Salads for Winter

I realise it’s not winter yet, but as a keen gardener I need to prepare well in advance if if I want to eathome grown food all year round.

Winter growing is always challenging,  I have to deal with low light levels, shorter days, cold nights, frosts, heavy rain and potential snow.

The last month has been about planting the final batches of salads and greens for winter.  I sow lots of small amounts of different varieties for winter eating – I’m looking for colour, taste, crunch and of course the ability to withstand all that winter throws at us.

I’m trying to figure out the optimum sowing and planting times for winter greens and salads. and in all honesty I’m still pondering!  It’s about finding a balance between sowing seeds in advance so they can establish themselves before the onset of autumn and winter, but not too early or they will bolt in Summer.

Looking back on my diary notes from the last couple of years I see that I’m a couple of weeks behind for some things and a month in front for others. Confused? Yes I am!

The salads and winter greens have been planted outside, and will have minimum cover and protection, I’ll cover with some fleece or clear plastic in November which will give them some warmth and protection from the worst of the weather.

The one thing that I will do differently this year is that I will be planting out in the greenhouse. Greenhouse growing is completely new to me, so this winter will be a real experiment. As I’ve been clearing space I’m backfilling with salads.

I love my salads!

Aug – Winter Salads

Gardening Notes ~

Winter Salads –

  • Merveille Des Quatre Saisons,
  • Brune D’Hiver,
  • Reine Des Glaces,
  • Bronze Arrow,
  • Slyvesta,
  • Winter Marvel
  • plus Chicory, Endives, Radiccio, Mustard greens, Mache (Lambs lettuce) and Rocket.


  • Your blog is so enticing! I so enjoy the differences of our locations. We have fresh, local lettuce for nine months or more each year. The remaining three months, from central California and finally “winter” lettuce from Arizona! We travel to the Sierra Nevada mountains for snow! I look forward to following the seasons with your posts.

  • It’s a case of location, location, location! And now I’m looking forward to hearing about trips into the Sierra Nevada mountains 🙂 We so rarely get snow, that when we do it’s a major event!

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