Kitsch kitchen

Chick, chick chick, chick, chicken, lay a little egg for me


This is our timer that we picked up in Lisbon a few years back. I wouldn’t be without it, eventhough the actual timings are a tad short of reality!

I love seraching out cute or lovely things on our travels – bedspreads from Indonesia, curtains from India, table mats from Thailand and kitchen bits and bobs from France. There’s something about going shopping in a foreign country that is so much more appealing than doing it at home. Why? The shops, I’m sure largely sell similar stuff, you could get what you want on-line, the price may be better etc.

I just think it’s the experience – the way a shop is set out, the appealing displays, the way items are wrapped up, be it in smart tissue paper and a ribbon or a torn sheet of newspaper.

But thinking about it a bit more it’s because you’re on holiday! Right?

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