Eat your greens

After a truly tip-top-topity-top weekend of Brighton, parties, bonfires, fireworks, art galleries, walks on the beach, the company of great friends and much consumption of food and alcohol it’s time, as my Yoga teacher said, to “ground myself”. Now I’m not actually sure what she meant, but if it means having a few quiet nights in, abstinence from tempting beverages and eating some home-cooked fresh food, then I’m ok. If not, maybe the world will stop spinning and as I’m not grounded I’ll go flying off.

So it’s time to eat my greens. And partly that’s because that is whats good and available fresh from the allotment right now. The Spinach, Chard, Kales and Cabbages are all in their element with the cooler weather,  although if Sunday was anything to go by, warm and sunny, they like that too.

The inspiration for this dish comes courtesy of BentoBetty who posted a great piece on Bento boxes and cooking traditional Chinese cooking. Now I am no officionado of said Bento Boxes, but I looked at the contents and thought, I want me some of that.

So fried Tofu, which had been marinating in some soy sauce and garlic for a few hours, and then right at the last moment of frying some more soy was added. A dish of noodles with some spring onions and oyster sauce, and yes some steamed greens.

Greens with Sesame Oil and Seeds~

Now my “oriental” vegetables are a little way off from being ready (like the Kailaan and ChopSuey greens), so I picked some spinach and chard.for tonight’s dinner. I like them steamed / cooked in the microwave or blacnhed, and then I add a few sprinkles and drops of Sesame Oil and a tablespoon of toasted sesame seeds to the greens just before serving. You can use any greens for this dish – chard, spinach, kale, cabbage, pak choy, choysum, kailaan, chopsuey greens etc. All respond to steaming or blanching and go great with sesame oil.

A perfect meal; definitely feling a bit more grounded now!


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