A wordpress recipe challenge

I’m leaving my sea level home and garden for a winter in the French Alps. Excited? Yes I am! A bit apprehensive? That too!

France Ice and Snow

So I’ve been pondering, what is it that I’ll be doing when I’m in the snowy mountain village? And how will I cope without my kitchen garden and my kitchen? I think it will be a challenge, but a fun one. We’ll be living in a teeny appartment, half way up a hill from the village, it has all the basics, is cosy, is around the corner from friends, and I’m sure we’ll make it feel like home. I will need to figure out ways to distract myself and wean myself away from my garden….

And then I got to thinking that I keep reading all these great recipe ideas here on WordPress, why don’t I use my time in France to get round to making some of them?

So this is where the Promenade WordPress Recipe Challenge bit comes in. I’d like you to recommend a favourite dish for me to cook while I’m in France

Snow View

There are a couple of caveats – I’d prefer them to be vegetarian, my Mountain Man is a veggie (I on the other hand will cook and eat pretty much anything, and do), so it’s would be easier and more practical if the recipes are veggie or can be easily adapted. Don’t rule out prawns and fish, I love them too much not to cook with them.

I’d like to try out some more entrée / hors d’oeuvre dishes. I picture us sitting down sipping a glass of something lovely and nibbling equally delicious snacks, before we eat our main meal. How civilised would that be? This girl needs to dream, OK?

I don’t often make puddings or deserts. SHOCK HORROR, I know. But it would be nice to have a cake or biscuits (cookies) around the house so we can have a slice with a cup of tea after a hard day out on the slopes.

So let me know what you think I would like to cook. Maybe a  favourite of yours. I love spicy food, and anything that involves garlic, we’ll be taking our own, is that a bit like taking sand to the Arabs? I’ll also be bringing some of our homegrown pumpkins, which come December and January will be nicely cured and ready to use. Well, I can’t leave them home-alone after all my efforts at growing them.

I’d love to hear your recommendations, and I’ll be sure to let you know how they turn out. I want to try and make at least 1 dish a week based on recommendations from fellow WordPress bloggers. We’ll be in the mountains for roughly 4 to 5 months, so that’s plenty of time to try some great WordPress recipes out.

I’ve already tried a few dishes from my blogging friends but what can you tempt my taste buds with for this coming French winter?


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