Tick List ~ Check!

Oh we’ve had several versions of THE LIST. And it’s morphed, been added to, crossed out, re-written, had tea spilt on it, you name it.

The practical stuff is done like sorting insurance out and spare keys cut. Check!

The sniff, sniff, sob, sob sob is done and the garden and allotment are packed up. Check!

The fun stuff like having a drinks party for friends. Hangover? Check!

The lists for the house-sitters is drafted with the usual how to lock up, how to get the woodburner going, how the alarm system works, where the bed linen is stored. Check!

Then the secondary house-sitter list is written – like how to check the pumpkins (for signs of mushiness), to help yourself to garlic, check out what’s in the freezer – oo there are still some peas and beans in there!, the potatoes stored in sacks, home made jams and pickles in the cupboard. Check!

So the house-sitting friends don’t just get the instructions to the WiFi, or the cooker, they get instructions on the art of homegrown produce. Check!

The bags are packed, stuffed with goodies, computers, cameras and woolly hats. Check!

Passport? Tickets? Money? Check!

Wine Gums on the passenger seat? Check!

A bientot mes amis


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