TPS results are in

The results are finally in. From Tom Wagner’s  gift of  True Potato Seeds (TPS) Howie Mandel back in March I’m now the proud owner of bags of potatoes, here’s some of them.

As you can see they are a real mixed bag, from white skins, through to pinky-white, onto pinky-rose, then to a deep purple elongated shape, and finishing with almost purple-black.

It’s been a real pleasure to grow these, I had no idea what to expect.

My seed saving attempts are looking rather sorry for themselves, only a few berries made it. I hope to get some viable seeds to sow next year, and to send some back to Tom.

The TPS were extremely prolific, producing lots of potatoes, but as I had to dig them up a lot hadn’t reached full size, and could be classed as tiddlers!

The plan is to try and use some of the seed from the berries, and also to save a few tubers for replanting next year.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt growing TPS is to start them off early, and that includes planting them out early so they have enough time to develop properly.

The real bonus has been that they are almost 100% free from slug damage and didn’t suffer from blight. RESULT!

So once again thank you Tom 8-) It’s been great fun, and I think they enjoyed their seaview ;D

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  • Harvest time is such a nice reward for patience and hard work! Potatoes are just so delectable when fresh, such a difference than store bought with months in storage before we buy them. Scrumptious fall cooking awaits!

  • thanks Deb, they have been so much fun to grow! And yes it is amazing the difference from shop bought, I find homegrown (or really fresh) take half the cooking time (even when I’ve stored them for a while).

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