PumpkinTastic !

The results are in. Woo hoo!

So many winter squash, so many recipes, all winter to cook, eat and share


In order of appearnace ~

Anna Swartz Hubbard

Australian Butter

Black Futsu

Bon Bon

Crown Prince

Green Striped Cushaw



Queensland Blue


  • Wow, that’s quite a collection. I just tried to find a pumpkin (for carving) at our local farm shop but they’re all dismally small this year 😦

    • Every year I say I’m going to cut back on the number I grow, but then somehow some new seeds come along that are just too tempting and before I know it I’m off again!

  • Could you share the name of the orange one? Have to grow that next year!
    Sadly my squash died off in the wet weather…but I did manage 9 pumpkins!

    • Hi Stacey, Congrats on the pumpkins, it sounds like we’ve all struggled with the weather this year.
      The orange one is a Potimarron, an old French variety. You should be able to get the seeds fairly easily (I see the Seed Savers exchange have them listed ). They are a small vine type, and usually you get a few per plant. Oh and they are tasty!

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