Kitty Covers

After the last couple of posts which were all about growing colourful or more unusual vegetables I thought it was time to lighten up a little on the “infomercials” and have a giggle.

We’re off for the weekend, to celebrate my big brother’s birthday, a whole load of us our piling into a cottage in the Lake District, so maybe I should quote some Wordsworth, but I said I was lightning up a little right?

We have a long old journey ahead of us, navigating the horror of the M25, then up and up to the North West. Needless to say I’ve packed the Wine Gums for the journey and the waterproofs for when we get there.

So I’ll leave you for the weekend, with a bit of pure silliness. I reckon this is what the internet does really well at, sheer nonsense!

So here’s something to get you started –

See what I mean about silliness?

Follow the link for more Kitty album covers –

Laugh? I did!

So what’s your favourite? Is it Nirvana, or maybe David Bowie or London Calling by the Clash? Or maybe one of the others.


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