A Year Ago Today

A year ago today we were due to catch a train to Gatwick airport, all of 50 miles away.

We were booked into a hotel so we could catch an early flight to South India.

Nothing was going anywhere. I mean NOTHING. We were stranded. No one was leaving or going.

No trains, no cars, no buses, no taxis, flights were still grounded at Gatwick. No “Getaway Cars”.

I eventually got through to the lovely people at Emirates, they switched our flights, free of charge, not something they had to do.

So we walked to the allotment where the salads and vegetables were buried beneath a foot and a half of snow, and then down to the beach.

We got talking to the head chef of Azure, a beach restaurant and bar, who was facing cancellations; the kitchen wasn’t open, as an hospitable Egyptian he made us coffee, and we swapped tales of visits to India.

A few days later attempt number 2 was made, the hour journey was doubled as we took 3 trains, but eventually we flew the following day landing in the warmth of Trivandrum and moving swiftly to the beach.

We just don’t do snow here on the south coast!

And a year later? Take a look at this Passion Flower, the photo was taken this morning, unbelievable!


  • That was great, and snow at the beach.. outrageous. the old days are coming back when there used to be heaps of snow around.. c

  • Snow on the beach? That’s something I’ve never seen! Those deep footprints in the snow I remember so well living up North. Now, sunny every day…. and that flower is gorgeous!

  • Nothing like escaping to warmer climes when home is being battered by Old Man WInter! Well, until the trip home. I’ve been a “snow bird” some Winters, escaping to Florida or the Caribbean for a week or 2. On the flight home, the landscape goes from lush green to brown to spots of white to a white blanket. Not for you this year, though, eh?

    • You are so right about escaping to sunshine in the winter and feeling the sun and the warmth. And I can imagine your journey home and seeing the difference. Hopefully we are doing the opposite this year 🙂

  • You should have seen Paris that week – those folks have NO IDEA what do do when it snows…
    I was actually in Bordeaux for a Wine Dinner…half the people who had booked couldn’t get there – including one of the winemakers from Spain!
    Love your photos…reminds me that I should hike down to the beach next time we get a foot or so. 🙂

    • Oh you got stuck in it too! I can imagine Paris was at a standstill 🙂
      I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of your beach in the snow – the ones I used were snapped with the pocket camera so aren’t very good!

      • It made for some amazing photos, though…take a peek at last November and December’s archives if you get a chance. The Hospice de Beaune in the snow is worth it…

        • Didn’t it! Mind you it was a bit tense while we tried to sort out the flights, but after that it was playing in the snow 🙂 I’ll pop along and take a look at your archives ….

  • Bring on the weather! I’m ready; my car has winter tyres fitted. Last year we drove everyone to Three Bridges station because our local roads never cleared of snow until the sun melted it away. What a wild winter last year, eh? And now it’s the warmest winter on record they say this year. At least we’ve had a bit of rain finally!

    • Hi, it was a crazy time!
      But finally as you say some rain, but it came with wind so all the cannas are now on the ground, and I need to go an check on the greenhouse, I just hope we get some more rain we need it so badly!

  • I remember your snow last year. We were one of the first flights in when the airports opened back up on our way through to Munich.

  • The snow that is currently snowing on your photos is great fun and added another element of delight to your post! Just adore your penchant for subtle humor.

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