Catch Up Ketchup

No ketchup was involved in the writing of this post. I just like the silly alliteration.

I miss my round-up photos from France, the ones where I’d post a few photos, some scant words would be written and away I go.  Besides I need somewhere to empty my head, share what I’ve seen and thought.

I’ve been trying to be a bit more structured in my blogging – a post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Apparently structure and routine is what we are “supposed” to do in terms of blogging. I don’t generally like doing what I’m supposed to do. I’m finding it a little dull. Restrictive. A tad dry.

I need a bit of zest, some life, some colour. To be me. I need to find my own way, what fits me, what sits comfortably. A bit looser, more freefall, a soupcon of random and see where I end up.

So I think I should start again, no radical overhauls required, just a look around and see where I am. Based in St Leonards on Sea, in my own kitchen and in the garden and on the allotment – when it’s not raining. Life on the S E Coast with the occasional foray to the bright lights of London and Brighton.

There is always something happening, something to see, something eaten, seeds sown, plants growing or failing miserably,  sights and sounds of my daily life, walks taken, coffee drank.

The routine of life at home is starting to click in, a bit of yoga (must do more I’m feeling sluggish), creating new work so I can manage to keep myself in new garden forks, the odd stroll along the prom on a nice sunny evening (they have been rarities so far), meals with friends, staring into the freezer looking for inspiration or considering what REALLY needs using – we are heading into a lull on the allotment with the new seasons food stil growing, but then there are always old favourites to cook and sometimes the energy to tempt us into new treats.

There is still catch up in the kitchen, garden, allotment and life. But mostly I’m shuffling. Taking seed packets out of their storage tins and boxes, and into compost. Moving them onto windowsills to catch the warmth. Moving plants from window sills to temporary outdoor homes and onto final planting. It’s plant shuffle time.

I think my brain needs a shuffle too – to get into the swing of life at home, of work, of living.

You see, I do need to empty my head!

I think tomorrow we need to get out and about on the allotment, go walkabout, have a wander and a ponder, see what’s growing and chat about our little community of gardeners.


  • re second pic: I think dew drops or rain drops on plants and flowers add a bit of special magic on photo. I am so bad with camera if I go anywhere I just but some post cards for myself.

    • Hi Carl, I’m ok at macro stuff, the odd street scene, and portraits but when it comes to landscapes they totally elude me, I can’t seem to capture their esence. So thank god for postcards! Pleased you liked the raindrops

  • Three times a week is a tough blogging schedule, Claire. I find twice quite enough. The everyday people belong to a different species, evidently.

    • I think you are right, they are superhuman. Particularly the food bloggers – to make the food, to research the dishes, to write an interesting post, to set up and take the photos. I’m tired just thinking about it.

    • Thank you, I look around me and can’t help taking photos all the time, the photos need to end up somewhere so hence the blog!

  • Absolutely darling.. blog when you want to, after all, we are all here! That makes no sense but you know what i mean.. I have convinced john to take me out to dinner which means i will pay for the pleasure of eating food that is dull and nasty but i don’t have to clean up.. Oh how i LONG for a good Indian restaurant for a nosh up!! But once I start milking I will not be able to get out as much.. like I ever did! I am looking forward to walkabout the allmontmentY tomorrow.. Your shots today were stunning by the way! c

    • Ooo a night out on the tiles! How will your feet cope out of wellies and in heels I wonder, and can you find your lippy 🙂 I’m sure it will be lovely, regardless of the food. We used to eat out a lot when work was long on our time and energy low when you finally made it home, now it’s more of a treat, we still have our favourites though. And talking of curries I have a splendid recipe in the writing up stages……

  • What a nice post! Your life…beauty and day to day frustrations together, with lovely photos to pull it all together. I’m looking forward to reports on your growing season. Thanks!

  • Such beautiful photography in today’s post, Claire. I agree with Celi. Blog when the spirit moves you. This is, after all, supposed to be enjoyable. And when you post something, I’ll be back to read it. Rest assured. 🙂

    • You are right it is supposed to be enjoyabe, sometimes things go a bit wonky and then I start to wonder what the heck I’m doing! Back to the garden and some good old pottering around I think!

  • I love your photography, Claire. I fell into a Monday and Thursday blogging routine, but every now and then a little inspiration overtakes me and an extra one pops out when I least expect it, lol! And yes!! How do those who blog daily keep up?? It’s amazing!! xo Smidge

    • I think they are superhuman Smidge, it’s the only explanation I can find… cue a song 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to have a bit of structure but as you have reminded me, it’s about what inspires us as individuals that matters

  • I have actually thought you did a great job of keeping the posts coming! I always pay attention when you do! I love the photos you share and find your stories from the allotment very interesting..every time! I’d say just empty your head every time it feels a bit full, and we’ll be waiting! You’re a delight, Claire. Debra

    • debra, I think I might start calling you delightful Debra from now on 🙂 I was thinking about you and your paper pot making as I was making more. As always it’s about the connections

  • The photographs were really gorgeous, Claire, even without the ketchup. And I think everyone has to find a pace that suits them. And if you wanted to blog every day, you could have posted each photo separately, and you would have a week’s worth. But I don’t think it’s that important to post so often. I did that once, just to find out what it was like… but I can tell you, it’s wearing.

    • I can imagine that it would be weary to post every day, I have thought about posting a separate photo each day, but overall I like grouping them together and seeing them as a mini collection. I think my favourite posts are the ones where I don’t quite know what I’m going to write and which photos I’ll use. I like going for a written wander

  • Scrolling through today’s photos…Marigolds – check. Red currants – check. Columbine – check (though mine have suffered deer damage). Blueberries – check. Lovely purple thing? What is it? (Mouse-over….) Claire doesn’t know either. Damn.
    Great shots, all of them.
    To echo the others – post when you want. We’ll all keep reading and enjoying.

  • Wonderfully written post with lovely photos, Claire, and I agree with the fact that blogging should make you happy, so post when you feel the inspiration and when you can. I often feel that I post the least of all those I follow and was up to posting twice a week, but life has been taking my time for other things and I haven’t gotten that rhythm back. If I posted every day it would be all I did…so I don’t see how others do it, but more power to them! 🙂

    • Absolutely power to all 🙂 I think life is going to be abit more hectic for me with new work so we’ll follow the flow and see where it all goes

  • Claire, I was boggled when you declared you intended to post 3 times a week – once a week is all I can manage, so even twice a week is heroic to me! Besides, time in the garden, away from the machinery of life, is nourishing and restorative and . . . fodder for the next post! Enjoy it and be kind to yourself 🙂

    • “the machinery of life” is a superb description – time to get off the treadmill! And thank you – lots of wise words coming to me on this post – and being kind to myself is another great one. A reminder. Thanks 🙂

  • I was pretty certain that you were going to be pulling out the blender to whirl tomatoes into ketchup. Looking forward to the new schedule although I typically have a hard time keeping up with anyone who blogs more than once a week.

    • I know what you mean about trying to keep up with people and their posts, some always end up slipping through the net. I’ve found blogging a superb way for me to share thoughts and photos, but the actual effort of reading and commenting is a tough schedule at times. There are so many great ideas and people out there and I’m loving being a part of that.

  • I’d yet to see Columbine so dark – lovely!

    I’ve considered attempting a structured posting schedule. The problem I find is that the rest of life for me is so structured, that the posting must fit in where it can. I don’t need more deadlines or more on my To Do. I think the enjoyment of the writing, the photographing, and the sharing, would be lost as soon as I told myself I had to do it. The best I’ve found is that when I have the time to sit and write a post, to write two. I post one then, and save the other for when I don’t have time to write one, but do want to share one. It works sometimes. Othertimes…it’s weeks before I have time to write two more.

    • That’s a great tip about writing two posts, nice and practical, I’ve played with the schedule feature a few times and that has worked well – as long as you get the date and time right! But as you say life is full of other schedules why create more for myself?!

  • Spectacular! and I like the new gravatar or whatever they call profile images on wordpress? Does it feel wierd to be home rather than in France? I found myself wondering that about you the other night..(like how strange, right?!? but i actually do have random “i wonder” moments about the bloggers I read!)
    Can’t wait for the next echium picture, btw…has it blasted up to space heights yet?!

    • Thanks I thought it was about time I made an appearance 🙂
      Isn’t the Echium fab, I need to try and measure it, somehow…. as to blasting up into space, well it seems to have slowed down, we’ve not had great warm weather here – we’ll have one sunny warm day to be followed by several grey cool days.
      I don’t think it’s strange I often wonder about my blogging friends, something they have written about will pop into my head, and off I go! Hope you have a great gardening week

  • Absolutely love your photographs! I too am finding it quite a task to keep to a set amount of blogs per week – so am trying to ‘relax” about it and only post when I want to and have the time to do so.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thanks Mandy, it’s a pleasur eto share some photos from my week. Another good word – “relax” I’m going to adopt that too!

  • These photos are gorgeous. Must get my camera out into the garden! BTW, one of my toilet paper roll seed starting pots has sprouted mushrooms–I’ll have to include that in a future post 😉

    • Hi Inger, so you are getting mushrooms as well as peas or beans! I guess there must be spores somewhere, presumably in the compost? Looking forward to reading your updates 🙂

  • I like an unstructured blog myself. I think of my blog like I do my garden. When there has been enough sun and rain, things bloom. When I have something that I think people would enjoy, I blog. I post when I can and hope everyone gets a chance to stop by but we still have a life to live. I always enjoy your posts and your beautiful photos…I wouldn’t worry about an exact timeframe.

  • I totally agree with you – blogging should be about what you love, what motivates you to share ideas, and not a structured :”JOB” that makes you feel guilty if you don’t post something. Great photos!

  • Gardeners always seem so busy! I’m glad you have time to take photos of your lovely plants too. I enjoy the close-ups so each plant is their own character in their own world.

    • They are cuties aren’t they, perfect for beans. and think of all that paper and the drivel written on it being put to such good use 🙂

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