Snow Fall and an apres-ski banana cake

What a week! Monster snowfall here in the French Alps has made for one of the best start’s to January skiing in some years. But it’s been tricky skiing – low cloud cover, heavy snowfalls makes for soupy gloopy skiing. The conditions on piste have been amazing. Bravo Piste Bashers! It’s also meant the runs are quiet. Lots of people don’t go out unless it’s clear and sunny, people living an hour a way in Geneva haven’t come up to the mountains for a day’s skiing. More snowy piste for me and big powdery off-piste for those that want to play.

Saturday was snowy with low cloud, a typically quiet change-over morning. Let’s stick to the runs with trees, better vision. Oh so quiet and peaceful. Look runs all to ourselves. Bliss! Oooomp. Bumph. Crunch. Crash. Slide. Yes I have a snow fall in the snow fall. On piste. I don’t do a lot of falling. But memo to self, fall in the powdery stuff and not on piste next time! 

Everything where it’s meant to be? Check! Get your breath back. There we go, pick yourself up girl. Come on, lets carry on and see how I am.Ski’s back on? Check! Tentatively now. Oh it’s ok, but my arm does hurt. Maybe a stop for a Vin Chaud is what the doctor would order. Aahhh that’s good! A few more runs and that’s enough for me, off back to the village to change out of ski boots. Umph and ouch I can’t pull them off! Slowly does it girl! That’s better. Just get yourself back home and dose yourself up with a painkiller, swallow some Arnica, you know you’ve bruised yourself, rub some deep heat cream in. You know you want to smell like…. well not like that!

Aahhh home.  Now how do I get that jumper off? Look away now! Shower and change, the warmth feels good. More smelly deep heat cream, that’s better. But no chopping and cooking for you!

Meet the new Director of Cooking 🙂

Take a bottle with us to spend the evening with friends. Easy! What, we’re cooking Thai Fish Cakes and Non Fishy Fish Cakes? Let’s use the fresh red curry paste with the pork. That will be a new creation of Thai style Pork Balls with Red Curry Paste then. Great idea. Oooo those are GOOD! We’ll be making those again. Yuuuummm a Thai Green Curry with prawns. Perfect, I can eat this with my left hand. See. I finished a bowl full.

Huummmmm. Seems I’ve wrenched and sprained the muscles in my right arm and shoulder. I can’t lift my arm up. Can’t take any weight in it. One armed skiing anyone? Go for it. Sunday morning on a dreadful night’s sleep was a gorgeous morning’s ski. Even emptier slopes. Stick to the nice Red and Blue runs. Gently does it. Swish, swish, schusss here, pootle over there, ooo another schuss there. See I can ski 1 armed ! Ooomph bumph wallop, ski chairs. Made it! Breathe! Relax. Getting off now, get ready. Hold your pole in your bad hand, that’s it, and push with the good one. you did it! Just try to avoid jarring it and we’ll all get along fine.

Made it back to the village. Slump down on the ski bench, a quick painkiller, ahh that’s better. Arrgggh, those boots! Slowly slowly. Phew! Une The Menthe. Aahhhh that feels a bit better. Nice and cosy here. Hummmmm, a demi Pression? Mais Qui!

Home. Not feeling very hungry. Can’t cook either. Definitely a time for light duties – read sipping wine 🙂

Ta da! Thank goodness me and the cooker got properly acquainted in the week. Yes the week the blasted oven played nice. We had some VERY over-ripe bananas and a memory of an allegedly famous banana cake. Emergency email to the mountain man’s sister. Look’s easy. Now cooker, play nicely won’t you!

RESULT! A perfect banana cake, moist on the inside and a nice crispy outer. No icing/frosting needed, it’s sweet and delicious as it is. A perfect apres-ski cake 🙂

Banana Cake ~

Ingredients ~

  • 4oz / 100g butter/margarine
  • 6oz / 150g sugar
  • 8oz /200g self raising flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 large/3 medium bananas – very ripe

Method ~

  • Heat the oven to 180  (4/5)
  • Grease a 2lb loaf tin
  • In a bowl mash the bananas with fork
  • In a separate bowl cream together butter and sugar, then mix the eggs in
  • Combine the mashed banana with the butter/sugar/eggs
  • Gently stir in the flour
  • Bake for 40 minutes then lower temperature to 150 (2) and cook for further 30 minutes
  • Turn out to cool

The recipe came via my mountain man’s sister, via the internet. except she doesn’t remember where. So sorry to who ever wrote this I can’t credit you. But I’d like to thank you 🙂


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