A summer swansong salad

October has been warm and sunny here, unseasonably so. Normally at this time of year the garden and allotment are pretty much cleared of their summer crops, and I’m busy composting, digging, clearing and generally trying to keep warm. Oh and its normally damp and cold, and the time of year I fetch my beanie out.

This year, I’m still gardening in t-shirts and only just getting around to the autumn clear-up. A few weeks back I thought we’d eaten the last of the summer vegetables, and what with having left the plants in the ground until I got round to my autumn clearing and digging, they’ve continued to produce for me.

So what do I find, yes more courgettes and cucumbers. Now these really will be the last of this season’s as I pulled and composted the last plants. But what to make with something so precious? That final swansong to homegrown summer produce.

A Summery Bean Salad ~

I couldn’t resist making a bean dish with all my fresh veggies. A very simple dish of Butter beans (from the freezer), chopped garlic, onion, courgettes and cucumbers with a vinaigrette dressing.

Another find this week was a tomato plant (a Roma) that was late producing and I’d left to ripen, but actually hadn’t. So the tomatoes are now in a bowl in the kitchen looking at me every time I go in there. I’d like to ripen them and so will try and leave them, but if they prove persistently green, it’s green tomato chutney time. Now I’m not especially fond of chutney’s, I find them too sweet for my taste, but friends and family seem to devour them with relish (excuse the pun!).

I’m going to miss my summer vegetables.

So now the focus of attention are my winter salads which will help sustain me and give me that uber fresh taste I associate with summer, throughout winter.

The only minor glitch I can see is that for majority of the winter I won’t be here. Detail schmetail !


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