Bartolini Bruschette

Yes on with the WordPress Recipe Challenge. For today’s foodie challenge I’ve popped over to Chicago to visit the Bartolini Kitchens, I know many of you will be familiar with John’s blog, he weaves captivating and funny stories into his mouth watering recipes, with family tales of growing up in Detroit with his extended Italian family.

This has to be the simplest recipes I was challenged to make, with only 3 ingredients – day old bread, gorgonzola and honey. The challenge to me came from mixing these ingredients together, I have to admit that initially I thought gorgonzola and honey, hmmmm, wouldn’t they be too rich and sweet? So when I made these I did a control (all scientific like) and kept one Bruschette with only cheese on it.

My verdict? I’m converted to cheese and honey, so much so I changed the Control Bruschette into a Bartolini one. Gorgonzola is rich and heady, the sweetness of the honey offsets some of this. Conversion came easy!

The one thing I’m a bit disappointed with is the quality of the photos, sorry John the photos don’t do these treats justice.

The first time John made these he managed to set fire to them, I avoided this step in the cooking process. 🙂 The bruschetta are perfect for a party if you are willing to share them, there really is no preparation, barely any cooking involved, just lots of crunching and munching. I wasn’t in the mood to share so I scoffed these all to myself. But I know we will be making them in France as I bought a marvellous piece of gorgonzola from the market the other day, and in this case I will want to share them so a quick message – make sure we have some day old bread in the house for my return, and don’t snaffle all the gorgonzola 😉


  • It’s hard to make some things photograph well unless you have loads of time. And I’m sure you wanted to scarf them down while they were still a bit warm. 🙂

  • Good and easy, honey and gorgonzola–sounds perfect! BTW, at an American Cheese Society annual meeting, I attended a session that included comparing how a variety of different honeys pared with different cheeses. So this is almost mainstream–if you are a cheese geek 😉 .

    • Inger, thank you, of course I’ve had honey with cheese before – with Manchego as Tapas. And what a superb pairing it made!! I can’t believe I’d fogotten about that.
      I love the idea of a cheese geek 🙂

    • Hi Celia, I haven’t heard of Ligurian honey before. I was lucky to be able to use some honey that a friend gets from his bees. A lovely treat for me

  • Bully for you, Claire, for not setting the place on fire! I’m glad that you not only tried but liked the recipe and am honored that you chose it for the recipe challenge. Somehow, the combination of the 2 ingredients works and there’s never any left on the serving plate. If anything, I’ll often make a 2nd batch. Thanks for your kinds words about my blog and, again, glad that things worked out so well. 🙂

    • John you are welcome! It’s funny as I was writing this post as I always think of you as Chicago John, but luckily I checked your blog and read the family biog (a great read) and was reminded of Detroit. I actually forgot to thank BlueJellyBeans (Giovanna) who suggested it, it was a genius idea of hers, and a generous one too.
      And as another poster has just reminded me, I’ve had Manchego with honey before now, as part of a Tapas – and it’s stunning. So that is just basically a prime example of my short term memory loss 😉
      I do plan on not repeating your setting the place on fire when I make these in future, so sorry but I’m not going to follow that lead 🙂

  • I’m a big fan of honey with my cheese.. or is it cheese with my honey! These look scrumptious! I would want them for lunch.. and no sharing;)

    • You make your own, and I’ll make mine 😉 And I’ve just been reminded about Manchego and honey, if you haven’t tried that combo before I would amend that immediately!!

  • Hey darling, if you were in chicago making tasty somethings you should have given me a call. Fat Mama and i would have come up on the train! c

    • Hi Celi, over the years on my travels I’ve seen many a sheep/goat/chicken on a train or a bus, but I’ve never seen a fat one. But then Mama would HAVE to travel first class in her condition, maybe in an observation car sipping on champagne 🙂

  • I’d forgotten about this recipe from when it was first posted. Thanks for the reminder that I want to try this simple and delicious looking bruschette. That cheese looks amazing!

    • I think one of the great pleasures I’ve had in doing these recipes is that it has acted as a reminder to us all how many great recipe we regularly read about, and then somehow manage to forget them! I hope you get to try it soon, it really is a super dish to make!

  • Chicago John’s recipes always make you want to start cooking as soon you see them which can be a problem if you are already in bed!
    Inspirational post and I must have missed the original so am glad to see it now.
    Would never have thought to mix cheese and honey but am going to try this one as I love both.

    • Hi Ruth, lovely to see you, and I’m pleased you will be trying John’s recipe out, I think his blog is a treat, I’d just avoid the setting everything on fire though 😉
      And if you like the idea I’d highly recommend manchego and honey – just perfect partners!

  • I had to smile, Claire, the moment I saw the title of your post! I, too, just love to read John’s blog and good for you for choosing one of the most mouth-watering recipes! This just sounds wonderful. I remember the story about setting them on fire…now I’ve been warned twice. The addition of honey really is quite special! I’m hungry now! Debra

    • Hi Debra, I hope you get to try these soon, they really are tasty. And wasn’t it a great story/read from John, somehow he always manages to entertain us!

  • The combination of honey and cheese is a perfect pairing. I often have a slice of cheese with honey for a quick pick-me-up. Your images look so tasty.

  • Wow! What a simple yet magnificent appetizer! Guess, I’m still catching up on food trends, pairing honey and cheese is new to me. Can’t wait to try this!

  • This bruschetta and it’s flavours seem like they would work really well together – cant wait to try 😀

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Double Nutella Brownie Cheesecake Bites

  • Yummy!!
    Please feel free to make these again in France, preferbly in a couple of weeks….:-)

    • We’d better go cheese shopping then as I doubt the Gorgonzola will last that long, besides it would probably walk out of the fridge on it’s own accord by then ….. 😉

  • Really lovely flavour combination! I’m not a massive fan of blue cheese but with honey topped on bread mmm I’d definitely like that! This would make a nice dinner party canape 🙂

  • Blue cheese and honey – i can’t wait to try – this looks terrific!! 🙂

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