sevgili arkadaşım teşekkür ederim

Thank you my dear friend – well at least that’s what I hope it says and doesn’t say something like bugger off you……

You see I don’t know any Turkish and I wanted to say a special thank you, so I’ve had to put my trust in google translator admittedly with trepidation. Time will tell if it is right or not.

I need to say thank you to a dear friend Nia. She blogs over at and shares her life in Istanbul through the lens of her camera. She captures life in and around that beautiful city, on it’s waters, in it’s streets and cafes, it’s flower shops and of course it’s cats. To sum up it’s a love of life through her lens, and it’s captivating.

Now a little while ago Nia dropped me a line and the dear sweet lady said she wanted to send a surprise. And this lovely surprise arrived today. I had no idea what to expect and here I am leafing through a wonderful cookery book called My Grandfather’s Table by Selin Kutucular.  A book full of sumptuous and tempting Turkish food. Looking at the recipes I start getting hungry, no matter that I’ve just eaten. From 42 layer borek, to sea bass with swiss chard, and meze of broad beans or artichokes to name a few; a real feast for the eyes.

The words generous and gorgeous don’t seem to do enough justice to her kindness. Needless to say I will be cooking and yes blogging about the recipes from this delightful book.

And the rose? That’s for Nia. My way of saying thank you my dear friend.


  • Ah, what a wonderful surprise for you from the lovely Nia! I look forward to seeing some of the recipes here. And what a beautiful thank you you have given her (although I am still chuckling over the small possibility that Google Translator may have let you down as I recall a Spanish “Peasant Salad” I posted which Google translated as “Leg Salad” 😉 )

    • Uh oh, salad of leg….. let’s cross our fingers and hope it is right! The only time I’ve ever used it is for double checkinng French spelling so I can generally tell if it’s right or wrong. time will tell……
      and yes I know I will be cooking up some great tempting treats from this lovely book

    • he he he this was so funny dear Chica, but Google translation is not good. Dear Claire was lucky on her try. have a nice day, love, nia

  • Dear Claire, when I check my e-mail box, my eyes caught these words, “Sevgili Arkadaşım Teşekkür Ederim”… My eyes were in tears then…. How beautiful you are, this is so nice and you did a wonderful translation, it is exactly “My dear Friend, Thank you”… Million times Thank you dear Claire, not only your nice post, for everything that you made me to live with your blog, day by day… I am so glad you liked my surprise… I love this lady, and also as I told you in my letter, she has a television programs too and I love her decorations, serving, and recipes… Have a nice and enjoyable cooking… You can add your own imaginations too in these recipes… and also you can ask too if there is something. Love you so much. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

    • hi Nia, I’m so relieved the translation was correct, I wanted it to be special for you!
      It really was such a wonderful surprise, so unexpected, and you know I will be sharing these recipes.
      My dear Nia, blessings and happiness to you. I hope you have awonderful week 🙂

  • Nia is adorable.. everyone loves her and what a special present! we look forward to seeing some turkish Fare! c

    • Isn’t she gorgeous. I think we should start the campaign – Nia for president, the world would be full of love not war.
      And yes expect some Turshish delights !

  • What a wonderful surprise! Well done Nia.
    Already liking the sound of 42 layer Borek and the meze…….. Ilooking forward to these recipes

    • Absolutely Marie, I’ve just been looking through the book – stuffed veggies of all kinds, cold mezes, egg dishes, seafood. So many treats in store for us all! I can’t wait to get stuck in and share the stories and the recipes 🙂

  • What an unexpected pleasure to receive a gift that is such an act of kindness. That is the best kind, and those of us who look forward to your posts will hope you share some of the goodies from the book. Off to plant some seeds!

  • such a wonderful surprise for you, and for nia when you wrote your turkish thank you! I am popping over to her blog at once!

    • I can’t tell you how relievd I was to find out the Turkish translation was correct, I really did have some dreadful images in my head! Hope you like Nia’s blog as much as I do – it’s captivating in it’s wanderings and beauty 🙂

  • I know Nia! She always has the nicest things to say, and says them from the heart with love. This blogosphere is not so very large now is it. Going to go look up 42 layer borek now…
    ~ Lynda

    • How very hilarious! I typed in 42 layer borek on Google and the first 3 hits were Promenade Plantings! I didn’t find the exact recipe, but got the idea and it sounds delicious! Yes, a review of the recipe will be in order when you make it!

  • How nice the surprise and how elegant the thank you. I have to join in here, and say that Nia is one of the most beautiful people I have had the pleasure of meeting on the internet. Her photos really open the eyes of a foreigner to see her home town, and the many places she travels, and her personality is as unique as it is beautiful.

    • Thank you Shimon, it was a bit rushed, but I wante dto say my thank yous. As anothe rblogger has commented the “blogosphere isn’t that big is it”

  • What a lovely surprise. I’m so glad your translation was good. I’ve had some odd ones with both French and Wolof but at least they’ve caused amusement and not offence.
    I really look forward to hearing about you trying recipes from the book. Love to you both 🙂

  • Nia is one of the sweetest people…we all love her. I know you will enjoy her thoughtful book.

    • Thank you Karen, I think Nia’s present is beyond words, and I’m trying to decide what to make first, so many wonderful choices. Hope you have a great weekend

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