Walking in the Woody Woods

One of my walks in the Alps is a lovely wooded trail. It twists and turns, opens out and closes back in again. The sunlight filters through the trees. The woods are home to a myriad of fauna, from insects and birds to small and large mammals like Hares, Stoats, Marmots, Wild Boar and Deer. Sometimes you signs of life like tracks in the snow, sometimes you catch a glimpse of a tail, mostly I hear the birds in the trees chirping and chattering and I feel the calm of the woods.


There are clearings and signs of forest maintenance and cropping. Huge towering stacks of softwood destined for who knows where. Numbered and piled up, they will be moved in the Spring when the snow thaws, for now they give something else for walkers to wonder at.

And what better to eat after a walk than something rich, and yes a little bit naughty and creamy, Indian Style Cauliflower Cheese.


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