The art of faffing and being a faffer

Some days, all I seem to achieve is faffing.

What constitutes faffing? Well blogging for 1, sitting drinking too much coffee then getting hyper and spending the next few hours trying to bring yourself back down, staring out into the garden, texting mates, spending time on FB, let alone Twitter and Linked In and that’s just the start of it. (you notice I haven’t even mentioned work in all of that!)

Essentially faffing is all about putting off what you should be doing for as long as possible, doing part of the job in hand but not all of it right up until you really HAVE to.

But this perennial faffer needs to get her act together, to get sorted for the coming winter

We have 2 months to go before we head to the Alps. So much to do, so little time. Yup, we’ll be in the French Alps for the winter ski season. Which if I’m honest is a bit daunting. But right now I’m wondering how will I cope without ANY actual gardening rather than the real practicalities of moving home for several months to another country. See, that’s a faffer at work!

Getting some levels of fitness back – why is it in summer I pile on the pounds? I know most people it’s the other way round, but winter means more exercise – skiing, digging, brisk walks. While summer means strolling, lolling, picking veggies, not digging them. Oh, and eating.

Sorting the house and a house sitter – it will happen, in time and in some way…

Needing to sort out the paperwork and the bank accounts –  I need to pluck up the courage and energy to sort out a French bank account. Bureaucracy and me, never did get along well. And right now my French is feeling a bit rusty, so another level of faffing is needed!

More paperwork with filling in the tax returns for the company. Dull!! I could put those tasks off ad-infinitum!

Catching up with friends – top priority there.

Sorting out something special for my brother’s big birthday – I need to dig out lots of old photos and make a photo album for him. I also hit on the idea of making a Tracks Of My Years CD for him, you know a song for every year. Great ideas right? I just need to actually get round to doing it.

Getting back into Yoga – but I need to get my house back from the builders and decorators before I can get into the Yoga space that is in my mind. But I have started classes again so that is good progress. But what will I do over winter with no classes and only self-practice? No doubt it will involve major faffing.

What do we need to take with us? – my homemade jams and pickles , homegrown pumpkins, the Sloe Gin, Lime Leaves and Curry Leaves, yoga mats. Uh oh this needs a separate list! Fortunately the ski and winter gear is already there. But all the cameras and laptops need to travel and that means seemingly miles of cables and tons of battery packs. Yes, that is more decisions to put off until the last minute.

A new car – that will get us up and down the mountains. Our old banger, just about made it in summer. But we couldn’t make it do the return in winter, that would be too cruel to both us and the car. See the previous point – Yikes, how big will the new car need to be?

Tidying the garden for winter – will I ever get round to it?

Jobs, jobs, jobs on the allotment! Like planting out next seasons garlic, sorting out the fruit beds and replanting the raspberries, checking up on the winter salads, netting the greens so the pesky pigeons can’t gorge themselves on my yummy food, oh, and a gazillion other jobs on the plot.

Humph, I think I’ll just go and faff about a bit more and then take a nap, suddenly the thought of all this pending work is tiring me out.

I think I have the art of faffing down to a tee ! Any other faffers out there?


  • Oh music to my ears. Faffing: an artform in itself, a skill to be proud of and to be contemplated at all times.
    But what a list. You can’t possibly even consider doing all that so you are right faffing has to be the order of the day.
    In case eveyone hadn’t already guessed. Faffing is something I do exceedingly well too!

    P.S. Best not to put off the texting/phoning/catching up with mates bit though.
    P.P.S. Excellent photo!

  • Ha ha, I thought you would appreciate an “appraisal” of faffing. Maybe I should put it on my next CV, that would certainly give people something to talk about 🙂

    ps – next time I take a photo like that I hope it will be you in the harness !

  • Count me in! Faffing is what we call procrastinating: doing something other than what needs to be done. My current faff (or is it faf?) is writing for my blog, sorting and tagging all my photos and cleaning is always faffable. Your winter trip sounds exciting! I hope to hear you will continue to blog with marvelous photos to share!

  • Cleaning doesn’t enter the faff list. If I don’t think about it it doesn’t exist !
    Oh yes, I plan to ramble away at altitude! You know the more I write the more it seems I have to say.

    • Hi Claire, I am so enamored about faffing, I would like to tweet about it. Are you using Twitter? Either way, would you mind if I tweeted with a link to this post? Deb

      • Hi Deb, thank you, and yes I do use twitter, so please go ahead 🙂 There’s a link on my blog home page that has my twitter ramblings. Looking forward to reading your faffing exploits 🙂

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