Pumpkin Oatmeal and Raisin Biscotti

I’ve been waiting to make today’s recipe for a while, you see I’ve had the idea of using one of my homegrown squash for one of my WordPress Recipe ChallengesPumpkin Oatmeal and Raisin Biscotti. Linda of Savouring Every Bite volunteered this recipe, she has a zest for life that comes through in her recipes, it’s infectious! Her family are of Sicilian origin, she cooks amazing food, often with an Italian/Sicilian flavour and story. Pop over and see her I think she’s a star.

Those who read this blog will know I’m not that au-fait with baking, so it’s always a challenge, mind you it’s a lot easier now that I don’t have a fractured arm.

The recipe is a pungent heady mix of spices – cloves, cinnamon, ginger and all spice. Doesn’t use any butter. And isn’t at all sweet, so those of you who don’t have a big sweet tooth this is a cracker (not tooth cracker). And yes I struggled with THE cranky oven, the Biscotti took longer to bake, but the oven is CRANKY and I’m cooking at altitude. Other than that?  Linda’s recipe is straightforward, her instruction are spot on, nice and clear. What I like and need.

Ooops nearly forgot the taste test, DELICIOUS. Thank you Linda, I’m now converted to making Biscotti. Something I’d never have thought possible a few hours ago. And for extra info on Biscotti, she has LOADS of recipes to try – from Chai, to Orange, to White Chocolate and even Limoncella. Tempted?

To do these justice I thought I should at least try to take some decent photos, so here goes.

So I started off by getting the plastic picnic table out, giving it a wipe down, spreading a nice (but un-ironed) tablecloth on it. I know lets have a bit of fun and look straight into the snow and the sun. Hmmm

What about taking some shots with your back to the sun looking at the climbing wall? Hmmmm still way too much light.

I know, how about switching plates? Blue? Hmmmm maybe not very appetising.

What if I changed the angle and zoomed in? That’s a bit better, but still not right. Hmmmm, still too much reflective light from the sun and snow.

I know let’s move it up against the wall of the house, nice background textures and colours there. Hmmmm, interesting shadows, but not quite what we want, lets shift around a bit.

Oh I give up, besides I’ve got other stuff to do!

Right, it’s afternoon now, the light has completely shifted, it’s over the hedge and off the windows. What about trying indoors, no careful placing, just pile ’em on to the plate and see what happens.

Hmmmm, getting some nice colours and textures there, bit too dark though. I know how about shifting the angle, look from above a bt more? Hmmmm, still not ticking my boxes

Let’s try outside again, the grain of the wood alongside the Biscotti might work in this light , Hmmmm I like the blue-grey of the wall, but just too average

Right that’s it, a cup of coffee is needed, back inside we go.

Just one last attempt.


I give up! So what about a snowy snap for Linda, not a sight she sees in Florida? Aaaahh that’s better back on terra firma 🙂


    • Isn’t a great blog! And thanks for the thumbs up, I must admit it’s a bit daunting making such a clssic! But luckily they turned out superbly

  • Isn’t Linda’s blog great? She is the undisputed Queen of Biscotti! It certainly looks like you did her and her recipe proud. How much longer will it be before my “sample” gets here?

    • Now that HAS to be a better title for my post – Queen of Biscotti!
      As luck or providence would have it I went to the market today and bought…… Gorganzola, it looks lovely, kind of runny 🙂 It’s the first time I’ve seen good Gorganzola here, I was begginningto think I’d have to pop to London to an Italian Deli I know!!

  • You just demonstrated why I don’t like taking photographs of food. The biscotti look fine — it’s the endless self-critique and the effort to get something “better.” Of course, I was trying to paint rice the other day…

  • Oh dear! Now I have another blog I will want to follow–I may need to retire! 🙂 I love biscotti, and have made it a couple of times, with only fair success. I might try again with this recipe. Visually it reminds me a little bit of rusk. which I grew up loving. I may be off, but that’s what pleasantly came to mind. Thanks for the inspiration! Debra

    • I know what you mean about the nee dto retire!! And it is a great blog
      Rusks – blimey you’ve taken me back to childhood, a rusk with some warm milk was an absolute favourite!
      Re the bscotti, this one has oats in, so will be quite different, I now want to try one that doesn’t 🙂

  • oh, my, you are funny, my stomach hurts from laughing so much! I sure love your photo attempts .. I go through the same though processes when taking a photo of food to post! You explain the angst very well! I’ll check out the recipe blog that you linked to. And I love the photos of that magnificent pumpkin .. think that I’ll look for some different varieties also. I’ll check out yours (and the other blog’s) recipies for pumpkins. I tried saving pumpkin a few years ago but couldn’t find many recipes and the only pumpkins I knew of were the regular Halloween type. Oh, my world is changing!

    • Ha ha, it sums blogging up doesn’t it?!
      And thanks for the compliments on the pumpkin, they are beauties. I know what you mean about there not being many recipes in standard cookbooks, it seems a lot of food writers simply ignored their existence or didn’t know what to do with them. But it seems more and more are now out there, especially on the web – I love Indian style pumpkin curries especially!

  • I’ve never understood the strategy behind making a biscuit that’s too dry to eat without dipping it in tea or coffee but I know they’re popular and yours look attractive in all the various light conditions/locations. 🙂

    • I’m not sure if it was me and my cooking (at altitude and a cranky oven) or the recipe but this one is quite soft in the middle, almost cakey. I think it’s the addition of oats that may have softened them up.

  • You are just like me… I spend so much time trying to get the picture right and it just seems to make it worse. However when my kids are rushing me and I just take a quick photo, they turn out fine. Go figure! Love the flavor combo of the biscuits.

  • Fun post! We’ve been in flip flops – seeing all the snow is so odd for a Texan. I’ve been lax at stopping by all my favorite blogs so I just spent several minutes catching up with you. As always lovely photos and tasty looking foods. Glad to hear your arm is no longer in a fractured state.

    • Lovely to see you around 🙂 And Oh my god, flip flops I dream of not having to wear snow boots, thick socks and a million other layers! There’s nothing better than wearing sandals, I love the feeling of warmth on my tootsies !

      • Maybe you should do a little holiday in Texas – flip flops and pretty pedicures begin showing up in late February and early March. Getting a new computer and life have gotten in the way of my blogging lately. I miss you and all of my fav bloggers.

        • A new computer sounds good, but it can be a lot of hassle, so it’s good to see you back on-line. I think my feet want a sunny holiday, having been cooped up all winter, only a couple of more months now….

    • Thanks, I don’t have a very sweet tooth so chocolates, cakes, biscuits etc can sit around for ages. But when it comes to savoury, that’s a different matter

  • Wow…you have truly flattered me in every way!! I’m so glad you liked this recipe; I do keep my biscotti pretty low fat and little sugar! I have to tell you though that for some reason I struggle with taking good photos of biscotti! I stack them, plate them, put them in cups and I’m never happy with the pic!! You made me smile and laugh at all your pics!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments!

    • Hi Linda, and thanks it’s always a bit scarey trying to replicate someone elses recipe, but I have to say yours was really easy, and that’s down to you! And I’m pleased I’m not the only one struggling to take photos!! Claire

  • When my kids were younger, I had a babysitter who made a lot of biscotti while watching them (nice trait in a sitter!). This is inspirational and I may just need to go recipe searching!

    • What a great baby sitter! When I used to do that as a teenager I certainly didn’t make anything, just helped myself to the contents of the fridge! And I’d recommend Savouring Every Bite as a great place for Biscotti

  • Some colors of food are so tricky to photograph… I love that you got right up close for that perfect shot!! I love Linda’s blog as well and I just bet her biscotti are the best!

    • Thanks Smidge, they really did try my patience and stretch my imagination when it came to photographing them! But they were well worth the effort 🙂

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