Approach with caution

When you go down to the woods today….. be sure to wear heavy duty gloves, preferably the really toughened ones that you use for pulling out brambles. These babies hurt!

A wonderful walk in the woods around Battle, East Sussex takes us into coppice Chestnut woods, which at this time of year provide us with some free and foraged meals.

I’ll post my favourite chestnut based recipe later. In the meantime I hope you like the photos I took.

Just be sure to wear gloves, otherwise the woods will echo to the sound of OWWWWOUCH!


  • Oh, how I wish there were chestnuts close by! All our native trees were killed by a blight in the early 20th century – so sad… I’ve been in Paris at this time of year, and watched the people gathering them in the parks, and eaten them hot from the street vendors…a wonderful, yummy memory.

    • Now you have conjoured up a great image for me of Paris, and all the city dwellers foraging. I’d forgotten about the trees in Paris, so a great reminder.
      But what a shame about the blight, that’s a real loss, I guess you end up “importing them”.

  • We only get chestnuts occasionally here, and I have never seen the trees growing. But I remember growing up in the uk and my mum roasting chestnuts in November on bonfire night, and I also remember that fun cousin of the chestnut – conkers. Hours of fun playing with conkers. I love living here in Australia and have never regretted moving here but the one thing I miss from England is gathering wild fruits and flowers.

    I have a recipe for chestnut soup somewhere, I will try to find it. Cheers RosieG.

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