Sicilian Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower

Apparently patience is a virtue. In that case, right now, I’m not feeling too virtuous! I’m still waiting for my Purple cauliflowers to fully grow, and being impatient I couldn’t wait any longer to try this classic dish. Originally inspired by a fellow blogger Backroads Journal , it’s a winner.

I’ve never tried roasting cauliflower before, and now I have I’m addicted. The flavour is stunning.

And of course I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, I skipped the raisins, and added some roasted tomatoes into the cauliflower-pasta mix.  I also think that the pinenuts get a bit lost in the strong cauliflower flavour, but whatever way you cook this dish, it’s a truly tasty and light pasta dish, perfect for weekdays.

Gardening Notes ~

I’m growing Shasta and Purple Cauliflowers. But I need to practice some more patience when it comes to homegrown cauliflowers, but it’s proving difficult with the dry autumn we’re experiencing here. I’ve found the Purple cauliflowers stand well over winter and handle frost and heavy snow really well, with only minimal protection. I just need them to “head up” now.


  • Unless I was making giardiniera, I never bought nor cared for cauliflower — until I roasted it. Now I eat it all of the time, often as you have here, with pasta. Your purple cauliflower, along with the roasted tomatoes, will make one colorful dish of pasta!

  • Thank you for mentioning my blog and the recipe. I am happy that you tried and enjoyed the recipe. Being addicted to roasted cauliflower is not a bad thing.

    • Hi Karen, and welcome back from your Grand Tour! Thank you for the initial inspiration, I’m so pleased I got round to making it, I think it will be a firm favourite this winter.

  • Mmmm… this is a winner dish for me!! I love the taste of roasted cauliflower and mixed with pasta and those pine nuts, oh my delicious!!

  • Cauliflower and pasta… never tried that combo before. but your dish is so ravishing I want to try it out at home:)

  • Love that in this ridiculously wide world of blogging you also follow Karen’s wonderful Backroads Journal.
    I believe if you roast any vegetable you release a whole new suite of flavours….. be patient with your cauliflowers, it’s worth the wait!

    • Oh, it’s a small world really 🙂
      And I know the wait will be worth it, fresh cauli’s are a treat, but rather difficult to grow. I guess I’m being impatient for some of my winter dishes!

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