Red and Green should never be seen (except maybe with Pink)

In the case of lettuce I have to disagree, red and green salads look great growing on the allotment together and even better mixed together in a salad bowl.

Soft buttery lettuce Bronze Arrow mixed with sharp crisp endive De Meaux.

What’s better than picking some lettuce, taking it home giving it a good wash, a quick spin in the salad spinner and then mixing up a favourite salad dressing?

My latest must make and try vinaigrette uses Chive Blossom Vinegar – I picked up the idea from Food In Jars and it couldn’t be brighter or simpler.

Pick and snip the Chive flowers, wash them thoroughly, then pat them dry or if you have a salad spinner give them a whirl. Fill a jar to about half way with the Chive flowers and then pour in the vinegar. Leave for a couple of weeks in a dark cupboard, then strain the flowers out, pop the Chive coloured and flavoured vinegar back in a jar and it’s ready to go.

Simple and no faff. Mine will be ready next week, yip yip hooray!

So from Salads and Vinaigrettes and onto Chive Vinegars, to where to grow chives …….

In an old fruit box of course. See, these chives are Europe Quality, whatever that means.


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