It’s stopped raining, me and the bees are out and about

Rain, rain go away, come again another month. Go on buzz off!

The skies have cleared, the sun is peeking out, a bit weak and wobbly after the deluge, left wondering what on earth has been going on. You and me both sun!

It’s time I went up to the plot, took a look around, got some work done.

The garlic bed was weeded before the rain, I know I know, the weeds will come back, but I’m determined to have better garlic this year. We are down to our last garlic bulb, this year’s crop won’t be ready until mid June onwards. We need to get weeding and mulching and then sit back and wait, it’s had a good drink now it can start fattening up.

Fancy another garlic porn shot? There’s a bit of rust on it, but that’s ok it doesn’t seem to affect the bulbs, what I’m worried about is a repeat of white rot. But we say that word very quietly then walk away.

There is more hope in the shape of broad beans and a few early flowers – they need to get moving and growing, come on you know you want to, you know I want you to, so what’s holding you back?

Maybe I should pull the Mustard Greens, they are well past their best but no they can wait, I’m enjoying the size and colour of their leaves, they are deceptive – the peppery heat is a real POW! I’ll let them be a while longer.

We all have those jobs don’t we, that we put off ad infinitum. Mine is mowing grass. But the grass is in serious need of a haircut. My latest excuse? I’ll leave it for a few more days to dry out.

There’s work to catch up on but I daren’t walk on the soil, I will only compact it and then walk off a few inches higher with most of it attached to my boots. So I stand and stare out of the greenhouse and plot and plan

And then turn my back to get planting – beans of all shapes and sizes await me. Dwarf French beans – filet type, Climbing shelling beans of every hue with wonderous names capture me and my dreamy taste buds.

A bit more pondering and staring out to sea is always time well spent. The view from the greenhouse is one of those estate agent views – “sea glimpses”, but I can see a touch of blue in the churned up rainy grey today. There’s hope.

Check up on the seedlings and their progress, there are trays of Kohl Rabi, Brussel Sprouts, Salads and Beetroot making their first appearances into this new brave rain-free greenhouse world.

And then time to pack up for today, time for a last cup of tea and to sit in amongst the yellow clouds of brassica flowers and watch and listen to the bees.

On a last note I think my mother is spinning in her grave, so I’d like to make a public apology for the title of this post and the shocking use of the English language. Sorry mum, I couldn’t resist!


    • he he he, that’s only part of it 🙂 And I’m wondering whether to take a bit more on so I can grow some lentils and soy beans……
      The rain has stopped I can see Blue !!

  • Your veg garden is looking great. I would to get out on mine but we are still too wet!

  • I started to find bees in my garden. It’s a bit scary but they work for flowers well.
    I also planted garlics. 🙂

  • things are going to just explode if you get a few days of sun. Sun? We’ve had a month, or more, of rain and overcast skies with the odd few hours of sunshine here and there. I think your mum is probably giggling rather than spinning! Have a super day.

    • We had a wonderful sunny day today, bliss! So I hope it clears for you soon, I find constant grey skies bring my spirts down. But you know what will happen next don’t you – the weeds 🙂 ah well can’t have it all eh?
      Hmm, giggling, maybe… I think my comment made me giggle more to myself than anything else 🙂

  • I really enjoyed the views of your allotment. Being “out and about” – that is my favorite activity in the garden…no plan just watching as the garden grows…I have had a regular visitor this year in the form of a large and busy Bumblebee….he seems to love my blackberry blossoms!

    • Thank you, as with any garden it’s a work in progress! I need to get the manure shifted into position and the bean caes up soon, then it will really start to swing into action. My garden helpers tend to be robins and blackbirds, they like to pop along to where I’ve been turning the soil over and help themselves to worms and bugs ! And talking of garden helpers I’ve yet to see my slow worms and newts yet, it’s probably been too cold for them up till now.

    • Thanks for the thumbs up! The rose arches were picked up cheap at a discount store, and every year I have dreams of them being swathed in flowers and beans, and somehow my dreams never quite match reality! In fact I’m hoping this year my grape vine finally takes off – fingers crossed

  • Lovely, i am always so happy to have a rummage about the allotment! and i DO know about that jobs that need to wait another minute, the ones that cannot wait today are mulching up the potatoes, onions, garlic and leeks. well weed them first too. in fact i must get out there but i wanted to pop in to see you first! we are going to have a great day aren’t we!! c

    • It’s been a beautiful sunny day here today – ahhhhhhh warmth at last. The one bonus with cutting the grass is all that free mulch, I just have to persuade myself to get up and get to it tomorrow! Oh, and rumage away my friend 🙂

  • Your garden is coming along just great. I share your grass concerns. We’ve had so much rain of late and it is getting taller & taller. I had thought I’d mow it this morning but it’s raining again. If this keeps up, i’ll be out there in a storm with a scythe. 🙂

    • John do you realise I now have a marvellous mental image of you in a storm with a scythe? Just be careful abot what you choose to wear or you could be mistaken for the grim reaper ……

  • Love your garden! Yikes–I’m growing my first garlic ever! Yours looks so good.
    Can’t wait to watch the garden progress. Stacey

    • Thank you Stacey. It’s exciting growing a totally new crop isn’t it,no matter how much you read up about it, you don’t quite know what to expect and what to do, I kind of like that.

    • Hi Mandy, it’s starting to take shape again, after my neglect over winter and thankfully we had a wonderful sunny and warm day today, such a relief!

  • What a fabulous garden! We’ve had a sunny day here too but cold! I’ve planted the plug sprouting broccoli but my broad beans are far behind yours! We have just 4 raised beds but at least we can plant out without treading down the mud!
    Thank you for liking some of my posts – it’s good to hear from you! 🙂

    • That is one of the bonuses with raised beds isn’t it. I just decided it was easier for me to have a more flexible space and so didn’t go down that route, but I always look at gardens with them in and think how smart and practical they look. Hope it warms up for you soon 🙂

    • Thanks Sharyn, cross your fingers as it’s a while before I get to harvest things. I spotted a wonderful sight today – the first flower of the year, guess I’ll have to blog about it 😉 Hope you are having a super weekend!

  • Great plot its all looking fine and a good use of brassica’s bolting, great for the bees and free viable seeds. I have a tip for rust on garlic or leeks get a small dab of vassaline and put it onto the affected area – it stops the spores from spreading as it is caused by all this rain we are having. I hat white rot on some of my elephant garlic bulbs last year and I was gutted because they wont store. This year I have added grit to the planting holes so they dont sit in water Im hoping this sorts it, fingers crossed.
    Great post thanks for the read.

    • Genius idea! I’m off up there tomorrow, and will take a tub of vassaline with me. I would never have thought of it, but it does make sense now I think it over – anyway nothing to lose from trying.
      and I’m sorry to hear you have been affected by white rot – it’s horrid isn’t it! I tend to rotate every year, but may try your idea of grit for next year as well – garlic is one of my largest and frankly favourite crops that I grow. I also need to mulch the garlic bed too – another job for tomorrow 🙂

  • The tour of a your garden has me wishing for a space of my own! I’ll just have to be content with updates from your little plot of heaven and trips to the Farmer’s Market. The garlic and mustard greens photos have me thinking of a divine little sauté with a touch of olive oil. Oh spring!

    • We have a teeny farmers market here, nowhere near as great as the ones I’ve read about on your blog – the produce you guys get is truly wonderful, the range of veggies always has me drooling!

  • Claire, I think you’re having a similar spring to the one we had last year – isn’t the weather bizarre? We just had rain rain and more rain, and now it’s suddenly dried up in late autumn. I love all your gorgeous garlic and I hope the rain stops soon so it can all cure in the ground. We didn’t plant any this year, as our good friends are growers, so we’re quite content now to just buy theirs. One thing we don’t do is to net things, and we really should – seeing your photos has reminded me to discuss that with Pete again. Thanks!

    • Hi celia, yes it is bizzare, warm in March, rain an dmor erain in April and cold! Mind you we are in the middle of drought restrictions as the rainfall for the last 2 years has been pitiful.
      I use a lot of nets on my plot – mostly to stop the pigeons from eating all my greens and beans, those and cabbage white butterflies seem to do the most damage. And as I can’t be there every day it’s a very practical way for me to garden. It doesn’t always look the neatest, but as long as it produces the goods then I’m happy 🙂

  • It is so nice that your beautiful garden is finally getting the much deserved sunlight – it looks so heallthy 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  • Everything looks wonderful Claire! I love how all the veggies are growing and after all that rain the sun will make them pop up like crazy 😉

  • I loved too dear Claire… and also your photographs too. Seems that there are so many works but all of them are so exciting… should be. I wish your lovely garden to have a nice sunny and good rainy days. Thank you, love, nia

    • Thank you. I’m not a great fan of straplimes or god forbid mission statements but somehow it summed up what I do and what my life is about. Or rather what I’d like it to be about 🙂

  • What a relief for you that it has stopped raining. We are hoping our rain season will start so that we can plant our first tree 🙂

    • he, he, he – and that’s not all of it 🙂 and you know how it is, you always WANT more! A case of the eyes are bigger than the belly!

  • We have had two solid weeks of rain so I know what it is like. The sun come out yesterday but more rain is on the way. Your gardening seems to be well on its way.

    • Hi Karen, so you have had rain too. I know we are in desparate need if it, as our resevoirs are very low, but its the tap being turned to permanent on that drives me a bit stir crazy. I hope you managed to get out an denjoy the sun, I’m sure your tomato plants enjoyed it!

      • The tomato plants are still living in the potting shed until the end of the month. I did take them out to sit in the sun but it was so windy that I’m sure the spoiled things would have much rather been out of the wind. We had frost two nights ago. We need the rain as well but you are so right…not every day.

        • My spoiled tomato plants have been moved too, some to the greenhouse and others to a small plastic frame in the garden, it’s also been too windy for them here! Hopefully I’ll get them out by the weekend – I need the space!

          • Wait until you see how big my tomatoes are when I post tomorrow. Let’s hope we get nice weather soon…it’s raining again here.

          • I’m looking forward to it Karen, mine seemed to have stopped shooting up for now and are hopefully putting on some weight so to speak, thinking about it a bit more, they probably need potting on. Hope you get some sun soon ….

  • You have so much self-control.. I’d have tromped in and been up to my gumboot knees in mud! I love your garden.. I know, I’ve told you this before.. but I really, really love your garden..

    • The main reason has been that I’ve had other jobs to do which have taken a priority, the other reason I’ve left them in is for the bees, there isn’t much else flowering on my plot at the moment and leaving them to go to flower gives the bees something at this time of year. And I kind of lik ethem too 🙂 But they will be dug up this next week or so as I need to get to the ground and prepare it for the follow on crops !

  • Those garden photos have totally inspired me, thanks. I am on my way outside now!!
    And also love the fact that you have your picture up too:) Always nice to have a face to put with a name. Since I already feel like I know you anyway.

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