It’s all uphill from here

Lady Skieur

This blog originally started as a way for me to capture my garden, my allotment and my homegrown produce. It swiftly moved onto a focus on the food I cooked with my vegies, a few ramblings and musings, and lots of photos for show and tell.

Now it’s autumn and my plans are changing. My usual seaside view is being swapped for high alpine snowiness, so no doubt my ramblings and musings and yes my food and photos will change with the season and location.

How I’ll cope without my garden and allotment is yet to be seen, let alone the sea view and the promenading I love so much. But I’ll be living in France, in a beautiful village in the Alps, surrounded by hills, stunning views of Mt Blanc, with valleys shrouded in cloud, and the background noise of me whooping and whizzing. Well whizzing might be an exaggeration. Oh, and hopefully LOTS of snow.

We’ll be living in the Haute Savoie, the land of potatoes, ham and cheese and any variation on those 3 ingredients, as long as those 3 ingredients are in there. I kid you not. With 1 vegetarian and 1 lactose intolerant, our culinary living will be a challenge.

Living, writing and working in this stunning area, coping with French bureaucracy, village life, French waiters, full on tourist season and snowy life up a mountain side will be a mini adventure for us sea level Brits.

See you on the slopes soon x

(Skiier Photo – Rue des Archives)


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