A week in the French Alps – encore

After last weeks photo round up – masks and all I realised I enjoyed putting it together, so I’ve decided to go for it again . I take lots of photos, eat more meals than I blog about and get about a bit, and sometimes I want to share that.

A doctor’s appointment to see if I could get the all clear. I’ve been singing in my head all week – “Doctor, doctor, gimmee the news, I’ve got a bad case of skiing blues”

More x-rays, what is it about the French and xrays, I must glow in the dark by now? The fracture has healed well. “Qui Madame, mais c’est fragile”. So I got signed off, with a caveat of more physio.

More physio, OUCH! The last two months have brought home how amazing and how fragile the human body is. Reminded of how it heals. Reminded me of how much I longed to be back to me.

This week I practised my first yoga in over 2 months. Just writing about rolling my mat out with the sun streaming in brings a smile to my face. It was easy does it, no major gross poses involving my arms, gently, gently.

Oh it feels good, soooooooo good to breathe and stretch, and stretch and breathe. I’ve missed my Yoga.

Wednesday morning we woke up to fresh snow, a sight we haven’t seen for a few weeks. Fresh snow gets me all giddy!

My first forays into making Polenta, thank you John and his Nonna over at the Bartolini Kitchens, the description of how she prepares the plate – dots of butter and parmesan, it’s precious. And no I didn’t eat or make Tripe, but if someone were kind enough to make it like John and his Nonna, then I know I’d wolf it down.

More walks, and in the sunshine too. I bought myself some walking poles, right proper smart ones they are too and for the last 2 weeks I’ve been able to use both of them. Exercising and moving my damaged arm, gradually building up and back up. A friend swears by the walking poles, she reckons they stop Bingo Wings!

A mixed week, with appointments cancelled, others re-scheduled means my plans have all gone awry, including flight bookings. It’s all so messy and frustrating! Sitting on a terrace in the sun is soothing as this mint tea.

Inspired by Tanya over at Chica Andaluza we’ve eaten Gnocchi, not with Asparagus sauce like she did, the clever thing that she is, but with a blue cheese and spinach sauce. Hearty mountain food!

I feel a mixture of emotions – like a kid going to sleep on Christmas morning, and not being able to go to sleep as I’m too excited about what tomorrow brings, and as an older kid waiting for the postman and opening exam results up, the trepidation, did I do all right, will everything be OK?

The final sign-off from the physio. Result! A bright cold sunny day and I’m off for my first ski in two months – bon-voyage!


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