Rye Bay Scallops

A bright warm November day and a walk to Hastings Fishing Beach and the fish net shops to see what I can snap and snaffle for my dinner.

So I’ve re-christened today, Fishy Friday.

If I eat out at certain restaurants the first thing I do is scan the menu for scallops, and then decide whether I like the way they are serving them, with a Thai style vinaigrette is a favourite.

So I was on a bit of a mission. to buy some locally caught scallops – Rye Bay Scallops.

I’ve meant to make myself some ever since I read a post by the BigFatNoodle, a fellow blogger.

There isn’t really a recipe, just sear the scallops and serve either with a salad or a vinaigrette.


  • Scallops are my favourite but i make a point of not eating seafood unless i can see the SEA (downy face) NO sea to be seen out here, so no fresh seafood for me.. but you just go ahead and enjoy them!! c

    • Oh I did enjoy them! I understand what you are sayiny which makes me feel very lucky to live where I do. These scallops literally come from 5 miles along the coast.

  • Nothing nicer than pan seared scallops with chili, garlic and shallots. The trick is to get really fresh scallops and to NOT overcook them. I love your photography. It looks great.

    • Hi Conor, and thanks for the compliments about the photos – I love playing with the camera – so much to learn yet.
      And what is it about the combination of chillies, garlic and shallots? Perfect!

  • I envy you, your place by the sea. Living here, alongside Lake Michigan, we can get many great fresh-water fish but something like scallops are better left in the grocer’s frozen display. Not to worry. I more than make up for it when I get to a coastal town.

  • One of my favortie things about being in Paris this time of year is the abundance of fresh shellfish, and all the marvellous preparations…scallops at lunch today, I think…

    • Oh, the displays are stunning – works of art in themselves! I’m picturing you in a lovely brasserie, with your family, a glass of dry white maybe, and a plate of perfectly cooked Coquilles Saint Jacques 🙂

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