a few glorious hours 🙂 It was so good to meet you and everyone is right…we had plenty in common and lots to chat about. Glad you liked the tortas…not too sweet. And wow, those radishes…fantastic! Loved that they packed a punch, we all enjoyed them and I managed to save 2 to bring back to Big Man last night, so he´ll be trying them later today. Enjoy the tennis – they´re only showing it here on the pay channels 😦

    • Hi there, lovely to have met you, roll on August!
      relief that you liked the radishes, and how lovely that you took a few back for Big Man – I hope they survived the joys of Easyjet (or whoever you flew with!)

      The tennis was superb – both the semi and the final. And I didn’t mix my grapes in the final 😉

  • You and Tanya must have had a great time together. Food presents are so much fun to exchange especially when you get to experience a new treat.

    • Karen, I think you would like the Tortas, not too sweet, very fine and thin, perfect with a cup of good coffee. I can imagine sitting in a small cafe on a side street watching the world go by sipping on my coffee and nibbling on the Totra 🙂

    • We watched some of the doubles final last night and the sound of the rain on the roof at Wimbledon was defeaning. Lucky for us we have escaped a lot of the rain most people have been having. The joy of British summmers…….

  • What a fun match-up, Claire! I know it must have been a very sweet time. So many little things are shared between blogging friends that even our closest non-blogging friends don’t always enter into…I think this is great. And I’m quite curious about these little tortas! Wonder if I can find them…I’m going to try! 🙂 Debra

    • You know Debra, when I started this blog I really didn’t have a clue what to expect and the things I’ve gained from doing it have been immense – all these amazing connections we are making, the lives we are sharing. It’s special and wonderful. And even though we are miles away we are all connected and get to share. I hope you have a super week Debra 🙂

      • I would say the exact same thing, Claire! I really didn’t even understand how bloggers connected, and I don’t think I really thought I’d be a part of that. When I look back I’m not sure what I even thought I was doing! But it’s so important to me now, and I can honestly say that I’m more eager to read what everyone else has to say than getting my own post up and out. That is secondary. And I think I’m just about through trying to describe my feelings to my non-blogging friends because it occurs to me that they may think I’ve got a screw loose! LOL! I don’t think the process translates well! I’d love to meet a fellow blogger sometime and have that connection you enjoyed this past weekend. Maybe it will happen, but in the meantime, it’s just delightful however it works! I hope you, too, have a great week! D

        • I certainly didn’t know what I was doing. And I was one of those who didn’t have a plan – you can tell that from my meanderings 🙂
          It is so hard to start to explain the blogging “thing” to non blogging friends – in fact I’ve given up 🙂 And who knows when you will meet one and where!

  • you have been in my thoughts what with all the rain! Hope you are not badly affected and that all is going well. So nice that you got to meet Tanya 🙂

    • Thank you Tandy, luckily for us we have escaped the worst of it. Our little corner of the SE has had rain but nowehere near the amount that other places have had – nor the problems from too much. So we are very fortunate! My brother in the NW reckons he has trench foot from the months of cool wet weather 😉

  • What a wonderful, fabulous delight. When two stupendous women like you and Tanya get together, I’m thinking that the world, already a marvelous place, becomes even more spectacular thanks to the glow emitted. If I couldn’t barge in, I would gladly be the fly on the wall at such a summit! So pleased for you two. 🙂

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